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What's wrong with my dog?

Old Hand

Feb 14, 2003, 7:48 PM

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What's wrong with my dog?

Yesterday I brought my dog to visit my friend's new puppy, a Silky Terrier. the puppy is about 2 months old and just had her first vaccination last week.

When we came back from my friend's house, my dog behaves normal. Later on she drinks alot of water and she looks so tired. My Mum thought she's sick. At night my dog vomit after she had her meal. After that she looks ok.

I also noticed that she had vomited twice last week after we visited the puppy. What's wrong here?


Feb 17, 2003, 3:00 AM

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Re: [May] What's wrong with my dog?

I do not think your dog reacted this way after the injection. Did you bath your dog after the injection? Your dog should not be showered for a week after the injection. Check on the food, maybe the food that your dog is consuming doesn't suit.