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hi guys!!!misterstan n ohmybeagle....


Oct 18, 2004, 7:26 AM

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hi guys!!!misterstan n ohmybeagle....

Pls read my message under tohcs........thx...


Oct 19, 2004, 11:36 PM

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Re: [wong_fui] hi guys!!!misterstan n ohmybeagle....

hey...hihi..my name is vivian la..

u own a beagle???

can let me know more about beagle?


Oct 20, 2004, 1:21 AM

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Re: [babymoon] hi guys!!!misterstan n ohmybeagle....

hi vivian,

Beagle is a very cute looking doggie but dun be fooled by its looks...it will bite u to death..nolar just kiddin only. as all beagle owner would say, beagles are dog for owners that is suoer responsible and super patience. beagle are hound dogs bred to hunt in the past. their nose is very sensitive to scent. and this will lead the beagle to trouble sometimes if unattended. beagle are very inteligent dogs but are sometimes stubborn. training could be done but patience is needed. Beagles need alot of attention as well as most owners of beagle would tell you, they will whine and cry whole nite just to get ur attention but dun worry, this behaviour could be stopped with proper training. beagles are very active dogs and exercise is needed daily or at least if u have a garden for it to roam and sniff around. good companion, great temperament and very loyal to the owner unless it smells something interesting then he will wonder off lar..well above all the hassle and pain, it is still worth getting a beagle because sometimes the things they do are worth the time spend training them. my beagle is Yoyo.....