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Dog's cleaniness "Fatdi"

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Jan 7, 2003, 8:48 PM

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Dog's cleaniness "Fatdi"

My 4 months old Fatdi is very active. It will chew every things that it sees. And thats normal for puppy. It likes to play a lot with the family especially after it has a shower or a meal. But of cause there are time that discipline is important and he learns. I clean the puppy once every two days. dry it properly and apply medicated baby powder to the coat and the bottom. Grooms it nicely and he looks fresh. This will last him for another two days or even more if he does not go and play with water. I keep him in my compound let it play and run. I feed Fatdi with boiled chicken necks, meat, raw shredded carrots and rice. The other day he jumped up and grabbed a mango from the tree (the fruit is hanging so low) and surprised me. He ate some of the mango. hahaha...