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K9 Maniac

Dec 16, 2009, 9:41 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MyAnimalCare Notice Board

36 innocent lives rescued today (Klang Dog Pound)

I started the day by submitting our letter of appeal for the waiver of the reclaimation fee to MPK. I managed to see the officer concerned at about 8.20am. He said he could not waive the fee, so I still had to pay, though, a reduced sum. And that was that. So, despite the help provided by the YB and a state councillor, the fee simply could not be waived.

When the meeting with the officer ended, it had begun to rain heavily in Klang. We quickly proceeded to the dog pound because the lorry was already waiting somewhere for directions to get in.

The rain was certainly no help at all, and I wondered how we were going to get the dogs onboard the lorry. There was no shaded place from where we could work.

Our two vets were there with us - Dr Khor and Dr Yap.

Pix 1 : Dr Khor with the dog whom I promised I would take today. Unfortunately, she was placed in the first enclosure where every other dog was very sick, and one had actually died. Dr Khor said she looked healthy enough. I was very determined to take her, because I could sense she wanted very much to go with us (since yesterday).

The condition of the dogs and the pound looked very different this morning compared to yesterday afternoon. This morning, we saw the dogs' faeces and urine and it was a most pitiful sight. There was diarrhoea, and blood-stained faeces as well. Many of the dogs were simply lying in their faeces. And this morning, we saw many sick dogs. It was a most pathetic sight. It is strange that yesterday, everyone looked healthy.

Pix 2 :Being hosed down.

Pix 3
:Our young vet, Dr Yap (in stripes), with his two assistants. He took the temperature of each dog that he examined while his assistant took down notes. We were obligated to take only healthy dogs, hence, this physical examination was necessary.

Pix 4 :A dog who had died in the night....poor thing.

Pix 5 :We took those who gave us "the look" - how could you say no? Dr Khor said to take those who looked bright, alert and those that came to us very easily. These were some of the ones we took.

Pix 6 :Yes, I promised this one I would take her yesterday, and I kept my promise. I took her despite the presence of the dead dog behind her and the fact that she was placed with all the sick dogs. She looked very bright and healthy. I was very relieved when Dr Yap examined her and her temperature was normal. YES!! You get to go, girl!

Pix 7 :Yes, yes, yes!! I carried her out, and put her into a small cage, which I then secured with rafia string.

Pix 8 : This was another one that we definitely had to take. She is SO incredibly active and cheerful. Had a nice collar too. And looks like our Dante. Dante2?

Pix 9 : I kept asking Dr Khor if we could take this one because he wanted to go too, but his signs did not look good. I think he had just been scalded with hot water, but Dr Khor did not think so. Poor thing... He could be treated for his skin condition, but we had no fosterers and no where to put him if we could not find any adopter later on.

Pix 10 :Every dog that the vets approved of, I quickly carried into a cage. The smaller ones shared a cage. We only had 17 cages, but we figured it would be enough.

K9 Maniac

Dec 16, 2009, 9:42 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

My AnimalCare Notice Board

Yes, yes, yes!! I carried her out, and put her into a small cage, which I then secured with rafia string.

This was another one that we definitely had to take. She is SO incredibly active and cheerful. Had a nice collar too. And looks like our Dante. Dante2?

I kept asking Dr Khor if we could take this one because he wanted to go too, but his signs did not look good. I think he had just been scalded with hot water, but Dr Khor did not think so. Poor thing... He could be treated for his skin condition, but we had no fosterers and no where to put him if we could not find any adopter later on.

Every dog that the vets approved of, I quickly carried into a cage. The smaller ones shared a cage. We only had 17 cages, but we figured it would be enough.

Another one who had died in the night...poor thing.

This one wanted to go so much, he stuck his head out of the bars and got stuck. We took him along.

We looked for dogs to fill up all the cages.

The first row on the lorry.

All waiting patiently to be loaded. These must be the most well-behaved pound dogs I'd ever seen. This goes to show that they must have been pets. In fact, Lisa thinks ALL of them had been pets before. None displayed the typical "stray" mannerisms.

Almost all loaded and ready to go. After filling up the lorry to the brim, we took a total of 36 dogs. All the healthy ones were taken, along with some other "passable" ones. As agreed, I could not take the sick ones. I was very saddened by this, but in life, you cannot have everything your way. If you could, that's called heaven, not earth.

The lorry was under an extremely tight schedule as it had to be back in KL by afternoon. The rain was certainly no help as it hindred us tremendously. All of us were wet.

Off we went, on the long journey.

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K9 Maniac

Dec 16, 2009, 9:44 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MyAnimalCare Notice Board

To LLLP (Lotus Life Liberation Park). I had negotiated for days to get these 40 places for them, while awaiting two organisations to "do something". I did not want to move in because I believe the other organisations would definitely have better options (LLLP would be a last option), but seeing that up until Monday, no one had done anything, I had to do something on the D-Day. These dogs were going to be euthanised today, and would have been, if I had not taken them out.

LLLP is definitely better than being euthanised - that is what I think, and I will take full responsibility, karmic or otherwise, for this decision. I know my intentions are purely to save these innocent lives, the only way I knew how and this was the only option I had.

The moment we arrived at the gates of LLLP, a friendly helper was on hand to open the gates for us, and Peter Pan and another farm dog were happily wagging their tails. Peter Pan greeted me warmly and made pawprints on my tshirt!

Here's Bro Sui, and his ever-friendy helpers, helping us unload the cages quickly so that the lorry could go back to KL. We were running on an extremely tight schedule.

All girls go into the smaller enclosure. We separated the girls and the boys since none had been spayed/neutered yet

The dogs waited patiently to be put into their new enclosures. This was an extremely slow procedure, because we actually did the move with only three people today - just myself and two volunteers. I ended up carrying most of the dogs into the enclosures, one by one. None of the dogs howled or barked despite having endured the almost two-hour journey. They merely waited very patiently. They were so, so well-behaved. Because we were so short-handed (in people who could carry them into the cage), we took some time to do this.

And, they are heavy!

Another girl, and a big one too (I mean, the dog)!

A big boy...

The agitated ones, we brought closer to the door of the enclosure before carrying them out. This was to minimise their anxiety...and also lighten our burden!

The girls' room. I was so happy they loved the vegetarian kibbles! One dog was very depressed and sat in the corner, but when the kibbles was strewn on the floor, she came to eat too.

Good girl! And that's Selphie (that's the name I've given to the one whom I promised to save yesterday - the black and gold one beside me.) I've named her after the mother-dog I rescued 3 1/2 years ago from the Puchong Dog Pound. According to Dr Yap earlier at the pound, Selphie had probably given birth before, looking at her teats.

The boys settled in pretty well after they were fed So I did not want to go into their enclosure and excite them. Let them rest, the poor things.

More of the boys.

There's one bully in the boys' room and also one in the girls' room. We told the helpers to keep an eye on these two.


One black dog (male) escaped as we were trying to get him into the enclosure. We figured he would not run too far. We were actually too tired to go after him.

True enough, he came back after half an hour or so.

I put food out for him, and moved away. He came close and started to eat. Since he is male, I'm not too worried even if we can't get him into the enclosure.

These are the three agitated ones. We decided to keep them in the cage for a few hours to calm them down. One of them bit me, but it wasn't serious at all. More of a warning bite. Later in the afternoon, they ate the vege kibbles and all three fell asleep inside the cage.

By the time we had finished getting every dog into the enclosures (each one had to be carried), my tshirt had every kind of stain you could think of - faecal, vomit, mud, soil. You name it, I've got it.


Lisa decided to take this one home. She figured the helpers on the farm might not know how to take care of his long hair. His hair was so badly matted up, we weren't even sure if he was male or female! But I suspect he is some sort of pedigree.

Lisa wanted to take this scruffy little one too, but Bro Sui and the helpers wanted him as their pet, so he got to stay. Bro Sui instructed the helpers to cut his hair short and give him a bath soon.

We only brought eggs on this trip. There was no space in the car for vege kibbles this round because we had to carry all the cages in our cars, maximising the space. We will bring the kibbles on our next trip.

Before we left, we made one round to look at the dogs again, but from afar. By then, they had all settled in and were calm. I did not want to excite them unnecessarily again.

Our run-away renegade was nearby. I wonder if he wanted to get into the enclosure with his buddies? Never mind, we'll just leave him alone for now.

By the way, we saw at least six of the Ketam dogs we had rehomed months ago.

Here's one of them. I think this is Liberty, though I'm not sure. Liberty is now Mr Mariappan's pet. She even sleeps right outside his bedroom, and goes with him on his daily rounds to feed the fish, goats, etc. Liberty looks very healthy.

Well, no LLLP posting is ever complete without a photo of Peter Pan - the ever-green and ever-friendly farm dog here.

K9 Maniac

Dec 16, 2009, 9:44 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MyAnimalCare Notice Board

Our next course of action is the following:

1. Get the dogs spayed/neutered as soon as we can. We would be bringing our vet up to Bentong to get this done. The cost is RM150 per dog.

2. Get the dogs rehomed to Bentong people, or even Klang Valley people, if they do not mind travelling up to Bentong to get the dogs. If interested, please write to me.

IMPORTANT: If anyone of you reading this posting see your lost dog in the photos, please let me know. You may reclaim your dog from us.

While at the pound, I also wanted to take yesterday's "catch" (the six healthy-looking dogs), but I was told not to, in case their owners come to reclaim them. But every dog that comes into the pound is only give one week to live after which he/she will be euthanised.

Please help us in whatever way you can.

Please do not forget that though we have rescued 36 dogs today, there would be more coming into the Klang Pound (or other pounds) next week, and the week after that, etc. Please encourage everyone to do CNRM as a longterm solution to this perpetual, seemingly never-ending problem. It will end (or at least be reduced) with active CNRM from the community, but we have to start it somewhere and everyone has to help.

Please also remember that the dogs in the Klang Pound are only fed discarded bread. If you'd like to help them get a decent meal, please bring dog food (or cooked chicken and rice) to the pound and feed them yourself.

Address: Pusat Kurungan Haiwan, Kawasan Perindustrian Bandar Sultan Sulaiman, North Port

Tomorrow, I would still need to go to MPK to settle the reclaimation fee for today's rescue mission. It was not waived, but reduced (this reduction is from the kind efforts of En Zakaria, who spoke up for us at the meeting yesterday). We wish to thank him for this kind favour.

We also wish to thank the vets who helped us at the pound, Dr Yap and Dr Khor, who made time for us despite their work schedules.

And Lisa, for joining us on this rescue mission and getting us Dr Yap. Mandy, for helping us with the planning. Erica and Alicia, for the kind and encouraging smses while we were doing the work today. It helps very much to know you are rooting for us, albeit from far away.

We want to again, thank Bro Jeen Lim, for letting us use his lorry without which there would be no rescue. And of course, LLLP, for consenting to accept these dogs under such short notice.

And last but not least, thank YOU, everyone, for your moral support and kind blessings.

May all beings be well and happy (and free from being euthanised).

Note: The reason why this posting came up so late is that the moment I got home at 6pm, I had to rush down to KL to deliver a public talk. One wrong turning, and I landed up in Bangsar, and got horribly lost for more than one hour in the dreadful rainy weekday KL-jam. I finally reached my destination, delivered my talk, and got home, after crawling through the federal highway, at 11pm and had my dinner. But that's life. You pack as much as you can into each day, because you'd want to go to bed with the feeling that the day's been worth living. And, if perchance, you die in your sleep, you can go peacefully knowing that you've done your best for the day.

K9 Maniac

Dec 17, 2009, 7:59 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

M'sia Dog Deserve Better (MDDB) Notice Board :

The Klang Municipal Council is at it again soon after the Pulau Ketam fiasco. This time around they have sent their dog catchers on a rampage to catch dogs several times a day including at night.

The dog catchers are paid an allowance of RM 10 for every dog caught in addition to their monthly salaries as MPK employees. As a result many many pet dogs have been detained and taken to the MPK pound in Bandar Sultan Sulaiman.

Now, in order for such massive dog catching operations to be carried out, the pound must have the proper infrastructure such as an isolation bay, quarantine area as well as separate holding areas for pets and strays. When dogs are stressed, deadly infections such as distemper, parvo and corona sets in. These infections are deadly and very very contagious.

An pet owner comes to the pound to &bail out* his dog which had been placed in the cage with many other dogs, some of them infected with these deadly viruses. Of course, the pet dog has a 90 percent chance of infection.

The owner takes the dog back and he has other dogs at home. All of them will also be infected and the infection will also quickly spread to pets owned by anyone who visits the home as well as other dogs in the vicinity. What results next is a pandemic of massive proportions.

Those managing and running the operations at the MPK haven*t the faintest idea what these viruses are but yet go on cramming the pound with countless dogs daily. When queried they say they are acting because of numerous complaints by Klang residents.

But Klang residents also complain about potholes, overgrown bushes, clogged drains and restaurants located in houses, as well as many other things 每 but nothing has ever been done about these things.

I know 每 I am after all a Klang resident.
To make matters worse 每 there is no budget in their dog catching antics for food and so the dogs are being starved. Some appear to have died of starvation. Several NGOs including us have dispatched dog biscuits but how long can we do this?

Don*t they know that they have to make provisions for food when embarking on such a big blood-thirsty enterprise?

Anyway, another NGO My Animal Care has rescued almost 36 dogs from the pound and sent them off to a sanctuary. They have also given us 21 puppies and 2 dogs. Eight of the 21 puppies tested positive for distemper, corona and parvo viruses. This has proven our fears that the clueless MPK folks are cross contaminating dogs indiscriminately.

There are now being cared for by us and our fosterers. We are desperately hoping that the rest are safe. The second batch of puppies brought in by MyAnimalCare were so traumatized that they were ferocious and behaved like gremlins.

They will need a lot of time before they feel safe being around people. They bit the vet as well as her assistant who were testing them for the viruses. Can*t the Pakatan Rakyat do something? Are they so bloody weak that they have no control over the local councils? Or is that because they don*t give a rat*s posterior about these dogs which are deemed defiling?

Whatever it is Selangor is supposed to be a developed state 每 what*s the point of being a developed state when the local councils are still so very neanderthal ? And ideal situation would be for the local council to have educational programmes in tandem with the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) to educate the people of Klang on pet care and the importance to neuter.

They should also emabrk on the TrapNeuterAndRelease/Manage (TNR/TNM) programme to battle the stray problems. If it can work in Indonesia, India and nepal so well - it should work very very well in a developed state like Selangor.

K9 Maniac

Dec 17, 2009, 8:01 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MDDB Notice Board : Pound Puppies and Dog Cindy, on the road to recovery after her wound had been cleaned out.
The little pup's urine with was thick with blood - probably urinary tract infection. Thank go our friend Mandy is fostering it.
The little puppy who is skin and bones. She has distemper and corona.

The pound puppy looking for food.

The little Gremlins huddled-up at the clinic after being tested.

Another frightened little pup that was infested with ticks.

Waiting at the vets after rescue - this puppy had probably been starving for days.

Waiting at the vets

At the vets

Positive for distemper and corona

At the vets - this pup tested negative but did not have any appetite today

Distemper and Corona

This pup tested negative but is coughing and has blood in her feces

We are desperate. We have placed six sick puppies with fosterers and need more people to take in the rest until they are well. they four that tested negative yesterday seem to have other problems - one has a prolapsed anus, another is coughing and a third seems to have lost its apetite. We also have six puppies which are so traumatised that they have become little monsters of sorts. Its starting all over for us and we are going to be horribly strapped for cash as treating these pups can be very expensive. We are thankful that a friend and fellow rescuer has taken in the mother dog and four pups for us temporarily. We also have Cindy with the facial wounds to care for in addition to the distemper, parvo and corona cases. To make matters worse - we have our healthy puppies at the half way home that are pending adoption. We do not want to compromise on their well-being and need to get them adopted as soon as possible. Please help. Our apologies for the pics being all mixed-up - but the captions will explain. The puppies had rafia string tied around their necks to identify the infections - blue for parvo, green for distemper and yellow for corona. You'll note that some of the puppies have nore than one coloured string and this means that they have multiple infections.

K9 Maniac

Dec 17, 2009, 8:10 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MDDB Notice Board :

Given the gravity of the dog catching rampage in Klang - MDDB is calling for a peaceful gathering of animal lovers and sympathisers at Klang Municipal Council Dog Pound this Saturday between 12.00pm to 1.00pm. We have no other choice other than doing this to show the council that they should immediately stop what they are doing to prevent the unnecessary suffering of these animals as well the possible outbreak of distemper, parvo and corona outbreak in Klang. Please join us - you can bring banners and placards as well as canddles to remember the dogs whih had suffered and died at the pound. The dogs are kept at Pusat Kurungan Haiwan, Kawasan Perindustrian Bandar Sultan Sulaiman, Northport. Call us at 019-3576477, 012-3739007 or write to us to find out more.

K9 Maniac

Dec 17, 2009, 8:17 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MDDB Notice Board :

Adoption Drive

Since we need the space to treat the Klang pound puppies, we have to have an impromptu adoption drive at the home of one MDDB's wellwishers in Klang. We have many puppies which are ready for adoption.


Date: Sunday, Dec 20

Venue: No 48, Jalan Kemuning, Taman Gembira, 41000, Klang

Time: 1.00pm to 5.00pm

Details: 019-3576477, 012-3739007

K9 Maniac

Dec 17, 2009, 8:22 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MyAnimalCare Notice Board :

The plight of the Klang dogs at the pound First thing this morning, I received two missed calls from MPK - I had to go down to pay the reclaimation fees for the 36 dogs we rescued yesterday. I know, and I remember, but I was just still quite dead tired from yesterday's rescue and me getting lost in Bangsar (more because of the latter, actually!).

So, off I went to make the payment as per agreed.

En Zakaria was very sympathetic. He says it is not like they want to kill the dogs, but there has been a lot of complaints from the public. They have to act on every complaint. Hence, the trucks go out twice a day to round up the dogs. After a week, if no one claims them, they are euthanised. Every week, the pound is full (and there are TWO pounds in Klang itself).

I asked why the dogs are only fed discarded bread. He said there is actually no budget from the adminstration for food for these dogs since they are expected to be euthanised after a week. It is also not often that these dogs are reclaimed by their owners. So, it is usually certain death for those caught.

En Zakaria says many of these dogs are abandoned by their owners and not strays. Yes, I can see that for myself too. They are definitely former pets. They are so people-friendly.

I want to appeal to people NOT to abandon their pets, please, but then again, those who do would not be reading this blog.

So, instead, I want to appeal to animal-lovers, especially those living in Klang, to please donate dog food or cooked chicken and rice to the pound. Please bring the food and feed the animals yourself.

Come and see for yourself, and see how much the dogs want the company of humans. Most of them are very people-friendly. And why not? They used to be someone's favourite companion, not too long ago, before they were thrown out.

Come and see for yourself, the plight of these poor dogs, and help us promote CNRM in Klang. Help us spread the message to people (not only in Klang, but everywhere else) that all animals are living beings with feelings, emotions and the ability to feel pain and suffering.

Those of you with pets, PLEASE never, never let your pet out of your house compound. Don't let them be caught, please.

Please empathise with the plight of these animals and let's do our best to help them.

Help us get people to come and adopt them, and save them from forced death.

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K9 Maniac

Dec 17, 2009, 8:24 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MyAnimalCare Notice Board :

"Cinderella" and 10 more rescued today (Klang Dog Pound)
Remember her? She is the one with the facial wound, and she wanted very much to go with us yesterday, but our vet reminded us that we had no vet in Bentong to treat her, and her wounds might go from bad to worse. Also, LLLP had set the condition that we could only bring in healthy dogs, approved by vets.

My heart was very heavy all day, and the picture of her standing up looking at her friends being loaded into cages and then, onto the lorry, was playing in my mind all day, even while we were in Bentong. I felt so bad, but our hands were tight. Our resources were so limited and we had to work within them.

I really wished I could take her because I could feel that she wanted to go with us.

This morning, my wish came true!

MDDB's Wani saw my posting (and the dog's photo) and offered to find a fosterer for her if I could get her out of the pound. I jumped at the chance! I almost couldn't believe this...

So, off we went for another round of (totally unplanned) rescue work. Also, we had to take the mother-dog and her four puppies, whom MDDB was going to foster as well.

And yes, we missed this one two days ago when we did the 12-puppy rescue. He had gone into the drain to hide and we couldn't get him out. This afternoon, he was out in the open, so I decided to catch him unawares before he scuttled into the drain again.

I went real close, from behind, as stealthily as I could....shh....gosh, I could see (and so can you) two huge ticks on his back. And...

I caught him!

Ouch, ouch, he was so fast, he turned around and bit me real hard! And it bled profusely. Well, that's a "good thing" because bleeding sheds toxins. Still, puppy bites are quite toxic, I know. Well, never mind, I just had my anti-tetanus shot a few months ago.

I quickly put him in a cage, but he bit me some more! Strong and confident little guy, I must say... Mr Balu was surprised how I caught him when he saw him in the cage. "Dia gigit lah...", he said (translation: he bites).

I showed him my bleeding finger....oh yes, he sure bites!


I looked into every enclosure...

Another dog had died...

New dogs had come in. Some looked very healthy, like these.

We finally managed to get the mother-dog...

Here are her four newborn puppies.

Since yesterday, after we left, two new batches of dogs had been brought in and amongst these, were five new puppies.

I called MDDB and asked if they could find fosterers and they said yes. So I told Mr Balu we'd take them all. Three of them were quite fierce. Mr Balu liked one of them and said he would be taking it back as his pet.

So, we took the four. Sorry guys, you have to squeeze a bit. It's just a short ride to the vet's. It's a ride that can save your life, so please bear with it.

Now, it's your turn....I'm calling her "Cinderella", or Cindy, for short (the one with the facial wound).

Mr Balu (the caretaker) says she used to be fat, but all I see now is skin and bones.

Even En Zakaria told me that this morning - that the dogs are fat when brought in, but after a week, they are stick thin already and can even squeeze through the bars. Well, that is not surprising if bread is the only thing fed to them...

Cindy followed me out as I opened the door - she understood. I hugged her and told her I would be taking her to a safe place. I told her I was so sorry I could not take her yesterday.

I told Mr Balu to put a rope around her neck as a leash, just in case. I was not about to lose her. Absolutely not!

So, after loading the ten of them (the mother and four puppies, and another four puppies, and the drain-dweller), I led Cindy into the car with me. She followed me most willingly, with Mr Balu holding the leash.

In the car, I made her stand and rest her front paws on my chest. She is so big!! Mr Balu said bye-bye to her.

As we drove, Cindy decided she wasn't too comfortable and started fidgetting. She finally stepped up and snuggled up on my lap. Ahh...that's more like it. I could also hug her all the way. What bliss....

When we finally reached the clinic, it was raining (again!). We got all the dogs out in the rain, and into the clinic.

Cindy was examined first. We were so glad (and quite surprised) to learn that she was tested negative for parvo, distemper and heartworm. Wow...a very strong girl! (despite being exposed to so much disease at the pound).

The vet said the wound looked like an acid scald. Gosh...human cruelty knows no bounds. Cindy is such a loving creature, who could do such a cruel thing to her?

But I'm so glad I had the chance to rescue her, and now, MDDB will look after her.

A fosterer came to collect the mother-dog and her four puppies.

Here they are - the newborns.

The other puppies were also examined, but we could not stay on. Traffic was building up and we had to go home.

Another day of rescue....

Tomorrow, more dogs will fill up the pounds in Klang....and other pounds as well.

Please help us spread this message - do not ever abandon your pets, and please practise CNRM -

K9 Maniac

Dec 17, 2009, 8:27 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MyAnimacare Notice Board :

This evening, SPCA's chairperson, Ms Christine Chin, sent me two messages to share our joy in having rescued these 36 dogs.

I thanked her most kindly. I had also been advised by friends that SPCA, through MissionHelp, might be able to spay-neuter for free under their existing campaign, so I enquired if this was possible.

Christine said yes.

So, I've written the email-request now, and plans are underway to make the necesary arrangements for this in Bentong.

This offer would save us thousands (of ringgit), and we can concentrate on raising funds to provide food for these dogs for life (the vege kibbles are more expensive than meat kibbles). We are very grateful for this.

At the end of the day, everything we do should benefit the dogs, and everything we collect must "go to the dogs" (I mean this literally, of course!).

We are equally grateful to the donations that have come in since yesterday. I will be putting up a posting to thank our donors as soon as I can.

Yesterday, Mr Edward Lim of PAWS also offered to do spaying and neutering for free, but the dogs had to be sent to PAWS for this purpose. We cannot possibly transport them back again from Bentong as the journey would be too stressful for them. All the same, I thanked Edward very much for his kind offer. He did not know we had already moved the dogs to Bentong.

Thank you, everyone, for helping these dogs.

Working Together for the Animals!

K9 Maniac

Dec 24, 2009, 8:48 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MDDB Notice Board :

Who feeds the dogs?

We had our little gathering at the pound but almost all of us were very late because we couldn*t find our way to the place. Anyway, the sight that greeted us was heart-wrenching and all of us left the place feeling desolate and frustrated because we couldn*t do much for the poor dogs. They were lying in the own feces and urine with nothing to drink and eat.

Some were breathing heavily, indicating that they were suffering from lung infection or pneumonia whilst some others appeared to be too weak to even move. There were also dogs which had open wounds.

We brought three large bags of dog biscuits and fed the starving dogs as soon as we got there. We also had a television crew with us because we wanted MPK to realize that not feeding the dogs at the pound was morally wrong. Soon after the television crew had finished the job, I called the MPK health director, who was not contactable, the whole of last week. Surprisingly, he picked-up the phone after the second ring this time around. He was furious and said the local council by-laws did not have provisions to feed the dogs. ※We are not a shelter but a holding center,** he said. In short, he was telling us that MPK was not obligated to feed the dogs.

That MPK did not care if these poor animals starved to death. However, he has forgotten that the Department of Veterinary Services* guidelines strictly stipulate that dogs have to be given food and water and ensured a clean environment pending euthanasia. Given that the Veterinary Services Department is a federal body and the local councils are the lowest rung of the administrative system 每 the local councils have to adhere to what has been stipulated by the DVS in regard to the catching and management of strays.

We will be meeting this person on Monday and hopefully he gets the picture. Meanwhile, one of the dogs that were not in the enclosure followed us out of the compound and we brought her back. The dogs were 'calling out to us' and some tried to desperately wriggle out of the enclosure. One young dog stood on the sill all the time we were there. It broke our hearts to see them like that. We couldn*t remove any of the other dogs because we had to make arrangements with the MPK to pay the compound. Anyway, the dogs we brought back tested negative for parvo, corona and distemper but tested positive for the pregnancy test. So, she is currently at a foster home until we find her a permanent home.

Besides this dog, we also have with us 20 puppies and 2 dogs that was give to us by MyAnimalCare. Several have been sent to foster homes and two distemper/parvo puppies had to be dispatched to Gemas, which is located at the Negri Sembilan-Johor border, where a family had volunteered to take care of them. We hope that some of you reading this can atleast take one of the pound dogs under your care. Let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MDDB Notice Board :

LATEST KLANG POUND PICS This poor dog's eye infection appears to be getting worse.
Donated food which was sent to the pound by MDDB through a friend. A pail filled with water was also placed in each holding cell. Hopefully the workers do not 'spoil' the food when they are spraying water into the cages to clean them-up.
A sad looking dog begging to be taken out of the pound.
Some of the dogs here - whose ribs can be clearly seen - were too weak to even eat.

Eating and drinking finally.
Thirsty dogs

We were told by a source that the Klang pound people only started getting leftovers from restaurants and the bread factory after starving dogs had started to eat dogs that had died in their enclosures. We suspect the stronger ones had also killed the sick ones in their desperation for food. Our friend who went there to feed the dogs, the food we had received, told us that the dogs had finished half a pail of water as soon as it was put into their enclosures.

Please people - please take a dog home each. It won't solve the problem but would send across the message that people care enough to do this. It will in turn push the local council people to embark on a more humane approach.

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MyAnimalCare Notice Board :

Nine females spayed, urgent help needed

All of us started our day very early this morning. By 7.20am, PingSu, Ainey, Pravinn and I were already waiting at the clinic for our vet, Dr Khor.

Here's the grooming table Dr Khor had borrowed for today's spaying.

That's the paraphernalia needed for today - so many things!
Dr Khor and his three very capable assistants had had them packed yesterday.
All ready to go.
I marvelled at their efficiency and speed.

I couldn't get any vege kibbles under such notice, so I bought up the three packs of Addiction from Dr Khor.

All loaded, off we went...

We arrived at Bentong, and we greeted by good news. Four of the dogs have already been adopted by Bentong folks (Bro Sui's friend). That was such wonderful news - music to my ears. Two males and two females (all white ones) - we can't be too particular here, as long as anyone wants them, and I trust Bro Sui's judgment, they get to go to their new home.

You see why I need to get the females spayed as quickly as possible?

That's our mission for today.

Hello? Who are you? Why, it's the white shaggy dog, remember? The one we brought from the Klang Pound and the helpers wanted to keep as their pet? They have shaved off his long fur, and bathed him. So, he is now a scruffy dog instead of a shaggy one. The helpers love him to bits, according to Bro Sui, and his name is now Jimmy. And he actually responds to his name! Jimmy follows Mr Mariappan everywhere, and is now 2nd lieutenant to Liberty (Mr Mariappan's 1st lieutenant). We can see the helpers all adore Jimmy. They have never had a "branded" dog before....

Dr Khor and his team wasted no time in setting up his operating table. Jimmy supervises. "First dog, stand-by!", Alex calls.

Okay....so off we went to get the first dog from the girls' room. No time to take photos of everything. There were only four of us, and all of us had to do this together. At the girls' room, many wanted to come out, so it was a game of squeezing again....

This Dalmatian Mix was the one who was closest to the door, so she'd be the first to be spayed. I decided to carry her instead of using the leash to drag her.

Muzzled, and ready for anaethesia.

Jimmy, the 2nd lieutenant monitoring close by.

Dr Khor at work.

Dr Khor and his three super-efficient and well-trained assistants.
"Next, stand-by!", Alex calls out.

No.2 to go.

The three assistants at work - they weigh, shave and prepare the dog.

PingSu, Ainey and me - massaging the first dog, to help circulation and recovery. Jimmy was very concerned and tried to help. He really did. Pravinn had to distract him in case he stepped on the wound.

Meanwhile, Mr Mariappan was cooking the broth for the day, with Jimmy's help, of course.

Jimmy understood he is not supposed to come near the recovery area, so he watches from afar. Note the look of concern on his face. Don't you just LOVE dogs?

Dog No.2 recovered very quickly from the anaesthesia, but the Dalmatian Mix was still down and out. I got really worried by now, and Dr Khor quickly administered an injection to speed up the recovery. Some dogs recover faster than others, I know, but you'd still worry. We massaged her more vigorously and I sent loving thoughts to her, "Wake up, please, wake up!". By now, I've already named her Perdita (after the Mom-Dalmatian in 101 Dalmatians).

Perdita finally came to....phew! We all cheered!

Each dog that had come to, we put inside a cage for recovery. Pravinn helped Mr Mariappan set up the cages. Luckily we had a man amongst us for today.

Dante2 was next. She was so eager to get out of the enclosure.

Selphie was No.4. She's the one whom I promised I'd take out of the pound because she definitely gave me "the look" when I visited the pound on the 1st day.

No.5 was this huge dog. She also took a longer period to recover, and had to be given the recovery jab.

Massaging Selphie's legs.

Come on, Selphie, wake up!

Doing the huge dog.

Selphie - she woke up on time.

This must be No.6 - I've lost count by then.

This small black dog turned would have been No.7 but he turned out to be a male. Oops, our mistake - we had mistakenly put him together with the girls that day. I hope he didn't get bullied.

But he had two deep wounds on his legs, and he did not look too well, so Dr Khor decided not to neuter him. As a natural medicine, Dr Khor said honey works very well on wounds. Bro Sui said he had his own medicine which works wonders on his cows. We've decided to let tomorrow's vets decide on what's best for this little boy, so we've isolated him in a small cage.

This was next, but Dr Khor noticed some nasal discharge and we heard her coughing. Dr Khor did the distemper test and it was positive. Our hearts fell. No spaying.

She was isolated immediately from the rest. I'm so sorry, dear one. You can't join the rest.

This would have been next, but we noticed a big wound on her eye and decided to spare her from being spayed. Dr Khor examined her later, and told us one eye was already blind, and gave us an ointment for both eyes. We also had her tested for distemper. It was negative - phew! You have no idea how relieved I was to hear the word "negative".

Dr Khor showed Mr Mariappan how to apply the eye ointment on this one with the eye wound.

These two girls had fever, so they were not spayed. Both tested negative for distemper. Phew! Probably just a flu. Both were given an antibiotic jab.

All in, we had NINE females spayed today. The one you see in the centre has a bit of flu, but luckily tested negative for distemper. By the end of the last spaying, almost all had woken up and looked well. Here's Dr Khor doing a quick check on everyone.

A peek into the boys' room.

A quick check by Dr Khor - all the boys were so friendly. They know a good soul when they meet one. Dr Khor detected one who was rather depressed (but we had no more cage to isolate him). And one with a bit of nasal discharge.

I'm sorry, boys, the vets will check you guys out tomorrow, ok? We're all extremely tired today. What drained us most of all was the massaging of the dogs during recovery - the worry that they would not get up or complications might set in. That was so mentally draining.

Remember the black (male) dog who ran away when we transferred them from Klang to Bentong several days ago? Well, he came to see what was going on. Bro Sui says he has been coming back every day to eat. I'm so glad to hear this.

Bro Sui also said he would like some of the friendly males to be his farm dogs and will let them out. He says most of them are very obedient (they are all former pets, that's why - not a single one behaved feral).

Due to less-than-perfect conditions and circumstances, I'm not so concerned about getting every male neutered. We're working under so many constraints here - time, finances, convenience, etc.

This is the one tested positive for distemper. We had to bring her as far away as possible, to another shed near the cowshed.

I felt so sorry for her, and must have made no less than 10 calls, enquiring for fosterers and help. Three vets could not take her in because they had no isolation ward. No fosterer could take her either. Wani of MDDB said she has a package of medicine, but I could not possibly ask Mr Mariappan to feed her the medicine regularly.

We had some Vetri DMG, an immune-booster, so we fed this to each one of the dogs who weren't looking too good (the ones we had isolated, based on Dr Khor's diagnosis).

The one with distemper in her own private shed near the cows. All of us went to see her. Here I am, feeding her two tablets of Vetri DMG. Wani said to pump her with vitamins and immune boosters. We all sat with her for some time. We were exhausted, not so much physically, but mentally and emotionally - we felt so helpless - no one could take her in for fostering, so we could not even bring her back. Distemper is airborne, so it would have to be a house with no other dog.

We sat with her, and I think, each one of us were quietly sending her loving thoughts and healing energy. Please get well, little one. Somehow...please get well.

We are now appealing to everyone - please help us find a fosterer by tomorrow morning. Text me at 012-6935870, and we will bring her back. Wani has the medicine. We only need a fosterer. Please help her.

Since we could not bring her back, we decided we would bring the one with the eye wound back for proper treatment. Also, she seemed to be in great pain and wasn't eating.

By now, Dr Khor said she could board at his clinic for treatment. She does not have distemper.

Pravinn carrying the cage with Jackie (that's her new name).

Jackie, you're coming with us...back to Subang Jaya for treatment.

We drove back, dead tired, all of us feeling a bit sad because of that one distemper case whom we had to leave behind. We hope tomorrow, when the SPCA team goes up with us, they would be able to offer a solution for this one and the rest of the sick dogs.

Dr Khor called me later to tell me that Jackie seems better now and is eating. Phew...that's good news! We hope that under Dr Khor's care, Jackie will recover soon.

I don't know how many of the males are sick - but we'll find out tomorrow.

My heart is a little heavy, but as I've said, we can only do what we can, within our means. I have done my very best for today. This is all I can do.

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MyAnimalCare Notice Board :

Vaccination for the males in Bentong (Klang rescue)

Ainey and I made the trip up to Bentong again today. The SPCA team was coming up to vaccinate the males and give them anti-tick treatment.

The first thing we did when we arrived was to give the Vetri DMG (immune booster) to the dogs that did not look too good.

This is one of the females who did not look too good yesterday.

We fed the Vetri DMG to a few dogs here, and then, quickly went up to see the one in isolation (she is the one tested positive for distemper). She was very pleased to see us and wagged her tail very happily. I still cannot believe she has distemper, though. She looks so good.

Here she is. I fed her some kibbles, and she ate it most heartily - a good sign. She did not eat any of the broth, but she loved the kibbles. Then I changed her water and I sat with her. I told her I would be feeding her lots of "good stuff" later (the whole package of medicines Wani had given me), and that she must take it so that she would feel better soon.

This is the package. It has garlic pills, Vitamin C pills, cough medicine, flu medicine, medicine for the lungs, antibiotics, vetri DMG liquid, appetite booster, etc.

I decided last night that I would call her Tara. I read somewhere that there are 21 Taras in the Tibetan heavenly realm, each one representing a good virtue.

Just as I was about to feed Tara the medicines, the SPCA team arrived. Ainey and I went down to meet Dr Lim, Dr Karen and their team. They had come in two vans with cages to help take the sick dogs back.

Dr Lim, Dr Karen and Mr Siva setting up their table.

Dr Lim said they would be vaccinating the male dogs, deworming where possible, giving a B-complex jab to the ones who need it, and doing tick treatment via an injection.

I told Dr Lim it would be very helpful if she could help me identify the sick ones so that we could bring them back for treatment. However, Dr Lim said the SPCA had no space to house them so I would have to look for alternative boarding. Otherwise, at SPCA, they might resort to putting down those that are really sick. I said I would do my best to look for alternative boarding. As far as possible, I would do my best to give them a fighting chance to recover.

I then left them to do their job while I went back up to the cowshed to feed Tara her medicines.

No photos here as I was alone feeding Tara while Ainey helped out the SPCA team.

It was amazing how Tara took every single one of the medicines without even the slightest hint of complaint. The only one I had problem with was the garlic pill. The rest, she took ever so obediently. I could feel her desire to get well. I know she wants to get well. As I praised her for every pill or liquid medicine that she willingly and obediently swallowed, I told her she will get well very soon. And deep in the my heart, I prayed all these medicines will work, and Tara will be well again in no time.

Meanwhile, the SPCA wasted no time in doing the vaccination of the males.

Mr Siva holding one of the dogs for Dr Lim.

This is the Golden Retriever mix, whom Ainey calls Goldie.

Here's another handsome dog...

And this is everyone's favourite. Ainey calls him Shorty because of his short legs. He is extremely adorable.

Examining another one of the boys.

Open up, my boy...

Here's Ainey with one of the females who would be going home with us. Dr Khor said she did not look too good (but tested negative for distemper).

Meanwhile, I was busy calling vets and friends to ask for boarding for the sick dogs SPCA would be bringing back for us. I wasn't too successful.

Finally, PAWS offered four places, and Lisa helped me get two places for two black males.

These are the boys. The two black ones will go to Lisa's vet while the brown one will go to PAWS with three more girls.

A girl who is going back with us.

The other two girls. The small one is very skinny.

There was also another small black male puppy that was very sick since yesterday. He had two deep wounds in his legs. Today, he looked much worse. Dr Lim advised that he be euthanised because he was already in a bad shape. I told her we would like to give him a fighting chance, and bring him back for treatment, as long as he was still alive. We had already decided this much earlier when we saw him this morning. I even gave him a Vetri DMG as well.

His condition, however, deteriorated very quickly as the hours passed by. By the time the SPCA team was ready to leave, the poor thing was already lying very still, breathing softly. I decided we would take him back in our car, to our vet and give him a chance.

We thanked the SPCA team as they left.

The little black puppy's breath began to slow down, and I knew his end was near. I had been watching him from nearby. Before I could even go near, I saw his mouth open a little and I recognised that look. He was gone. I went to his cage and wished him a smooth journey to his next life, and stayed with him, offering prayers while the SPCA van drove by.


I know, this is reality. We cannot save everyone. But we have certainly tried our best. At least he was not euthanised at the pound, and not euthanised today. We gave him a fighting chance, and we let him live out his natural life as it ought to be. Ainey was very sad, and so was I. But I told her we had already made a difference in the last days of his puppy. We rescued him from the pound and brought him to safety, we gave him proper food, and treated his leg. We cared for him. He received our love before he passed away, and we did not allow him to be forcibly euthanised. I believe this made a difference to him. His death was very peaceful.

Mr Mariappan buried the little black puppy here. While his body would rest here forever, I prefer to think that his spirit had immediately gone on to a much better existence.

Ainey and I both cried a little, and got ourselves together again as there was still work to be done. But before that, we were famished, so we went for lunch. In town, we bought two 50kg sacks of rice and ten trays of eggs for the dogs. According to Bro Sui yesterday, they were already almost out of rice. Our 100kg of rice would now last about 4 months, according to Mr Mariappan. I did wonder why their HQ has not been supplying them with rice, though.

Two sacks of rice and ten trays of eggs.

After lunch, we cleaned the cages of the females, changed their newspapers and water. We also fed them the kibbles. We took the females for a walk so that they could stretch their legs. A few were eager to go out for a walk, while some preferred to stay where they were. Maybe some take longer to recover. Dante2 was up and about and ready to run 100m!

I took Selphie out for a walk, and she led me to the back of the farmhouse. I could almost feel as though she wanted to tell me a secret. Right from Day One, I had felt a connection with her. She always looked me in the eye, as though she was communicating with me. I'm sure she was, it's just that I'm not smart enough to read her mind. I'll bet she could read mine. Selphie was the one whom I promised I would take out of the pound. Despite being kept together with many sick dogs at the pound, including a dead one, the vets let me take her (after checking her temperature, which was normal). I was so happy I could rescue her that day.

So, Selphie took me to the back of the farmhouse. She stopped and looked down the valley. I told her this would be her new home now where she would be safe. I knew Selphie understood. Then, I slowly led her back to her cage. She appears to be a very discerning dog, to me. I continue to be amazed by her quiet, yet enigmatic ways.

Bro Sui came by and said he did not want the male dogs to be kept in the enclosure anymore. He said as long as they behaved themselves, he preferred them to be free. Being confined is no way to live, he said. Well, I agree.

Since the males have all been vaccinated now, I don't see why they should still be confined. So, Bro Sui gave the order to let them out.

We went near the enclosure and sure enough, the boys were clambering at the door and peeking out between the planks. Let us out, let us out, they yelped.

It was so nice to be able to help Bro Sui open the door, and..........Freedom, at last!

First to come out.........was Goldie!

Followed by this extremely handsome guy, whom we quickly called "Tai Kor" (big brother). He had a rope around his neck (and also had a collar - someone's pet), so I took out my scissors and cut the rope off. I took his collar off as well. You're free now, Tai Kor.

Shorty took his time in coming out. He seemed quite happy inside.

This tanned one looked very depressed yesterday, and we had planned to bring him back, but after coming out, he seemed quite active.

Tai Kor thanking Bro Sui, on behalf of all his friends? He came to nudge at me too.

I was extremely touched when many of the dogs came up to me and seemed to be saying "thank you for saving my life". They would look at you in the eye, and that speaks volumes. I was very, very touched. And how I wished I could have done more for them, give them a good home, but this is all I can do for now.

Goldie saying thank you.

We'll be bringing them food every month, and meanwhile, Bro Sui says he will ask Bentong folks to adopt them.

Almost every single dog is friendly, and you could easily call them to come to you.

And they seemed to have made friends with each other too. Perhaps, it was a sense of camaraderie..."we have made it this far, friends." The males even went to visit the females the moment they were let out of their enclosures - a happy reunion of sorts? The photo above shows a few males surrounding Perdita (the Dalmatian mix, the first to be spayed yesterday) as I took her for a walk.

Soon, it was time to go home...

The dogs came to say goodbye, and thank you.

But Tai Kor remained where he was, watching the world go by. I couldn't help feeling he was once upon a time, a much loved pet, who ruled all that he surveyed. Look at him, you can still see a majestic air about him. We told Tai Kor he must now look after everyone on the farm. We made him in charge. Well, he didn't need us to tell him that. I'll bet he already knew!

We had earlier already loaded Tara into the car. Tara would be going home with us.

Now it was time to say goodbye. The dogs escorted us all the way down the hill, and even escorted us as we drove out of the gate. I had to get down and carry one dog back. The poor thing had followed our car all the way, thinking he would be going home with us.

Like the Pied Piper? But a good one, of course...

Halfway through the journey home, I received a call from Lisa who was at the vet's. When I saw Lisa's call on my phone, I knew it was either good news or very bad news. My worst fears were realised - the two black dogs that SPCA had brought back for us were tested positive for distemper. My heart sank immediately. Oh gosh, what are we going to do now? Where am I going to house them? We were already taking Tara back and she has distemper. Now, another two more?

Luckily Ainey was driving, so I could make the necessary phonecalls again... No one could take them.

Finally, Lisa managed to persuade her vet to board and treat them. I was so, so thankful. But this is only for now. Tomorrow...I do not know what would happen.

As I sit here now, writing up today's episode, I reflect on everything that had transpired in the last two weeks ever since I thought we should do something to help these poor dogs. As I was planning this rescue, very often, I stopped to ask myself if we should just keep to our mission of spaying-neutering stray animals and the occasional funding of medicals. Why are we doing rehoming and now, even bigtime rescue work? Have I bitten off more than I can chew? I don't know.

I just felt so sorry for the Klang dogs that had been captured, and when nobody responded to their plight, I did not want them to feel that nobody cared about them. And after our first visit to the pound, I couldn't just walk away from those faces that looked at you with so much hope in their eyes. We just had to do something for them, even though our plan was definitely less than perfect.

So, now it's done, and it is STILL less than perfect. We now have eight sick dogs back with us. One is boarding at the vet's for eye treatment, four are at PAWS, and three have distemper.

Immediately after we reached Subang Jaya this evening, we went straight to PAWS and gave the four their flu medication. The small female did not look too good. I hope it is just exhaustion and not deterioration. Edward had called me earlier to warn me that she might not pull through.

I know. But we still have to try to save her.

Tara is now boarding at one of our volunteer's house. My mother has offered to look after Tara, but I thought I'd try our volunteer first as my mum is 76 years old.

We would like to appeal for help in fostering the other two males with distemper. They are currently being treated and boarded at the vet's. If anyone of you can help us foster, we will provide all the medication - we just need your space and your tender loving care. It would save us a lot of money on boarding.

I am so, so tired now. Tomorrow, there are bills to settle for this rescue work, and I would be going to PAWS daily to nurse the four who are boarding there

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MyAnimalCare Notice Board :

Chicken soup for the ones at PAWS

This morning, off I went on my rounds again, to feed the dogs boarding at PAWS. But before that, I had to drop in at work. School is starting soon, on 4th January, and I need to get my things ready.

But wait...here's the chicken soup I had cooked for the dogs. I added in crushed garlic since it's good for their immune system and it also wards off ticks.

I know it's not much to look at, but it is aromatic.

After work, I went to PAWS first, armed with the cooked chicken and the soup in a separate container. I stuffed all the medicine into the chicken liver and neck, and gave these first. All four of them ate everything up!

Then, they had their feast!

Wendy and Russell side by side. Wendy has perked up today, and I'm glad. Her appetite is much better than the previous days.

Perky was very perky, as usual. She even whines when I move away. Her appetite is very good.

Sweetie - she is also eating well.

I'm glad all four are doing well. I haven't thought of what to do or where I should house them after this. Never mind...one day at a time. Maybe a miracle from heaven would drop down again? But I dare not hope...I'll just work real hard.

Hopefully, the universe will provide an answer soon.

We want to thank PAWS very much for providing room and board for these four dogs. PAWS is putting them on high-protein kibbles, too.

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MDDB Notice Board :

The man responsible for the carnage


Frightened and hungry


Frightened to even move - probably bullied by the other dogs

Mother dog and her pups
Anyone missing their pet?


The situation at the Klang Municipal Council dog pound has reached a critical state. A friend who had gone there to feed the dogs said there were almost 200 dogs crammed there and some were terribly sick.

She has taken some photos and the sight at the pound is terribly heart wrenching. The Klang Municipal Council refuses to look at other alternatives instead of catching and putting these dogs through hell.

To make matters worse, they pay their dog catchers incentives which has resulted in them going out to catch dogs at all times of the day.

Their favourite time is about 6.00 or 7.00 pm when home owners come back from work and release their dogs to ease themselves.

Most of the dogs caught have collars on and if allowed to go on the situation will only get worse.

We have posted pictures taken by our friend and will also give out pamphlets this Saturday calling for people to gather outside MPK next week. We will announce the date soon.

Meanwhile, we are attaching a message to be sent to the relevant people as well as their emails. please send them mails telling them to stop the carnage.

The emails are that of the Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, the state executive councillors, Klang Municipal Council officials as well as the Klang MP Charles Santiago.

The Klang Municipal Council*s dog catching unit is going on a rampage as the dog catchers have been given incentives for every dog caught. The situation has gotten out of hand with the dog catchers even going out to catch dogs late at night.
Their favourite modus operendi is to go to housing estates in the evening when dog owners return home and release their dogs out for a while. The dogs are nabbed and manhandled before being brought to the pound. A large number of the dogs at the Klang dog pound have collars.

Yes, no doubt there are complaints about strays but this time MPK has embarked on a rampage of hate against all dogs under the instructions of its health department head En Zulkifli Abbas. The dogs are cramped in cages without proper food and water and many end up dead. Hopefully, the state government will look into this as soon as possible and failure to do so is reflective of the Pakatan Rakyat*s inability to control its local government machinery. We also urge the Pakatan Rakyat government to transfer En Zulkifli Abbas out of MPK. Failure by the state government to do so will result in aggressive groundwork being immediately launched to ensure that it*s booted out of Selangor in the next elections. We animal activists are willing to put any party which propagates compassion for animals in power because our main priority is to stop this cruelty and viciousness against dogs

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Feb 22, 2010, 6:28 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MDDB Notice Board : malaysiandogsdeservebetter.blogspot.com/


Dying puppy being rushed to the SPCA by the activist

An emaciated dog hoping for some food and water

A dead and bloated dog in one of the enclosures

If the Klang pound was bad, the Selayang Municipal Council pound is mayhem at its worst. These pictures were taken by an animal activist who has been trying to bring change to the Selayang pound for years. The pictures were taken today morning (21-02-2001). According to her there were many dead dogs lying around and some had been packed in black garbage bags and placed at the entrance of the pound. There were a lot of blood on the floor and according to the caretaker the dogs have not been given food and water at all because &they did not have containers.* He said the Department of Veterinary Services people have not been to the pound for about a month. The dogs are dropping dead of starvation and dehydration. The place is a nightmare and even some of the councilors have voiced their concern to us. So, people we have to go back to doing what we did for the Klang Pound which had brought about some change. Please forward this to as many people as possible and write to the people whose e-mails we have included in this post. Please also sms the local councilors to tell them that we will not tolerate such cruelty. According to the activist erica chum - she has been highlighting the deplorable state of the pound for the last three years but no one had taken the initiative to do anything about it. She says she has seen many horrific things during her almost weekly visits to the pound - such a dog with one eye popping out once. She also alleges that dead puppies were simply washed into the drains. According to Erica, the vet who's supposed to go the the pound does not do so anymore because of the new location at Rawang. So, she says the dogs are left to die of starvation. These are serious allegations. However, we are sure that people , who had not bothered to do anything so far, will all rush to the pound soon. Whatever, it is - let justice be done for the voiceless.


Dr. Razif Zainol Abidin
Pengarah Kesihatan & Pelesenan
Tel : 03-61370757 Faks : 03-61388300

YAD. Dato' Paduka Raja Dato' Hj. Wan Mahmood b. Pa' Wan Teh
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3337099

Tn. Abd Rahim b. Abd Wahab
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-6767002

Tn. Lim Ching How
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-2325011

Tn. Hj. Mohamad b. Abdul Rahman
No. Tel. Bimbit: 013-6347237.

Tn. A Rahim b. Ahmad Kasdi
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3864986

Tn. Murugan @ Murugeshu a/l Arumugam
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-6935569

Tn. Hasbullah b. Mohd Ridzwan
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-2917011

YBhg. Dato' Hj. Mazlan b. Hassan
No. Tel. Bimbit: 013-3990545

Puan Sian Eng Keng
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-2881387

Tn. N. Gopalan Krishnan a/l Rajoo
No. Tel. Bimbit: 016-3715923

Tn. Zulkifli b. Hamzah
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3718064

Pn. Khatifah Zamani bt. Sulong
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-2342889

Tn. Dr. Ramli b. Jusoh
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-6623822

Pn. Maznah bt. Abd Aziz
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3529660

Tn. Samsudin b. A.Rahman
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3718064

Tn. Md. Sabri b. Md. Taib
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-2300231

Tn. Zulnizam b. Shahrani
No. Tel. Bimbit : 013-3973930

Tn. Chee Chu Sang
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3096671

Tn. Tan Hui Chuan
No. Tel. Bimbit : 012-3586988

YM Tengku Zulpuri Shah B. Raja Puji
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3296564

Tn. Gunarajah a/l R.George
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3925995

Tn. Roslin b. Mohd. Rosli
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3072605

Tn. Lee Khai Loon
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3718064

Selayang MP YB William Leong


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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Petpositive Notice Board (MPS pound) : http://www.petpositive.blogspot.com/

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Feb 23, 2010, 8:23 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MyAnimalCare Notice Board :

The dogs at the Selayang Pound need urgent help

Our volunteer, Mandy, paid a visit to the Selayang Pound today to assess the condition and see how we can help the dogs.

The place was found to be infested with ticks. According to the caretaker, there is no provision for food. They have no food containers at all, so he had been using paint pails to fill water for the dogs. On his own initiative, the caretaker collects food scraps to feed the dogs whenever he can. The food is just strewn on the floor. He feels very sorry for the dogs too.

There were a few dead dogs at the pound as well.

We donated 12 food basins, and MDDB donated water pails, bleach and two packs of dogfood. At least the dogs had food and water today.

We will check on the food supply in a few days and replenish it. The caretaker will inform Mandy once the food is nearly finished.

There are about 30 dogs at the pound as of today.

What the dogs need would be:

1. Food supply - if you can donate food, please send it to the pound. The food containers are already there now.

2. Medical treatment - some of the dogs are sick and may need treatment.

3. If you have the capacity to rescue these dogs and rehome them, that would be the best.

It is so very sad that these poor dogs are subject to such a miserable life at the pound where the basic necessity such as food and water are not even available.

The Selayang Dog Pound is located at:
Jalan Industri 3/5,
Taman Pelangi,
(near Country Homes)

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Feb 23, 2010, 8:50 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MyAnimalCare Notice Board :

More photos of the Selayang Pound The dogs at the Selayang Dog Pound have been starving to death for a long time. The photos you see in this posting were taken yesterday, by our volunteer, Mandy. But according to another rescuer, this has been happening for a very long time.
Evidence of tick infestation. The entire pound is infested with ticks.
Do stray animals deserve to be ill-treated this way?

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Feb 23, 2010, 8:56 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Below are the ones who have died of either starvation or/and disease. There were three yesterday.

Another dead dog was burnt on this spot yesterday morning.

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Feb 23, 2010, 9:02 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post


MDDB met Selayang councillor Gunaraj George today and handed food, bowls, pails, brooms and bleech to be brought to the Selayang pound. The bowls were sponsored by Animalcare whilst the rest came from MDDB. He was met by Animalcare and MDDB volunteer Mandy at the pound and both were horrified with what they saw. Apparently, the pound had been spruced up after the expose but yet it was really shocking. There was a big pail of water in one of the cells and big chunks of plain white rice was thrown in one or two cells as well. This must have been a part of the spurce-up. According to Gunaraj, he was shocked to note the the dogs were only fed plain white rice. It has also been brought to our attention that the dogs were systematically being starved to death and there may be truth in this. Gunaraj says the dogs in the Selayang pound appeared to be very weak. He and several other councillors have promised to work together with MDDB and other NGOs to put a stop to this cruelty. One of the persons responsible for this cruelty is an MPS employee named Ernie - contact number: 0136064446. She is the officer in charge of the pound. According to a very reliable sources she prevents even owners from going in to see their dogs. This woman apparently has a deep hatred for dogs that she enjoys inflicting pain on them. Call her and make it clear to this cruel civil servant, whose salary comes from our tax ringgit, that we will not tolerate her conduct. Continue to SMS the councillors and the others as the MPS would be having ist full board meeting tomorrow morning.

Read more: malaysiandogsdeservebetter.blogspot.com/#ixzz0gKerNw5o

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Feb 23, 2010, 10:33 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post


Herewith more sad pictures of what*s happening at the Selayang - burnt d dogs , full of fleas

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Feb 24, 2010, 8:54 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Letter 2 MPS President :

Dear Datuk Zainal,

It is so unfortunate that cruelty to dogs is still happening in this time despite countless protest by the NGOs and animals rescuers at large. From the Pulau Ketam issue to the MPK and now of late the abuse of strays at the MPS. When is this ever going to stop? It seems to us that the person(s) derives pleasure from causing pain to this helpless animal and see their suffering.

Almost everyday, we hear and read more and more abused and the evil of humankind inflicting pain and injury on the helpless animals caught in the pound. The common act would be depriving them off water and food putting them on a painful death. The NGOs and the rest of the animal rescuers are pulling their power of human empathy together collectively trying to stop this abuse and saving the lives of these animals, taking them out of the pound. Sadly not all we could save and not all we could help simply because of the doing of the people at the pound. The councilors and the dog catchers just fail to understand or sympathise with this helpless animals. Many times the councilors choose to remain silent closing their mind and hearts, refusing to know.

To many Muslims in Malaysia dogs are considered dirty in their community. Personally, I find it strange that Muslims of today having been told many times still see dog as impure and perhaps to most Muslims it justify the abuse of dogs even though they know that cruelty contradicts the Quran and that all animals that walks the earth form &communities like you§ as stated in the Quran. (Surah 6:38)

It doesn*t matter that no one saw them (Muslim) poisoning the neighbour*s dog or even throwing stones at them, starving them to death as in the case of the dogs in MPK, MPS and acting cruelly to the dogs, but lets not forget that GOD knows and is aware of what they (Muslim) are doing. To them they may not receive the punishment now and feel very satisfied with what they had done hence lets not forget that they will be judged during their judgment day. Whether one goes to heaven or hell will depend very much on the merits or &pahala* that you can accumulate while you are here.

Many dogs suffered this physical abused due to some religion belief plaguing the Muslim community at large and it is so convenient for them to use Islam as a reason for this to happen. However they have forgotten that whatever they are doing is so un-islamic and it is not stated any where in the Quran that they have to behave in such a manner or as part of the Islamic practice.

To all Muslims community let me say again that all animals that walk the earth are the creation of God and belong to God. We are all custodians of this beautiful creation and we will all be accountable for it. To the Muslims who attacked the dog and calling it ※Haram§ let me say that it is even more ※haram§ to participate in this blood act. I appeal to all Muslims not to abuse the dog and show mercy and compassion to all HIS creation. For muslims who care well for the animals I am sure that God will be pleased with your efforts. If Muslim still thinks that dog is dirty and despises them, then this Muslim certainly has no respect for their God, as he/she does not accept GOD*s creation.

Lastly, I urge you to use your status and influence as the President of Selayang Municipal Council to raise your voice and concern on behalf of the voiceless animals. If you just wish to keep silent thinking that the lives of these animals is not worth your concern than I would envy you that you have no nightmares and can still live the way as if nothing has happened at the MPS pound.

Animals Matter to Me


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