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ECS - separation anxiety


Feb 2, 2005, 12:45 AM

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ECS - separation anxiety

hi all,
my ECS, Toffee, has just turned 7 months old and I was wondering if those with ECSs' could share their experiences with these loving dog breed's behaviour.

I was aware that when I chose to get an ECS that they're prone to separation anxiety. And it would be a problem since I work long hours. But since there would always be at least one person at home (parents' retired), I thought that it wouldn't be a big issue.

Until of course, as Toffee grew older, she made it a habit to whine and chew on things all over the house unneccesarily. She'd wake me up from sleep by barking, whining and scratching outside my door even though there's someone already awake and in the house. Recently, she even chewed up my spectacles!

I don't know, could it be because I manja her alot? I admit that when I'm home, I really spend almost all of my time with her - playing, cuddling, talking to her and feeding her if I'm back by meal times. But my mum & dad does that for her too, during the day time. So it's not like she doesn't get enough attention.

Does anyone else have that same problem, too? How do you overcome this?