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Just Adopted One female Lab,Need Some Advice

Nick Chew

Jul 13, 2005, 9:08 PM

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Just Adopted One female Lab,Need Some Advice

Smile Harlo~~ Any Lab Lover Can Give Me Some Advice?? I am Just Adopted One Lab From Stray,Seems Very Old & Have Some Cuts,Probably Will Bring Her Go To Vet By This Weekend,So Anyone Can Help Me Answer Fews Question As Below : -

1)How To Check How Old Is She?? Bone ??

2)Why She Dowan Eat Food When Our Bring Back Last Nite,This Morning Eat A Little Bit??

3)Her Kneejoint Black Redi Maybe Bcos Many Days Stay Stray There,So Anything Can Remove??

4)Yesterday Until Now She Oso Never Open Mouth,Why??

5)Because Saw Her Seems Just Gave Birth,So When The Breast Will Back To Normal Bcos Now Is Hanging Lar...

6)Normally Lab Can Life How Many Years??

Thanks If Someone Can Answer My Question,Because I m Really Need Some Advice From You All.....

K9 Maniac

Jul 18, 2005, 4:13 PM

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Re: [Nick Chew] Just Adopted One female Lab,Need Some Advice

if u write in more proper english maybe more people can understand you.

1. you can bring her to a vet, normally you can tell the age by how her teeth are.

2. she is probably in shock since you mentioned she is a stray. give her time, let her eat when she feels like eating. sometimes it helps if you are there to praise her. but be careful stray dogs can be vicious cause they have to "fight" for everything but labs are good natured in temperament.

3. this is caused by lying on hard floors for very long. it's called callouses. my adopted golden has it. we put tea tree oil on it and so far very slowly fur is starting to grow back on his elbow.

4. dont know why she wont open her mouth.

5. she probably just finished heat cycle, this can also make her breast seems hanging low. if she just gav ebirth, where is the pups? probably she is very restless cause her pups are not there. try walking her on a leash and see if she would bring you to the pups if they are not dead yet.

6. labs can live up to 12 years, very healthy ones can live up to 15 - 16 years.