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Oct 31, 2005, 4:49 PM

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Hi guy,
Some of you might have notice i just adopted a 8 month old female min pin. She all great and friendly but she tends to triump over Cole. :(

Cole is currently a 2 year + male min pin but he is smaller than her in size and weaker than her too.

Lately... as i have been watching them, Cookie tends to chase Cole out each time I come near by them.
Cole tends to be rather quiet lately when it comes to his toys as he use to be very playfull around them. Maybe its because Cookie tend to snatch the toy away from Cole to often.

Is there anyway on getting Cole on top, not Cookie on top, as i notice Cole has been rather gloomy lately :(

thanks :)
Dog are kind to who treats them kindly !

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Oct 31, 2005, 7:21 PM

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Re: [bettawalk] COLE VS COOKIE


as u are suppose to be alpha for both of them, of corse u can decide who is higher ranked. U should start it by training both of ur dogs, ask them to sit or give commands before giving them eat or letting them play the toy. let them be clear that you are the one who make decision.

then, decide which dog to be higher ranked. Let him/her eat 1st, greet him/her 1st, give him/her toy 1st, everything 1st, so that they know ur arrangement.

It is hard to tell u everything in a single thread, do try & see then we shall continue discussing ok? Wink