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Foo Foo's Progress


Feb 4, 2003, 10:55 PM

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Foo Foo's Progress

Hello all

Foo Foo is on recovery mode now - no thks to the quack vet that gave him the expired distemper jab!

Can someone help enlighten me being new with pedigree pups!

1) How old b4 pups start getting their distemper & lepto jab? Any need 4 yearly booster jab?

2) Can pup contract distemper after being jab? Foo Foo got the virus 1 wk after the 2nd jab which was a 6-in-1 dose.

3) Is there a body that we can report such unethical vet's practice in dispensing expired drugs?

4) When is the Birth Cert issued? Right at birth? Petshop told me wait 4 mths! Is this true?

5) Any good referral websites or even dedicated group for American Cocker Spaniel?

Thank u for caring & the support!
Mummy to Foo Foo