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Any Cairn Terrier breeders in Malaysia?


Sep 22, 2004, 10:46 AM

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Any Cairn Terrier breeders in Malaysia?

Any breeders there in Malaysia? I'll be bringing mine back to Malaysia next year (we're in the US now), and would like him to have a little brother or sister ...

If there's none, how do i go about getting one? Thanks.

Canine Addict

Sep 23, 2004, 12:28 AM

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Re: [avusblue] Any Cairn Terrier breeders in Malaysia?

Almost definitely no cairn terrier breeders here in Malaysia. There might be some people who have cairn terriers but no one breeding from them.

If you want to get another cairn, you can either get another while you're in the US and bring it back with your current cairn (companion during the mandatory quarantine period unless you're coming from Hawaii) or contact a breeder in the UK, Australia or New Zealand.

You're unlikely to find a cairn terrier in a pet shop here because they are not dogs in high demand. The reason being that the unrelenting heat and humidity tend to cause them to suffer from eczema and other skin conditions like dermatitis and wet spot - even if they didn't before they got to Malaysia.

I had 2 Westies and they had periodic skin flare ups until I left them in an aircon room all day rather than just at night.

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