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German Shepherd Urgently have to go.


Nov 8, 2004, 6:19 PM

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     German Shepherd Urgently have to go.

Hello there.

My name is Philip and I have an enquiry. I would like to sell my dog but somehow find it difficult. I do not know of any communities and do not have the time due to overload of work. I love my dog but recently my brother shifted back into my house. Its a little inconvenient because hes a muslim and his whole family is moving in. Would anyone be so kind to help me find a good dog lover and take my dog? I am willing to sell at a low price. Shes a German shepherd dog. Certified. Her father is from Germany and mother from Indonesia. Champion blood line. 2 years old so far and has not done any obedience or extensive training. Only train by me. I would rather not sell but my situation does not permit me to. Can you help me?

Please contact me at the methods below.

Thank you.


Philip Malcolm Ku

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Nov 8, 2004, 6:34 PM

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     Re: [philipku] German Shepherd Urgently have to go.

For sale of your dog, you need to subscribe to paid posting at

Charges as per