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Hair Loss


Feb 6, 2003, 8:01 PM

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Hair Loss

HI! Im frm S'pore. I got a mini schnauzer, named Shadow, B&S, 8mths plus. Recently found a spot of his hair( ard left hindleg ) began 2 fallUnsure, his skin looks fine 2 me. Brought him 2 c a vet, the vet said its bcos he was getting his jabs ard dat area n dat causes him to loss his hair. It is side effect due to my shadow has sensitive skin. Thr is a small lump n she told me 2 massage 4 him everyday 2 make the blood circulate 2 the hair follicle, so dat the hair will grow bak. She gave me some cream, Combiderm, to apply on the affected area. Does any1 has the same problem like mine b4?