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Shih Tzu Poo's in the very same spot


Oct 20, 2004, 7:36 PM

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Shih Tzu Poo's in the very same spot

my shih tzu poo's in the same spot all the time .. but i dont want it to be that way .. it poo's in my room .. graaargh. . is there anything i can do about this?


Nov 12, 2004, 12:59 AM

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Re: [gavind87] Shih Tzu Poo's in the very same spot

Hi Garvin,

If your Shih Tzu keeps pooing on the same spot then it is easy. You see your doggie sees that particular spot as his /her pooing place; unless you start telling her/him so ( in a "doggy" language/your actions) it will continue to do so.

If i may suggest, you must remove all its' poo/ pee smell from your bed room e.g change your sheets if it on your bed, use strong lemon juice to remove ay poo/ pee smell from your floor. Then very important keep your room door closed. You may want to arrange some newspaper just outside your room door.

It will help if you know when (what time) your doggie usually poo; if you don't you might need to observe it for a day / two usually after a meal/ morning/night. Pls decide where you want him to poo if not your room (bathroom/ yard/ drying area/ others?)

During your observation period, you will probable see him/her whinny to get in your room or even poo outside at your room door ( you see, it doesn't know where the correct place yet).

1) If he does poo on the newspaper you placed at the door, when you are not around to observe; just remove clean it up- this is only first stage.

2) But if you do see him getting into a get ready to poo "stand", quickly, carry him to the newspaper covered correct place. your doggie might be shocked at your actions and not poo when you carry him to the newspaper, but stay with him there until he poos.


Soon after a few times, your precious will learn that pooing at "that place" is good and he will be rewareded.

So there you are... it will take patience.. but it will learn graudually!!!

** very important keep your bedroom door closed!!!

** sometimes he/she might still poo outside your room door; pls don't punish- just clean it up (with chemical / lemon juice) and scolding only works when you catch him at pooing stage not after

Do try it out during the holidays, it will take days but it'll works!!

Keep me inform of the progress!!1