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Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia


Nov 21, 2002, 7:35 AM

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Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

Hi there!

Was browsing thru the Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan) website and found out that among the banned dog breeds in Malaysia includes the Akita Breed which happens to fall in the Utility group. Banned in this case means no import permit will be granted for this breed, thus one cannot import this Akita breed. Dunno about existing Akitas in the country and whether breeding is allowed.

Checking the internet on the Akitas revealed that this breed was originally from Japan and is a hunting dog. However, they are also used in dog fighting. Quite a lot of countries banned this breed as well. Don't exactly know why. Even Singapore has the Akitas on their banned breeds list.

Interesting enough, in Japan, there's another side to this breed which protrays a more positive image, one that speaks of loyalty. Seems like in Jan 1924, a university professor called Eizaburo Ueno was given a puppy which he named it as Hachi-Ko. The professor commutes daily from his Tokyo suburb home to an experimental farm in the outlying area. Hachi-Ko would see his master off each day at the train station and returns to greet him later in the evening.

This ritual went on until that fateful day in 21May1925. That was the day his master never return due to a fatal stroke at work. Hachi-Ko (who was by then a 18mth old doggie) was well taken care of by the professor's friends and relatives but the amazing thing is that he would faithfully return to the train station everyday round 4pm to await his master's return. Hachi-Ko faithfully kept this virgil until he died 9 years later on 9Mar1934.

Today, there is a bronze statue of Hachi-Ko at the Shibuya Station near Tokyo as a testimony to the dog's loyalty to his master. And guess what? Hachi-Ko is an Akita.Smile

Rdgs Arthur
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Nov 21, 2002, 7:54 PM

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Re: [arthur] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

Hi! A quick update...

Just rechecked the registration list for 2001 as published in the Berita Anjing, found out there were 9 Akitas registered in 2001. So breeding is okay but imports are banned (per the Vet.Services Dept M'sia website)

Rdgs Arthur


Nov 24, 2002, 8:12 AM

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Re: [arthur] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

hmm... why do you think imports of this breed are banned?

what is the temperament of this breed like? Are they wolf like?

Old Hand

Nov 28, 2002, 4:42 PM

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Re: [luckey] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

I saw in the newspaper today that there are Akita puppies for sale. This is the first ad I came across after browsing the paper for nearly a year.

I guess Akita is quite rare in Malaysia.


Nov 28, 2002, 11:45 PM

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Re: [May] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

yes i think arthur said that imports of this breed are banned, but breeding is allowed...

Canine Addict

Nov 29, 2002, 5:44 AM

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Re: [luckey] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

According to my mini encyclopedia on dogs, Akita was once bred for pit fighting. It also says that males, in particular, have a tendency to get into dog fights more frequently than many other breeds. Maybe this is why it is banned from importation.
With warm regards,
CY Phang

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Nov 29, 2002, 6:06 AM

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Re: [cyphang] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

Just dog fights or biting humans as well? any history like the rottweiler? I'm a bit scared of rotties myself from hearing all the stories... there was a time some time back (1996 or so) when so many cases of rotties attacking people remeber?


Sep 4, 2003, 7:34 AM

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Re: [cyphang] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

Hi everyone,

I have a 7 month old akita, and it is such a fantastic dog, I would just like to say that even though the akita breed was initially breed to fight * also to hunt bears in japan*, they do tend to have a very much sensitive and loving side to them.

As for a dog being vicious or not, I think depends on the dogs experiences and also how well the dog has been trained. Yes, it is true that there is still a lot of savagery in built within them it doesn't mean they have to use it.

I was never a big fan of akita's due to their reputation as vicious animals at least not until i met a few akita's that were absolutely gorgeous and well trained.

Akita's are very pack oriented *similar to huskies* because they are working/utility/pack dogs, Once they find their place in the pack, they understand and know what is expected of them and they become wonderful companions.

And yes, akita's need lot of effort<--- i found out the hard way * hehehe*

Anyway, I need some help because I am thinking of bringing my dog home from Australia next year when I relocate back to Malaysia.

I read on the website that special permits can be obtained to import Akita's, has anyone done this before or knows the process of applying for this permit?

Thanks in advance


Sep 4, 2003, 7:41 AM

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Re: [arthur] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

and yea, Akita's are loyal, very very loyal dogs

They will definately protect and look after their pack in all situations

Dog Kichi

Sep 4, 2003, 9:23 PM

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Re: [ston3d] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

Would you like to share your stories about how you learnt the hard way in relation to akitas requiring a lot of effort? I am very interested to know more.




Sep 5, 2003, 8:49 AM

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Re: [junkgirl] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

Basically, the most effort is in training and trying to get his attention, Akita's are know to be aloof and also can be very picky.

Shadow is extremely picky and likes to consider whether he wants to do certain things that is asked for him * especially come*

Akita's are also not easy to lure with food ie. if they don't want it they won't want it. Thus sometimes making it hard to train him using snacks, he needs and wants high value treats ie.food we eat*i am a pro supporter for positive reinforcement training*

The other thing is he can get destructive when left alone *i guess he's still a pup* but of course he understands that he's not supposed to do it.

In the last 4 months he has tried to challenge my position as leader of the pack which is *after consulting with some vets* quite normal apparently, he doesn't get vicious or bite, he rather push you around with his body weight ie. block door ways, completely ignore commands etc. From what i have heard this is all part of an akita growing up because they are very confident with themselves thus can sometimes be a little stubborn. However, once you put him in his place, he's all good :)

Akita's are also big big dogs at full size they weight arouund 50+Kgs and most of that weight are muscles. So for anyone who is every thinking of getting an akita, it is a MUST to train them to walk on a loose lead A.S.A.P , you don't want a full size akita pulling you around the street that's for sure.

Hope this helps shed some light in the personality of an akita.

I might also add that Akita's can be very attentive when they are in the mood, this also once again boils down to training..


Sep 5, 2003, 8:59 AM

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Re: [ston3d] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

Oh yeah, did i ever mention that Akita's rarely bark for no reason?

I am actually very happy with that

hehehe Cool


Sep 5, 2003, 9:15 AM

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Re: [ston3d] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

hi there...

shadow challenged your position when he was still a young pup???would it be quite difficult for you to introduce another dog let it be an akita or different breed at a later stage??

how about female akitas???do they challenge for positions???i would like to know more..Smile

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Sep 5, 2003, 9:28 AM

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Re: [icezcream] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

Yes shadow did it when he was younger, still does it once in a while but not much anymore,

female akita's are much more mellow and much easier to handle apparantly.

Because akita's are pack animals, trying to be Alpha is very normal while they are young, like i said once they know their standing, they are great dogs Cool

I also started shadow young with socialization so he is good with other dogs, like all pups he's playful and because of his size he might be a little overpowering for little dogs, initially he used his sized as a catalyst to be the alpha dog around other dogs, but now he's learned that he's not much better then the next dog so he plays much more gently, it took me about 1 week of conditioning him to not dominate smaller dogs * by making the smaller dog submit and standing over them* he doesn't do it anymore * when he tries to do it i pull him back and get him to sit and settle before i let him go play again*

he's a great pup around people to,being a pup he get's excited and tries to jump onto people but he's getting better now...*everytime when someone comes over to my place, i get them to hold some snack and get shadow to sit, the pat him* he's getting used to that routine much better now..*obviously a 55kg akita jumping on you is not very nice*

alot of akita owners recommend getting 1 pair of akita 1 male / 1 female , I am considering getting another female akita also. Apparently it gives the male the balance it needs and a pair of them actually look really good imagine 2 fluff balls hhehehehe

so basically, shadow is not in anyway aggressive he is far from that infact i actually think he's one of the calmer dog and always thinking.

Akita's are also really smart, they will think of way to get to things or get what they want. A lot of willpower and intelligence.


Sep 13, 2003, 7:05 AM

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Re: [ston3d] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia


I've seen an akita before in penang. There's an akita coming for the obedience training every sunday
It was really a big dog, bigger than a 2 years old GR when is is just below 1 years old
~!! Magnificient dog, honoured to see it..ehheheBlushWink i mean you dont get to see an akita any normal day rite?
The owner did not really know that it is an akita till they get the certificate and do some research on it.
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Sep 26, 2003, 11:22 PM

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Re: [lulugurl] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

My family owned an Akita once, a beautiful lovely dog. But watch out, they are naturally dangerous, protective and territorial. They are loyal as well and posess many other good qualities but it's the dangerous ones that you have to worry about! We got the Akita when I was about 5, I loved him and his little tail Smile

Then 5 years later we got a Golden Retriever puppy, when we brought him home our Akita wanted to eat him, I guess since he was never near a puppy before and the puppy was in HIS home. He was always gentle with us children, as long as you DO NOT startle them. Once I came up from behind him when he was sleeping, touched his back and said "Hello" to him softly and he snapped at my neck. If I didn't pull my head back in time he would have got me.

He didn't feel that he was the alpha of the house, he was my Father's dog. While he would care for the family he was ultimately loyal to my Father, that's the great thing about Akita's Smile I don't believe that they would intentionally attack someone if they were properly trained unless threatened. Teach anyone that goes around your Akita to not startle them or they may get hurt! They were used as Imperial Guard Dogs in Feudal Japan! Cool

They can be just as loving as any other dog if they're raised to, so those dangerous qualities only manifest when they need to if trained properly. They're loving, loyal, protective, even-tempered, territorial dogs. They also have the capacity to be very aggressive, so train an Akita well. The only trait of theirs that I don't like is their territorialism. That's some of my experiences with my Akita! Tongue

New User

Feb 11, 2004, 2:27 PM

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Re: [LoveMyMaltese] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

I have a half Akita and half black lab -- he ended up being quite a good dog. He looks more like a lab with black hair, long tail and floppy ears, but is strong like the Akita, and rarely barks (a great feature) unless there is something to actually bark about (like someone coming onto the porch and even we humans don't hear them), but it's more like a low "woof, woof."

He just finished 8 weeks of obedience school -- a good thing, I've discovered. We have 3 cats, too, and he knows which ones he can rough-house with, and those to be very gentle with or to avoid. Very smart animal -- and very gentle.

I was worried when I found out about Akitas, and I heard that sometimes mixed breeds can be nasty, but he's been a doll. He was the "star" of our Obedience School, the friendliest, and the smartest. Because we live out in the country, we needed to have a "watch dog," but he's turned into not only a watch/guard dog, but a family dog. A good combination.

New User

Dec 10, 2004, 2:55 AM

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Re: Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia


K9 Maniac

Dec 16, 2004, 7:32 PM

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Re: [FLUFFY81] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia


where did you get your Akita? is it from the newspaper?

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New User

Dec 16, 2004, 11:24 PM

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Re: [nairud] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

yeah frm the newspaper...why?

K9 Maniac

Dec 17, 2004, 1:16 AM

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Re: [FLUFFY81] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

oh...you're not in malaysia? i thought you got it in malaysia

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Dec 17, 2004, 3:54 AM

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Re: [nairud] Japanese Akita- Banned Breed in Malaysia

no im in australia(perth)...i bought a pair...they r 2 month old now..