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Puppy may have post distemper chorea

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Feb 11, 2004, 10:16 AM

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Puppy may have post distemper chorea

My parents who are in India took in a stray puppy. They vaccinated her and had to go on a trip 5 days later leaving her in someone else's care. When they came back they found that she was limping on her right leg and her eyes were watering. They took her to a vet who said she has distemper and prescribed a homeopathic medicine Strychininum 30 and also many vitamins. They have been giving her this medicine and vitamins and force feeding her water to keep from dehydration.

Then they took her to two other vets and both said that she has post distemper chorea. Her right side legs seem to slip out sometimes and she has a hard time walking. She also gets muscle twitches. We are feeding her all types of nutritious foods, giving her vitamin doses and also liquid vitamin C every few hours. She is in good spirits and has a good appetite but not keen on drinking water.

We are very upset. We want to do whatever we can to save her. Can anyone give any suggestions on what we can do to help her?


Feb 11, 2004, 11:24 PM

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Re: [roy71] Puppy may have post distemper chorea

First ... address all your questions to the vet ... a good will answer any queries and doubts you may have ... Ask the vet whether providing support/sustaining treatment at home is sufficient? And if so, what is required and what must be done? ...

If still not satisfied - take her to a good vet who is prepared to provide serious support/sustaining treatment and medication. It is important to prevent dehydration and that (depending on the situation) may require a drip ...

All the best ...