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Who's who???


Sep 14, 2004, 11:38 AM

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Who's who???

well hello guys,

last Sunday was fun for Yo yo and me, i met a lot of beagles though. Sorry wasn't mixing around too much as i was afraid Yo yo would get infected, she hasn't got her third jab yet...sorry kay, i met Henry, Stan's dog, Lou it think but didn't know the owner's name, who else did i meet, just want to know who's who, by the way i am sure u all have seen Yo yo, she is the smallest beagle there that day....haha...



Sep 14, 2004, 6:18 PM

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Re: [wais81] Who's who???

hi wais,

your puppy gal so cute. i was kinda blur blur that day so not aware of yo yo and you, so you should call me. if yo yo, have not complete her third jab, then it would not a prob, i would get henry away from her, and i would come and pat pat her, touch touch her (after class) Tongue.

there are other beagle owners that attend also:

koogiebus and koogie

wong_fui and lola (is english name randall?)

jude & lou (sorry if i got the wrong name/spelling)

me and henry lor.... (the duo's)