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Limping dog

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Jan 20, 2003, 9:23 AM

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Limping dog

I have a 9 year old, 3 lb maltese/yorkie mix. A couple weeks ago he starting limping on his right front leg. He gets around no problem, still jumps up and down on the furniture but will not walk on his leg. he only walks on three legs right now. I set up an appt with my new vet to have him groomed because when I inspected his pad and his nails, the fur and nails were long... so I figured that was what was causing him soreness. I mentioned it to the vets that he was limping and told them maybe it was due to his nails (i've had problems with previous groomers who don't clip his nails when I ask them to). so I picked him up and he looked adorable, but 3 days later he's still limping Frown. I plan on taking him back to the vet next week, but was looking for some ideas of what might be wrong. i haven't seen any apparent injuries...