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What's the difference? Aussie Terrier vs Aussie Silky Terrier


Feb 8, 2005, 10:58 AM

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What's the difference? Aussie Terrier vs Aussie Silky Terrier

I'm confused by the difference between the two - Aussie Terrier vs Aussie Silky Terrier. Anyone could explain?


Feb 9, 2005, 7:46 AM

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Re: [aliciakok] What's the difference? Aussie Terrier vs Aussie Silky Terrier

What is the difference between a Yorkshire, Silky and Australian Terrier you may ask? Well, they are related in a way.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a dog with maximum weight of 6 pounds; it has much less muscle and body weight than a Silky Terrier, and is very refined in bone. They also have a more rounded, dome-shaped skull, large round eyes and a short muzzle. A Silky will have a longer, more wedge shape to the head with a flatter skull and an almond shape to the eye. The Australian Terrier head is very much like the Silky only a little larger and coarser. The Silky will weigh approximately 10 pounds while the Australian Terrier weighs in closer to 18 pounds.

The Yorkshire and Silky have similar coats in that it is a single coat (much like human hair). The Australian Terrier has the broken coat (coarse with undercoat) common to most terriers. The Yorkshire and Silky coats do not shed while the Australian Terrier will shed the undercoat about twice a year. The Silky and Australian Terriers have ears which stand erect on top of the head while the Yorkshire ears are erect but may flare more to each side of the head.

The Silky and Australian Terriers are quite similar in temperaments, a true terrier!! A Yorkshire is a ‘small’ terrier but does like to be a pampered ‘pillow’ dog whereas the Silky and Aussie are more independent in nature.

Below are photos at varying ages of all three for you to better be able to see the difference. At one day old, all three look very much alike except birth weight may vary with the Yorkshire being the smallest. It doesn’t take long for them to start showing the difference though – both in looks as well as temperament.

Australian Terrier:

8 Weeks 6 Months Adult Head & Body

Silky Terrier:

8 Weeks 5 Months Adult Head Adult Body

Yorkshire Terrier:

6 weeks Pet Yorkie Adult Head Adult Yorkie


Apr 27, 2005, 10:32 PM

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Re: [aliciakok] What's the difference? Aussie Terrier vs Aussie Silky Terrier

Thanks for info. It is very useful.

A week ago I wanted a JRT badly. After all the advise and reading up....I'll stick with a milder dog. As such I'm now deciding whether to get a Westie or a Silky Terrier. I've read about the dogs and Westie seems to be more active and likes to exercise compared to a Silky. I'm an active person, but need a dog that will be contented to live in a condo, with one daily walk in the evenings.

What I dislike is the grooming. I read that Silkys shed plus need a lot of grooming compared to a Westie. Your thoughts please.


Apr 27, 2005, 11:50 PM

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Re: [aliciakok] What's the difference? Aussie Terrier vs Aussie Silky Terrier

For the character both share almost the same and in my personal point of view both are terrier and they tend to be active and sometime barky. So, not really recommend for condo owner.

When it come to grooming westie required more coat care compare to silky.

Silky tend to shed less, adourless and only require to comb daily. Westie need to pay attention on coat care especially the eye and month area cause it easy to stain around that area plus their coat is White color.


Nov 19, 2005, 12:58 AM

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Re: [chrisong] What's the difference? Aussie Terrier vs Aussie Silky Terrier

Hello friends,

I am looking for genuine Australian Silky Terrier breeders who know about this breed with in depth knowledge. They breed because they want to improve the bloodline and weed out any potential genetic defects both health and confirmation and temperament as well as working trait of this breed.

Please let me know if any of you know of any in Malaysia. Thank you. Cheers.


Nov 19, 2005, 4:44 AM

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Re: [colinchin] What's the difference? Aussie Terrier vs Aussie Silky Terrier

E-mail me at chrisoys @ y a h o o.com


K9 Kaki

Nov 19, 2005, 5:16 AM

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Re: [chrisong] What's the difference? Aussie Terrier vs Aussie Silky Terrier

Hi Chrisong...I saw pics on your silky...they r all beautiful. I own a silky b4.... my first ped dog n I hv to save my weekly allowance like months b4 getting my dog. And the lady was so kind to let me pay slowly....err I was a sec student then. It was also the beginning of enjoying dog show n that time not many ST...this is in 1980. My puppy won 2cc in Jr Champ..err I dont know wat it is now..but she could not qualify further coz she is too small size....like a Yorkie but her parents are imported fr Aust n Aust champion. All her bros n sis are champion too. Her breeder was Rose Wong who also breed Papilion.But its ok I still love her just the same....so she bacame a dog for Children under the category Jr handler. Do they still have all this?
I would love to own a AST again. Right now I have a MS whom someone pass to me whn her daughter got sick. (I do some fostering n rehoming...) Looking at your dog pics bring back good and sad memories about my AST....Faune. I love to watch Faune's hair slowly turn fr black n tan to blue....I love to groom her and I find it very easy. The breeder showed me how to do it and it was very easy to groom an AST. They also dont shed n not smelly. Hmmm..one day I will own one.
Pls continue to post pics of your doggies. I enjoy them.


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