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K9 Maniac

Jul 20, 2009, 10:19 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

please contact me at chankahyein or go directly to SPCA to arrange for the immediate adoption

Ketam Dogs (for adoption) : blood tests, vaccination, wound treatment, one surgery and spaying, micro-chipping r funded by AnimalCare Dr Chan Kah Yein & Subang Jaya Buddhist Association .

BooBoo and Wowow were our first two dogs rescued from the island of Pulau Selat Kering. When Booboo first arrived, she was very skinny and timid. After about a week, she started filling in nicely and became friendlier by the day. She is about 2-3 years old. She may look rather intimidating, but she is gentle and very sweet.

Good news - As you can tell from the photos, she is one playful, adorable and goofy dog! She was very thin and covered in mud when she first came in, but after a few good baths and good food, she is now a tubby little dog with a beautiful black coat.

When Cuddly was rescued, she had a trans-venereal tumor. She was in pain, and was very timid. After her check-up at the vet, she was admitted for almost two weeks as she had to undergo surgery to remove the tumor. She was also spayed at the same time. Fully recovered now, she is slowly but surely trusting us more - she seems to be constantly gazing into the distance - perhaps thinking of her terrible ordeal. She is very shy, and very gentle. She really deserves a good home with an understanding and patient family.

Daya tends to be very wary of people, letting out tiny growls whenever one ventures too close for comfort. However, peeping at her from a window - she is relaxed and playful when no one is watching. She has put on a good amount of weight, and her dull coat has turned glossy! She has beautiful brown eyes, and a very sad face. Due to her wariness, we may consider rehoming her at an orchard or farm - where she will be cared for, but will have her own space and not have to be always in be in contact with people.

Flora is a large dog but she was very, very thin when we first rescued her. She was also very upset with the world in general. After several weeks, she has morphed into a beautiful dog, and seems to be much more content with her life. She is about 3-4 years old, and spends most of her day peacefully snoozing under the ample shade.

Karishma has rather large ears, but she looks adorable! Initially, she was very scared of people and sat shaking in a corner of her crate. Recently, she had been placed in an enclosure with several other dogs and seems to have built up her self-confidence - she runs around visitors, letting out little barks gleefully.

Karuna was so friendly compared to the others, that the rescue team actually caught her by hand as she cautiously walked to them looking for some food. She is very manja, very playful and gets attached to people easily. She loves to roll around on the floor, getting her belly rubbed and tickled. She may very well have been someones pet who had been caught and abandoned on the island. She has since been adopted by a very kind lady, who fell in love with her the moment she laid eyes on her pretty face.

Liberty has the most beautiful, soulful eyes. Add her droppy ears to the mix, and you have a very sad-looking dog! However, over the last few weeks she has learned that she can trust us, and she is now more confident and at ease. She now walks around sniffing out new visitors and keeping an eye on her friends! She also has an excellent appetite, and is now rather chubby!

Meta is a famous face - photos of her eating the carcass of another dog on the island were splashed across websites, as well as the local and international dailies. When animal communicator Irene visited the dogs, she said that Meta felt a deep sense of guilt and was very sorry for what she had done. Irene told her that she was forgiven, as any other dog would have done the same under those cirsumstances - having had no food for weeks. She is a grand-looking, large dog with a haunting gaze. She really needs a home where she will be loved and cared for unconditionally, as she really has had enough of misery and sadness in her life.

Mr Miracle @ Romeo was rescued from under a walkway in Pulau Ketam. He was injured, and sat helplessly in the water as the tide rose - swaying with the current. Animal Inspector Murugan rescued him and took him to the vet to be treated. He spent a week at the vet, and came back looking great! His fur is slowly growing back, and he is just a darling - an excellent watchdog, but also a big soppy puppy when it comes to his favourite person Roli, our Swiss volunteer.

Mudita is a very shy dog, but we could easily approach her and stroke her. She has a pretty fluffy tail, and those gorgeous brown eyes that tell her sad tale. She had put on a lot of weight since arriving at our centre, and her coat looks great now!

Piccola and Piccolo are close to each other, and they may be related judging from their looks and close bond. Piccola used to be very stand-offish and silent, but she now runs around with Piccolo in their enclosure, circling visitors and barking happily. She also loves her food very, very much!

Piccolo is a cutie-pie. About 2 years old, she was initially very unfriendly. Today, she will approach you and sniff you out, running around playfully in little circles as if teasing you! She is a medium-sized dog, with a unique coat. She always has a cheeky look on her face!

Ginger is a small-sized mongrel, with a wonderful temperament! Along with Marco, Lucky, Luna and Molly she was part of the fourth batch of rescued dogs from Pulau Selat Kering. Sociable, gentle and tail-waggingly happy - she would make a great companion for a family with children.

Bright, energetic and very friendly! This 6 month old pup loves to run and play, and will run up to visitors, wagging her tail wildly and grinning widely! She is adorable, do visit her and make her day!

Luna, Luna, Luna. She is pretty. She is smart. She is very, very loving. A little shy at first, she soon warms up. She never wastes a drop of food, as she is grateful for everything she now has. She would make an excellent companion!

Macho Marco is shy, but curious about people too. He has a brown-black sleek coat, and a winning smile. He has recovered from a big scald wound on his back, and is slowly mingling with the other dogs.

With her bright eyes, and gentle behaviour - Molly is a wonderful little girl. A small sized dog like Ginger, she was covered in wounds and bruises when she first came in. Now she is healing well, and eating well. It takes some time to get to know her, but its worth the wait!

Annie and Tinkerbelle are good friends! Annie is still very timid, and tried to avoid eye contact wherever possible. However, she is carefree and curious when left on her own to roam and play.

Buddy would make a good buddy for a family, once he settles down and learns that some people really can be trusted. He has a bad scald mark on his side, and seems like a dog that has been mistreated on more than one occasion. If you have the patience and experience to help him come out of his shell, please come and be his friend.

Suave, sleek and sweet - this is Rocky. Like Buddy, he will take some time to trust again - but he is getting a lot of love and attention from our volunteers! He is a gorgeous dog, and we hope he will learn to love again.

Naughty. Bossy. Adorable. Three words to describe little Tinkerbelle, with her mischievous face and twinkling eyes. She has a very unique howl-bark, which she uses to scold you if she doesn't like what you're doing!

Kourtney and Khloe are sisters, who were born at an orang asli settlement in the islands. Their owners could not care for them anymore, and passed them to us in hopes that they would find better homes in the city. Both are bounding, bouncing, brilliant pups - they can wrestle, run, play non-stop for hours - and then they will pass out and sleep peacefully for the next few hours !

Bobby is one of the neutered strays from Pulau Ketam which we brought back to rehome. He is a bundle of energy, and he LOVES people - though he doesn't like other dogs. He is very loving, and all he wants is a good cuddle. He is shown here in the loving arms of Roli, whom he loves tremendously!

Gentle, pretty and fairy-like - Cotton is a very lovely lady. She is 3-4 years old, and has a brilliant smile that will take your breath away - as demonstrated in the photo above! She loves a rub-down, and wags her stumpy tail furiously when she is happy.

Like the supermodel, our Heidi is classy! She is gentle and quiet, but can't help wagging her tail like a little pup when you talk to her. She is one cool chick, who deserves a wonderful forever home.

Terry is an athletic dog, who loves to run and scamper about with the other dogs here! Loving, friendly and definitely manja! Terry would do well in a home with other dogs to play with.

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K9 Maniac

Jul 22, 2009, 9:39 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Date : 25th July Sat

Time : 10 am to 9.30 pm

Venue : KDU Auditorium

Event : Rave 2 Save (Ketam dogs)

K9 Maniac

Aug 9, 2009, 7:55 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

SPCA Notice Board - Pulau Ketam Rescued Dogs

13 Ketam Dogs Find New Home at Bentong Farm

Thirteen of our rescued Pulau Ketam dogs have found a new home with the Lotus Life Liberation Farm in Bentong, Pahang ! Thanks to the unwavering efforts of Dr Chan Kah Yein from AnimalCare, a new animal-rescue group and the big hearts of the founders of LLLF, the dogs will share a new, beautiful home with geese, goats, cows and 25 other dogs!

On the 2nd of August, our vet Dr Joe, volunteer Roli, Dr Chan and her friends made a trip to Bentong, transporting Karishma, Liberty, Piccolo, Piccola, BooBoo, Cuddly and Buddy to their new home. Getting them into the SPCA van was difficult, as the dogs were nervous and frightened. However, after some gentle coaxing by the staff and volunteers of AnimalCare and SPCA Selangor, they were safe in the van and on their way!

Brother Sui
of LLLF and his helpers welcomed the entourage, while the resident dogs also curiously sniffed and wagged their tails. The workers and Brother Sui had been busy constructing the enclosure for the dogs, and it was almost completed.

¡±Once inside the enclosure, the dogs very quickly displayed a change of temperament - they were clearly happy and relieved. The change was almost instantaneous and almost miraculous! Wow...to be able to stretch and walk about was fun!! We put out the vegetarian dog kibbles for them and a few of them ate it up voraciously,¡± says Dr Chan.

Bro Sui informed us that this enclosure is just a temporary shelter to let the dogs adjust to the new surroundings, and once they have settled down they will be free to roam the grounds like the other resident dogs ¨C what bliss and happiness shall fill their hearts!
¡°This is a beautiful place, with such positive energy. The dogs will definitely be happy here,¡± comments Dr Joe. The team was also treated to a feast of durians from the orchard, and before leaving went back to say good-bye to the dogs. All of them appeared to have calmed down, and wagged their tails when they saw Roli coming. We¡¯re excited about our next trip with AnimalCare to the farm on the 13th of August, when another 6 dogs will be relocated in the wide, green, grassy paradise for animals!

Visit www.myanimalcare.org/ to view more photos and stories ! >>

Would You Like To Support These Dogs?
We welcome food donations of rice and dog kibbles (strictly vegetarian only) for the dogs at the LLLF. If you would like to help with the upkeep of the dogs, kindly send your contributions to the SPCA Selangor Animal Shelter by 12th July 2009. We will transport the food to the LLLF during our next trip on the 13th of July. After that, we will be coordinating with the suppliers to deliver directly to the farm on a monthly basis. For enquiries, please drop us a line at enquiries@spca.org.my ! We all can play a part in these dogs ¡®happily-ever-after¡¯, every bit counts!

Terry & Cotton Go Home ¨C Together!

AnimalCare volunteer Lilian and her friend Samantha visited the SPCA Animal Shelter on the 2nd of August to meet our dogs and puppies for adoption, as well as our rescued Ketam dogs. Much to our delight, Samantha and her family returned the next day and adopted Terry, Cotton and another dog from the SPCA Animal Shelter. Many thanks to this wonderful family for opening their hearts and home to our dogs, and taking them into a new, exciting chapter in their lives! Other Ketam dogs like Mr Miracle, Kourtney, Wowow, Fifi, and Lucky have found great homes too, which leaves only another 13 Pulau Ketam dogs to be rehomed !

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K9 Maniac

Aug 11, 2009, 10:20 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

AnimaCare Notice Board (by Dr Chan Kah Yein)

The 2nd Klinik Kembiri on Pulau Ketam (25th July 2009)
It's been a long and fruitful day! We went down to Pulau Ketam today, to help out in the 2nd Klinik Kembiri organised by SPCA. PAWS sent a team of volunteers too. And there was even a team of dog handlers who came to put up a obedience show for the Ketam folks.

I was really excited when we were allowed to go into the surgery area to help out with preparation of the animals for surgery. We were shown exactly what to do, and this involved shaving the animal and using two different chemicals to sterilise the surgical area. There was a proper sequence to follow, though. However, after doing a cat and a dog, I felt like fainting - the fumes from the chemicals used to sterilise the surgical area were simply too strong for me. I actually had to go lie down on the floor to avert a fainting spell!

So I volunteered to help out at recovery instead. Over here, the animals have to be massaged vigorously (to make them come to quicker). It takes about 20-30 minutes of a good rubdown (all over) before the animal comes to, and is able to turn and sit up on its chest. Then, it can be transferred to the cage for further recovery on its own.

My first case was Zorro, a beautiful orange-coloured cat. Zorro happened to be a slow recovery case, and I was near panic when he had not shown any signs of coming to after almost 30 minutes. I kept checking his breathing....and praying. "Please, please get up, Zorro, please get up!"

He finally did, just before the vet was about to administer the recovery fluid (for difficult cases). Phew!

Later, we did two big dogs and some more cats. One cat actually had to have the recovery fluid administered (another difficult case). While we were doing all this, some of the vet assistants joked that perhaps the animals purposely slept on because the massage was just oh-so-comfortable (yes, like a typical Thai massage)!

Three of the Hai Tao Foundation staff came with us to do a video production of today's operation and also a footage of Pulau Ketam.

Just before we left, one owner decided he did not want his pet anymore after being spayed. Poor little thing. So we had to bring her back with us to the mainland. She was a one-year old mongrel, sweeter than honey. If we had insisted that the owner take her, goodness knows what her fate would have been. It was better (for her, and us!) to bring her back. Such is the fate of animals, folks. Even pets. Your owner can decide to dump you anytime... Isn't it just so, so sad?

Chinkah said his neighbour was looking for a dog, so he volunteered to foster her and hopes that his neighbour would take over after recovery.

So we brought Mulan (that's what I called her) in a box, trolley-ed her to the jetty and sweet-talked the boat driver into letting us take her across inside the boat.

Mulan is big, and she could not walk because of the surgery, so the entire process of transporting her involved physically carrying her as well. Phew! Luckily I've carried my children (from birth till 6-7 years old) for many years so carrying her wasn't such a big problem after all (all mothers have very strong arms). But still, it did leave me panting!

Mulan was so well-behaved on the boat. She was quiet and slept most of the way. So did I!

Another volunteer also brought back a tiny little puppy who looked like a Rottweiler. She (I think she is female?) was also abandoned by her owner who had brought her to the community hall and said she did not want her anymore. The tiny puppy will be fostered, and hopefully someone will adopt her. Who knows? She MIGHT turn out to be a Rottweiler, after all (I'm just guessing, of course). Any takers?

I'm so tired, but happy. It was a good day. All in, about 20 animals were spayed and neutered. That's not just 20 lives saved, but hundreds of unwanted future births prevented. Rejoice, folks!

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K9 Maniac

Sep 25, 2009, 7:05 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

SPCA Notice Board

Farm Opens Doors To More Ketam Dogs!

On Wednesday, our team of staff and volunteers helped to move 11 more dogs to the Lotus Life Liberation Farm in Bentong – 8 of our Pulau Ketam rescue dogs and 3 last-chance shelter dogs!

The trip was enjoyable as always, with the earlier batches of dogs running up to greet the team happily. The dogs have put on weight, and are much more comfortable around people after spending several weeks on the farm. The team delivered more supplies of rice, trays of eggs, potatoes, and carrots. They also brought cans of antiseptic spray for the dogs and other animals at the farm. Dr Joe was also on hand to assess the health of the dogs. Two weeks ago our two vets and vet assistant also visited the farm to give the dogs health checks, medicating and treating them wherever necessary.

The workers at the farm had built another wooden holding pen for the dogs, for them to slowly re-adjust to their surroundings before being allowed to roam freely on the grounds. The dogs seem to love the security of their pens, and the two precious batches seem to prefer hanging out in the pens rather than roaming in the vast grounds even though their pens have since been left open!

We are very grateful to the farm management, who have been very kind, patient and supportive of our cause. We also thank the very kind people who have written in their words of support, and who have even made trips to the farm to visit the animals and donate food supplies. Bless your warm hearts!

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Sep 28, 2009, 10:04 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

SPCA Notice Board

Rescued Pulau Ketam Dog : Remember Her?

Wow-wow, one of our first two dogs rescued from the island of Pulau Selat Kering is now living it up in a beautiful farm in Selayang! The chubby little dog can be seen strutting around the vast compound, and behaving very gently with the other animals on the farm.

Wowow Before : Emaciated, traumatized and exhausted from her ordeal on Pulau Selat Kering

In her free time, she likes to hide slippers under the car! What a happy ending for Wowow, who came to us traumatized, emaciated and disoriented after her ordeal on the mangrove island. Many thanks to her adopter, who has truly given her such an amazing second-chance at leading a happy, healthy life!

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Sep 29, 2009, 11:45 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

SPCA Notice Board

6 More Rescued Ketam Dogs Moved To LLLF, Bentong!

View the Youtube video of our second visit with AnimalCare to the Lotus Life Liberation Park in Bentong, to transport the second batch of 6 rescued Pulau Ketam dogs. The beautiful farm is now home to 13 Ketam dogs, 25 resident dogs, geese, goats, and more! The Ketam dogs who were severely malnourished and traumatized when we rescued them are now restored to health, and while still nervous around people they seem to be slowly improving - with a lot of love. patience and understanding from our volunteers! Many thanks to Lim Pueh Tian of runwitme.blogspot.com for the amazing video!

Click To Watch The YouTube Video ! >>

Would You Like To Support These Dogs?

We welcome food donations of rice and dog kibbles (strictly vegetarian only) for the dogs at the LLLF. If you would like to help with the upkeep of the dogs, kindly send your contributions to the SPCA Selangor Animal Shelter by 26th of August 2009. We will transport the food to the LLLF during our next trip on the 27th of August. After that, we will be coordinating with the suppliers to deliver directly to the farm on a monthly basis. For enquiries, please drop us a line at enquiries@spca.org.my ! We all can play a part in these dogs ‘happily-ever-after’, every bit counts!

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Oct 3, 2009, 8:37 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Quote SPCA Jacinta Statement :

Someone asked an interesting question about the source of animals at SPCA Selangor. Our recent analysis shows that a little more than 40% are surrendered by owners, 50% are strays, and 10% are lost or cruelty case dogs. We're receiving between 600-700 animals per month on average.

Really nice to see that everyone is so passionate about TNR, no-kill and generally saving animals. Really encouraging to see. Please trust us when we say that the staff and volunteers at SPCA Selangor have the same interests, but we are dealing with overwhelming numbers being surrendered.

At present, only SPCA Selangor and PAWS run shelters with an Open Door policy in the Klang Valley- meaning we accept all animals. We impose surrender fees for owned animals, but not for strays (though you are encouraged to donate if you can afford it). Regardless of whether the owner pays or not, we still take in the animal. We actively counsel over the phone, e-mail and at the shelter for people to find alternative homes, neuter & release, or to address behavioural problems (which is why many owners want to surrender their aggressive/ destructive animals).

In many cases SPCA now also offer a re-adoption scheme, whereby they are offered low-cost spay-neuter for the pet they wanted to give up. Many people surrender their pets when they start having too many, or their pets start fighting, becoming territiorial/ aggressive, peeing on the curtains, etc. People are now taking to the offer more and more - offering them a low-cost neuter and giving them back their pet, instead of taking the animal in and them paying the surrender fee.

On a more personal note, one thing that is being said over and over here and in other forums that really, really irks me. "I really wanted to save this animal, but I had no choice but to give it to SPCA/PAWS and they cruelly put it to sleep".

Everyone has a choice.

No space? Board the animal, and find a home for it.

No money? Pool funds with your family or friends and have it treated at a vet.

No time? Find someone who has the time, come to petfinder.my and ask the forummers for help.

Don't take the easy way out and leave it at a shelter, and then condemn the shelter when they are forced to euthanise the animal. You have the power to help one animal, certainly.

All SPCA staff who rescue animals don't dump them at the shelter - we actually foster, treat and rehome the animals at our own homes with our own resources - or we find someone who can foster and care for the animals. To us, its clear that the shelter is already overwhelmed so why add on to the burden?

As for TNR, its a really good concept - unfortunately one that is not very viable in a local context most of the time. It's a good idea to neuter and release cats in areas where they are cared for, but generally all strays in Malaysia are not tolerated by residents and municipal councils. We have hundreds of reports of abused strays (hot water, beaten to death, strangled kittens, drowned puppies, poisoned stray dogs) and also many of them fall victim to diseases, injuries, car accidents and die slow painful deaths. Unless someone is actively looking out for these neutered strays, its not advisable to just leave them to their own fates on the streets. You guys are also probably aware that the municipals catch stray dogs and pups regularly, but you should also know that many of them are starting to catch cats and kittens too.

Just my two cents worth, think Sharul is doing a good job of keeping everyone here informed of our work and clarifying all the issues that have cropped up.

It's really not easy to work in SPCA, but we take our jobs seriously.

Sometimes we get pats on the back, sometimes we get yelled at, sometimes a bouquet of flowers. Sometimes we get a photo of a happy animal we rehomed, sometimes we feel like pulling our hair out, sometimes we feel really misunderstood. At the end of the day, someone has to do "the dirty work".

While many people grouse about animal shelters, SPCA still have other work like our dedicated neutering clinic, government lobbying, education & community outreach, and assisting animal rescuers with low-cost neutering, daily emergency pick-ups/rescues, and inspection & action on cruelty complaints. We are the only animal welfare organisation who has this full set of services in Malaysia.

Many of you seem to be doing really excellent work for the animals, its really so motivating to see these changes happening. Also - and I have to say this - some of you are really coming off as armchair activists. You really need to stop philosophizing, get away from the computer and do something useful with all that energy.

*smiles and hugs*

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Oct 6, 2009, 9:32 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Malay Mail SPCA Marking World Animal Day

LOVE YOU: Feline and canine friends at SPCA yesterday

MANY animal lovers gathered at the SPCA Selangor animal shelter in Ampang to celebrate World Animal Day yesterday. Volunteers, those who provide foster homes for the animals, sponsors, SPCA staff and members of the public honoured the occasion which is celebrated on Oct 4 every year.

World Animal Day is a worldwideevent to acknowledge and honour the contributions made by animals, as well as to create awareness of the plight of animals as victims of exploitation and abuse.

AMP Radio Networks general manager Kudsia Kahar was not the only celebrity guest present at the event. National badminton legend Cheah Soon Kit also came to show his support and honour World Animal Day.

¡°Charity isn¡¯t limited to humans. Animals need our charity too. We all should play our part and help spread the word. We need more people to help create awareness about this kind of issues,¡± said Cheah.

SPCA Selangor chairman Christine Chin said: ¡°Billions of animals are killed every day for food. Many more are being used in test labs. There¡¯s also the issue of exploitation, as well as wildlife habitats being destroyed for development.¡±

The focus this year is on renewing personal pledges towards animals. Guests recited their pledges to protect and care for animals, writing them on the shelter¡¯s World Animal Day banner as well as their personal pledge card given by the SPCA.

There was a candle-lighting ceremony to remember the plight of animals worldwide and honour the memories of animals that have touched lives everywhere.

The ceremony was followed by prayers from members of the Sathya Sai Baba Association. Awards were given to sponsors, volunteers and caregivers who have supported the animal shelter.

Vouchers for free spaying and neutering were also given away to 50 individuals who wish to sterilise their pets.

The World Animal Day celebration is an annual event in SPCA¡¯s calendar. Information on events as well as its services can be found on its official website, www.spca.org.

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Oct 10, 2009, 8:20 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Star 10 Oct 2009 Sat

Animal clinic

SPCA Selangor, in collaboration with City Hall (DBKL) set up the first ever dedicated spay-neuter clinic in Malaysia in 2003 to address the stray population crisis.

The DBKL-SPCA Klinik Kembiri is based in Setapak, and has neutered more than 12,000 pets and strays to date ¡ª preventing the births of more than 20 million unwanted kittens and puppies. The low-cost, high-volume clinic is subsidised by sponsors such as HSBC Bank Malaysia, Metrogen Sdn Bhd and Petra Perdana.

Fees for cats

Spay: RM60

Pregnant: RM70

Castration: RM40

Fees for dogs

Spay: RM90

Pregnant: RM100

Castration: RM60

contact DBKL-SPCA Klinik Kembiri, Pusat Kurungan Haiwan, Jabatan Kesihatan DBKL, Jalan Air Jerneh, Air Panas, Setapak 53200, Kuala Lumpur or call (03) 4024 3446 (Office), 012-2581041 (G. R. Krishnan) or e-mail: klinikkembiri@spca.org.my

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Oct 10, 2009, 8:34 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

World Animal Day: PJ to launch ¡®Dog Forum¡¯

ARE dogs man¡¯s best friend, or worst enemy? The question triggers different answers. As a result, Petaling Jaya Municipal Council¡¯s Health Department is joining with the Department of Veterinary Services, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA), Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Pet Positive, local councils in Selangor and other NGOs to launch a forum, simply titled, ¡°Dog Forum¡± this Sunday, Oct 11.

In conjunction with World Animal Day, the forum will be launched by Selangor Exco member Ronnie Liu and will see the council addressing problems faced by residents regarding dogs.

Canine Action Team committee chairman Anthony Sivabalan Thanasayan said the forum is a great ground as it brings all the forces together.

¡°The point of the forum is to educate residents, be it pet lovers or haters, how dogs should be treated. It¡¯s special to us because this is the first time a local council is working together with the NGOs and the city council is pleased to organise the event.¡±

¡°This is important because the council will be able to get in touch with the residents directly. We want to educate them and make them understand so that everyone can work things out together,¡± he said.

Thanasayan said some 200 participants are expected to join the forum which will feature four speakers.

These are the president of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST) Dr Chandra Muzaffar, SPCA chairman Christina Chin, Petaling District veterinary officer Dr Thiba Rajoo, city council¡¯s Health Department director Dr Sadiah Abdullah and Thanasayan.

Meanwhile, Dr Sadiah said the council faces the problem of many stray dogs on the streets that are not easy to catch.

¡°There¡¯s a technique to it and while most animal lovers find it cruel, that¡¯s when I¡¯ll come in to give a talk on how we do our job. Instead of being accused, we¡¯d like to explain how we get things done by showing a video of us catching stray dogs. It¡¯s going to be a two-way communication,¡± she said.

¡°We promise that all residents will be given a chance to talk about their problems. It¡¯s good to own a dog but owners should know their responsibilities and vice-versa.

¡°The real speakers are the residents themselves, we are just trying to address the problems and take opinions given into consideration,¡± said Sadiah.

Thanasayan summed it up with the words: ¡°Most people get dogs for the wrong reasons. ¡°But people should know this, there are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

GOOD MOVE: Dr Sadiah (left) listening to Thanasayan explaining the purpose of the forum which will be held on Sunday

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Star 10 Oct 2009 Sat

Spaying or neutering can increase your pet¡¯s life span.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor recently released a video commercial to build awareness to spay or neuter pets, featuring the highest-ranked non-breed obedience champion Duke the Dog, once an abused dog afraid of humans.

Duke¡¯s story
The brown dog featured in this commercial is Duke, owned by Richard Gardner and Chae Lian of theatre production company Gardner & Wife. Duke¡¯s story is a heart-rending, yet ultimately uplifting one.

Five years ago, Richard was out walking near his house when he came upon a stray dog. It had an iron chain tightly wrapped around its neck, and the end of the chain had caught on a bush. The chain had cut into the dog¡¯s neck so badly that it was infested with maggots. The dog was horribly starved and looked like it had been beaten. Clearly, it had escaped an abusive owner.

The dog was terrified of humans and would attempt to flee at anyone¡¯s approach, causing the chain to cut even further into its neck. By offering food and water, Richard finally managed to release him from the chain. It promptly ran away, and it seemed likely that it would just find itself a quiet place to die.

Not long after, this dog appeared outside Richard¡¯s gate ¡ª having somehow tracked down where Richard lives. It was still afraid of people, but with his neighbours¡¯ help, Richard continued to feed it.

Slowly, the couple got close enough to apply antiseptic to the wounds on its neck, and it began to regain its health. It took to guarding Richard¡¯s car.

Finally, Richard and Chae decided to adopt the dog, and named him Duke. The vet put him at around five years old. Richard took Duke to a dog training centre. It wasn¡¯t easy training him, but he slowly learned. In fact, since 2005, Duke has been winning obedience trials at dog shows, and is currently the highest-ranked non-breed obedience champ ¡ª proving that you can actually teach an old dog new tricks.

And now, Duke is the star of this video commercial (view at www.youtube.com/user/DukeTheStory) in support of SPCA Selangor.

The other dog in this ad is Winter, another adopted stray. It was Chae who found her in the middle of the road near their house, and took her in as well.

Duke and Winter now live together happily with Richard and Chae.

The commercial was produced by SPCA Selangor to build awareness of the need to spay and neuter pets.

Be part of the solution

Thousands of stray animals and unwanted litters face euthanasia or are suffering on the streets. Starting with two cats, you can end up with as many as 20,000 kittens and cats in a matter of seven years.

¡°Spaying or neutering is the most humane, effective, sustainable way to reduce the millions of unwanted companion animals, borne out of owners¡¯ procrastination, negligence, ignorance and unwillingness to pay for the operation¡± says SPCA Selangor chairperson, Christine Chin.

SPCA Selangor has been on a gruelling journey towards achieving their Non-Kill Movement and Stray-Free Malaysia 2010 goals.

The Non-Kill Movement aims to reduce to zero the unwanted killing of healthy pets that do not have a home and the Stray-Free Malaysia drive is to educate pet owners to spay or neuter their pets to help control the number of strays.

In the advertisement, Duke is shown rushing to the store to buy a pack of condoms and then rushes back to his ¡°girlfriend¡± Winter. The commercial was produced pro bono by the Grey Group KL advertising company.

Advantages of prevention
The most obvious reason for spaying or neutering your pet is to prevent overpopulation, however, there are other benefits particularly related to your pet¡¯s health.

Spaying, or ovariohysterectom, is the surgical removal of a female pet¡¯s ovaries and uterus. Female dogs encounter heat periods twice a year and it usually lasts around three weeks per period.

Female cats on the other hand are on heat every two to three weeks. Dogs and cats will become more irritable and nervous during heat and may become aggressive.

Spaying can prevent pregnancies or pregnancy complications which can end tragically. It also eliminates physical stress for female pets. Other benefits of spaying your female pet include:

¡¤It eliminates unwanted attention from male pets while your female pet is in heat.

¡¤No spotting during the heat period.

¡¤Prevents false pregnancies.

¡¤Reduces the risk of mammary tumours.

¡¤Completely eliminates uterine infections.

¡¤Reduces the risk of tumours forming in the ovaries or uterus.

¡¤Reduces the risk of TVT, a sexually transmitted cancer.

¡¤Reduces stress and decreases susceptibility to diseases.

Neutering, or castration, is the surgical removal of your pet¡¯s testicles. Male pets benefit even more than female pets when you neuter them. Your un-neutered male pet will get an overwhelming urge to reproduce and will start roaming to detect female pets in heat.

Neutering decreases roaming by 90%. This will prevent your male pet from getting into fights with other pets, or get lost while roaming. There are many benefits from neutering your male pets:

¡¤Prevents your male pets from fighting which leads to wounds and infections.

¡¤Eliminates marking of territory by urine spraying and reduces odour.

¡¤Prevents roaming and automobile accidents.

¡¤Reduces the risk of prostate enlargement, tumours and infections.

¡¤Completely eliminates the risk of testicular cancer.

¡¤Reduces the risk of perineal hernia (rupture of the posterior abdominal wall).

¡¤Reduces the risk of TVT, a sexually transmitted cancer.

¡¤Reduces stress and decreases susceptibility to diseases.

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

FFF Notice Board

Dear friends,

With a heavy heart and deepest regret, Furry Friends Farm informs all, of the passing away of Hitam, our beloved hero. Hitam passed away in the morning of 6th October 2009, just a week he returned to the fish farm. We had hoped he would celebrate World Animal Day 2009 together with Kuning and his friends at the farm but, due to the insistence of the fish farm owner, Hitam had to be returned.

Outraged by Hitam¡¯s death, and after all FFF and Sabrina had done to look after the welfare of both Hitam and Kuning, a post-mortem was conducted on Hitam to find out the truth behind this beloved dog¡¯s death.

Hitam¡¯s death had proven the insecurity and inhumane environment of the fish farm, with the presence of ignorant, ungrateful and cruel people around. Hitam and Kuning were used to guard the fish farm. Yet their welfare was not taken into account or with any importance. They were fed rotten fish and rice with deadly chicken bones. Very important lessons to be learnt here is that a fish farm is NEVER a place for any dog and NEVER feed dogs chicken bones.

Hitam¡¯s death exposes the ignorance and cruelty of those he had served for guarding their fish farm faithfully. Hitam sacrificed his life for his Best Friend, Kuning. If not for Hitam¡¯s death, Kuning would have definitely been the second victim, if he had been returned to the wretched fish farm. Kuning will never return to the fish farm, ever again.

Hitam will be forever the Hero of our Pulau Selat Kering Rescue Mission.

What Had Transpired : Hitam¡¯s Condition Prior to His Medical Check-up and Return to the Fish Farm

In mid of July, after the rescue of the last dog, a female, which we named Sakura, Sabrina had been insistent to make arrangement to send Kuning and Hitam for all necessary medical check-up since the mission is over. The two heroes' welfare needed to be looked into knowing that the fish farm owner, Encik Zamry, may not have the knowledge and interests to care for the dogs. Both the dogs were just for guarding the fish farm as he has been telling Sabrina that there are thefts of his fish and sea otters disturbing and coming up to the fish farm to eat up the fish.

Both Kuning and Hitam were dumped by the Pulau Ketam residents to the mangrove island and these two dogs were the first two dogs that swam across and landed themselves on the platfom of the fish farm. The owner and his workers did not only failed to make any effort in providing suitable dog food but only gave Kuning and Hitam some rotten fish and rice to sustain the dogs' lives.

Due to the irresponsibility of the Head of Rescue Mission, he not only failed to announce the closure of the rescue mission but also delayed in making arrangements for Kuning and Hitam¡¯s medical check-up. What were his motives, we are unsure of. He told Sabrina that the fish farm owner¡¯s approval was needed before Kuning and Hitam could be taken for the medical check-up. Later, during the Puasa month, Sabrina again requested and this time, he told Sabrina that, it was the fasting month. Then when Hari Raya was fast approaching, again he told Sabrina that the fish farm owner was busy making preparations. Excuses after excuses, as Sabrina patience grows thin and worried as looking by pictures of Kuning in the blogs, Kuning was getting thinner with his ribs showing. Together with volunteers, Daniel and Connie, Sabrina headed to Pulau Sungai Lima to collect cages given to the residents to collect strays. Unfortunately, the residents did not collect any strays and most of the cages were supposedly stolen. With that, Sabrina with Connie and Daniel decided to head to Pulau Selat Kering.

After informing Adi, the fisherman, that she will coming to help Kuning and Hitam for their medical check-up, Sabrina and her volunteers headed to Pulau Selat Kering. Adi was very helpful and told Sabrina that Kuning had not been well for some time and refused to eat. Worried of both Kuning and Hitam welfare, Sabrina managed to send back Kuning and HItam and admitted them to the vet clinic immediately on the same day.

Kuning's rib bones were shown and he had lost a lot of weight. Blood test result revealed that Kuning was coming down with minor kidney problem. Hitam was fine though. The vet managed to get the two dogs vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm checked and prevented and sterilized.

A week later, Adi and Encik Zamry called Sabrina. She told them that Hitam was well but we need to hospitalize Kuning for a while. Both of them were very pleased to hear that.

On the 2nd week, Sabrina discharged Hitam and Kuning to be sent to the farm for their observation period and hoped to celebrate The World Animal Day with both the dogs. However, on the 3rd week, the fish farm owner called Sabrina, insisting and threatening her to return the 2 dogs to the fish farm within 24 hours. He was more worried about the loss of his fish farm after fish were stolen and eaten by sea otters just because there were no dogs guarding the farm. Sabrina pleaded with him that Kuning needed some intense care due to his kidney failure and an agreement was made that Sabrina sent back Hitam first under the condition that Hitam would not be allowed to swim in the sea for a week and dog food must be provided with plenty of fresh water.

With 22 kg of dog food and a food bowl for Hitam, when Sabrina and Connie sent Hitam back to the fish farm on the Tuesday, 29th September, Hitam was at his tiptop condition as his pictures testifies. He was happy to have spent a wonderful moment in his life at the farm with the friends he helped rescue and newfound friends.

Sabrina received a call from the fish owner, Encik Zamry, in the morning of 5th October. He insisted Kuning to be sent back and told her that Hitam was doing well. He had been insisting for both dogs to be sent back ever since they completed their vaccination and medical check-up. Sabrina told him that Kuning had come down with cough and flu and that he MUST make sure that his worker give all the medication to Kuning as prescribed. Sabrina had made arrangements to send Kuning back to the fish farm on Wednesday, 7th October.

However, on the 5th of October, at about 10 pm, Adi, the fisherman called Sabrina to inform her that Hitam had refused to eat and could not walk. Sabrina told Adi not to worry but to tie up Hitam so that we could come over the next day to pick up Hitam to get him to the vet.

Sabrina¡¯s Heart Filled with Sorrow

In the early morning of 6th October 2009, Sabrina received an SMS from Adi, the fisherman, ¡°Cik Sabrina, Hitam dah pun mati.¡± According to Adi, Hitam had been walking weakly for the past few days. The last time he saw Hitam, was when the poor dog walked into a store room after vomiting a pile of some greenish stuff. Later he found Hitam lifeless.

Immediately, the next morning, Sabrina arranged with Connie to bring Hitam¡¯s body. When Connie arrived, both Hitam¡¯s eyes were popped out with his mouth wide open with many yellow bees surrounding his mouth. Connie then requested Adi to wipe Hitam¡¯s eyelids down slowly.

Sabrina rushed to meet Connie to collect Hitam¡¯s body at the jetty. When Sabrina arrived, Hitam¡¯s body was wrapped with a sack and bloody fluid was seen smeared on the floor. Sabrina and Connie managed to wrap Hitam¡¯s body with some black garbage bags and placed him in Sabrina¡¯s car.

¡°I will never ever forget about this saddest episode in my life.

Exactly one month ago, Hitam was with me in Daniel's car, Hitam slept on my lap like a little puppy, enjoying the aircon journey. Exactly a week ago, Hitam leaned against my shoulder to share some comfort in my small car on the way back to the jetty.

And..... a week later, I was in my tears rolling down on my cheeks, on the way back to Kuala Lumpur from the Klang jetty with Hitam leaning aginst my backseat, motionless and with bloody fluid oozes out continuously , spilling all over my car. ¡° - Sabrina

Post-mortem Findings

The post-mortem findings concluded that Hitam had died of pneumonia. His lungs was inflamed and blocked with fluids. Both of his kidneys and tissues were ruptured, inflamed and swollen with the membranes of the abdomen completely ruptured. The spleen tissues were also found to be showing signs of degeneration.

A certain form of toxins had caused the damage to Hitam¡¯s internal organs beginning from the failure of both kidneys to filter toxins and lead to the accumulation of fluids into the lungs. Due to this, only bloody fluid oozed out from his nostrils. Hitam¡¯s intestines¡¯ were very inflamed, filled with gases.

Added to the above findings, no food or stool could be found in Hitam¡¯s digestive system except many, many, many undigested chicken bones. These findings leads to the high possibility that Hitam had not been consuming proper food for at least a few days except had only been fed with chicken bones. There were no external wounds found. A Passing Away of A True Hero, Our Beloved, Hitam

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

SPCA Notice Board

World Animal Day 2009

Many thanks to all the volunteers, fosterers, donors, sponsors and friends of SPCA Selangor who attended our World Animal Day celebrations on the 4th of October!

The short and meaningful ceremony started at 2.30 pm, and included a speech by the SPCA Chairman Christine Chin, a pledge to help animals (read together aloud!), and a pledge wall signing session for penning personal pledges and thoughts for the animals.

There was also an Appreciation Awards ceremony, where we recognized and thanked individual volunteers, fosterers, donors, and long-time friends of our organisation. The recipients were given a chance to say a few words, to encourage others to put their compassion into action for the animals!

And the most beautiful and touching part of the day ¨C the candle-lighting. With the calm and quiet chants and prayers by a priest from the Sri Nivas Ashram, one by one the guests came forward to light the scented tea-lights ¨C in memory of animals that have passed on, and in hope of a brighter future for animal welfare in Malaysia.

Emcee Shahrul encouraged the crowd ¨C ¡°Remember the plight of animals worldwide, strengthen your will to help them, and honour the beautiful memories of animals that have touched your life. Remember your pets, our shelter animals, the strays on the streets, animals that are left neglected by their owners, and the animals in captivity who are suffering in zoos and parks.¡± The tone changed to something more somber, thoughtful, and more meditative.

More than 100 friends joined us for this simple celebration - special guests included MBPJ Councillor Anthony Thanasayan, Datin Nariza Petra, Radio personality Kudsia Kahar, Arthasarathy Sampath (Spiritual Advisor, Sai Nivas Ashram) & his wife Kanaka Sampath, Rachel Ng (former Miss Malaysia), ex-national badminton star Cheah Soon Kit and his lovely wife Anita. Guests took home their personalized pledge cards and free ¡°I Pledge To...¡± carsticker.

After the ceremony, everyone mingled and enjoyed a delicious vegetarian buffet! We hope everyone will follow through with their pledges to honour, respect and care for the animals around them!

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Pets steal the glam

2010 Animal Charity calendar launched in PJ

SEVERAL Malaysian celebrities have lent a hand to champion the cause of animal rights by taking part in the publication of the 2010 Animal Charity calendar, which was launched in Petaling Jaya yesterday.

The project is led by Amber Chia and K.L. Yeam of Digital Imaging Publication Sdn Bhd. Chia said as a model, businesswoman and animal lover, she has harboured a long-time desire to use her public persona to work with charities in aid of animals.

The concept for a charity calendar was born after a conversation with Yeam, whose company is the publisher of Pets Lover magazine. Their shared passion for animals led to the making of the animalcharity calendar.

Present at the launch were representatives from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation (MNAWF).

With the motto ¡°We Care; We Love; We Support¡±, the calendar features Chia and television host, actress and radio deejay Jojo Struys; radio and TV personality Serena C, as well as Chinese TV host and actress Angel Wong Chui Ling ¡ª all of whom gave their time to do a photo shoot with their beloved pets.

¡°When I asked Jojo, Serena and Angel to join in and create this calendar, they immediately agreed,¡± said Chia.

¡°It was a pleasure working with them. Taking pictures with animals is way harder than a normal photo shoot. It takes more shots to get the desired results,¡± she said.

Chia shares her home with three dogs, whom she regards as her best friends.

Struys believes that having pets helps to inculcate good moral values. ¡°Animals give you so much love and it¡¯s only fitting that you treat them with respect,¡± Struys said.

Since childhood, she has cared for canine pets of every imaginable breed. She currently owns three pugs, a breed which she only recently developed an interest in.

¡°I never really liked pugs in the past. But one day, I came across one and realised that they have a lot of character. Now I¡¯m in love with them,¡± she said.

Wong also shared her experience with her pet at the launch. ¡°My dog, Fatty, is of mixed breed. The father is an Irish setter while the mother is a bull terrier. Fatty is lucky to have been brought up in a good home, but most mixed-breed dogs don¡¯t fare so well. They often end up as strays,¡± she said.

Wong believes that the value of a pet is not in its pedigree, but rather its relationship with the owner.

¡°You can always adopt a pet from a shelter,¡± she added. Yeam aims to make this calendar an annual project, having seen the positive feedback from celebrity friends. ¡°Hopefully, we can get more celebrities to join in and support the cause next year,¡± said Yeam.

Digital Imaging Publication will produce 10,000 copies of the Animal Charity calendar, available for sale in most bookstores at RM19.90 each. For every calendar purchased, RM5 will go to SPCA and another RM5 will be donated to MNAWF.

SMILES: Chia with her four-legged friends

MERRY: Struys with her pugs

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Get them spayed in Shah Alam next year

SEEKING to neutralise the problem of stray animals, three local councils ¡ª Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam and Subang Jaya ¡ª will jointly set up an animal neuter clinic in Shah Alam, which is expected to be ready early next year.

¡°The public will just have to pay a nominal fee to use the facilities for pets like cats and dogs,¡± said PJ council canine advisory team chairman, Anthony Thanasayan.

The facility was highlighted at the Petaling Jaya City Council full board meeting on Wednesday. The team, spearheaded by the PJ council, was set up late last year and comprises representatives from all 12 councils
in Selangor, with the objective of addressing animal issues humanely and coming up with ideas pertaining to animal welfare.

Issues include how these animals should be caught and treated. The team also aims to educate pet owners on animal care in their homes.

Anthony said the council has received complaints that some owners deliberately allowed their dogs unleashed and unaccompanied outside their homes.

Some of these dogs ended up being poisoned and run down by vehicles. ¡°The safety of the dog must be
in the minds of the owners and it must be leashed the minute it steps out of the compound. For this reason, we are looking into ways to penalise owners for being inconsiderate to the animals and the neighbourhood.

¡°The penalty and law which will be applied is currently being discussed. If the owners can¡¯t assure its safety, then it is best they don¡¯t keep a pet.¡±

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

SPCA Notice Board

MissionHELP : Seremban

Great news! After several visits and months of counseling, Mr Ng from Seremban has agreed to neuter his male dogs!

On Thursday, the Animal Inspectors Cunera and Murugan visited his residence along with our vet Dr Karen and intern Karolina. Upon a closer check by Dr Karen, the dogs appeared to be in good condition generally, though several were suffering from skin problems. We donated 6 big bags of dog food for the 35 dogs he is caring for, and also medicated the dogs with the skin problems and one dog with an eye infection.

Over the years Mr Ng has faced countless issues with the local council (Majlis Perbandaran Seremban) for having too many dogs on his premises. The SPCA team advised him to control the number of dogs, and not to take in any more dogs for the time being as he is financially unstable and facing complaints from the neighbours. Mr Ng said he will reduce the amount of dogs in his home and rehome them at his work-place, a birds-nest farm nearby ¨C to avoid further conflicts with his neighbours.

Initially vehemently against neutering male dogs, Mr Ng has now given in and allowed us to make arrangements for a MissionHELP neutering program for his dogs. We hope to carry out this operation in December, in collaboration with the team from the DBKL-SPCA Klinik Kembiri. MissionHELP : Seremban

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

SPCA Press Release


1 DECEMBER, KLANG ¨C Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) is urging dog-owners and animal rescuers to come forward to claim more than 40 dogs in their dog pound, caught by their dog-catchers one week ago. The municipal had contacted SPCA Selangor and requested for help in creating awareness about the plight of the pound dogs, as their time was quickly running out.

The dogs were caught in the Bayu Perdana, Jalan Meru and Bandar Baru Klang area. Many of the dogs were wearing collars and were in good condition ¨C they seemed to be lost or straying pets. The others appeared to be strays or long-abandoned pets, they are in poor condition ¨C emaciated, infested with ticks and with skin problems. Both pet and stray dogs appeared to be distressed ¨C the pound was the last place on earth where they wanted to be.

The SPCA Selangor Inspectors and vet visited the pound on Tuesday, bringing with them 2 big bags of dog food and medication. The dogs were being fed bread and water daily and the kennels were cleaned out by the staff.

MPK and SPCA Selangor have agreed that it will impose compulsory neutering as a condition of release for the claimed dogs ¨C to prevent unwanted litters in the future. Owners can claim their dogs until the 9th of December 2009, after which the dogs will be open for adoption to animal rescuers and animal lovers until the 14th of December 2009. There will be a discounted rate on the reclaimation fee for all dogs.

Unclaimed dogs will be euthanized on the 15th of December 2009.

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

SPCA Charity Gala Dinner : Black Solid Gold Mon, 16th Nov 2009, 06:50pm 10th January, 2010 | 7.30pm till midnight @ Shangri-La Hotel, KL

Featuring Donne Ray Radford performing the solid golden sounds of Black American Soul, Rn¡¯B, Funk, and Jazz hits made famous by Stevie Wonder, Prince, Lionel Ritchie, Al Jarreau & A Special Medley of Michael Jackson¡¯s Top Hits!

Invitation by donation only (all donations are tax exempt). RM1500, RM2000, RM2500, RM3000 & RM5000 per table, individual seating available. For enquiries or to make a booking, please contact Chelvy (03-42565312) or Nicole (017-2958224), or drop us a line at enquiries@spca.org.my

Dress code: 80¡¯s or smart casual

Proceeds will be channeled towards the building of an Eco-SPCA Selangor Animal Shelter!

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post



Pet dumping up 40 per cent at festive seasons

CHIN: Abandoned pets, a sad trend at festivals
AMPANG: Christmas is the season to be jolly but sadly this festive season, many of our furry friends might find themselves with nothing to purr about.

While many Malaysians are preparing for Christmas, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Selangor (SPCA) ¡ª on the other hand ¡ª is preparing to receive more abandoned dogs and cats.

That is because many Malaysians tend to abandon pets during festive seasons revealed SPCA chairman Christine Chin, who told The Malay Mail the number of abandoned pets increases by 30 to 40 per cent.

"This has sadly been the trend all these years. As it is, the number of abandoned pets we receive each month of around 700 is already considered high."

She said of the 700 pets surrendered to the shelter each month, 40 per cent were brought in by owners who do not want the animals anymore.

"On top of that, during Christmas, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and such, we always see a spike of 30 to 40 per cent in animal surrenders. The owners tell us their financial situations have changed or their pet has given birth or claim other reasons why they can no longer keep the animals."

Chin also said during festive seasons many families with pets prepare to 'balik kampung' and do not know what to do with their dogs or cats. So, they either surrender them to SPCA, throw them on the streets to fend for themselves or leave them behind with a pile of food, if at all.

Many, she said, found kennels were expensive and found it easier to dump their pets. Chin said there have even been cases of expensive pedigree dogs abandoned.

As much as SPCA advocates adopting dogs, Chin urged people to be more responsible and advised them to think carefully before deciding to keep a pet.

"Please be more responsible. Don't take it in and then realise you cannot cope with the responsibilities that come with it or that you cannot afford to keep a dog. Don't then take the easy way out and just abandon it on the street or surrender it to us.

"People should think twice before surrendering the animals. They probably think by sending us the animal, they are being responsible as we can help re-home the pet.

"But, that is not the case as we already have too many animals here. Even the 700 pets we receive a month is a lot and we are barely able to house them."

She advised those who find they can no longer keep pets to source alternate housing if they felt kennels or vets were too expensive.

She suggested owners ask friends or a relative to care for and feed their pets while they are away on 'balik kampung' trips or vacations.

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MyAnimalCare Notice Board

Our friends, Mandy and Diana, went to visit yesterday and brought kibbles for the dogs.

Please spread the word and help them get adopted.

Address of pound:
Pusat Kurungan Haiwan
Kawasan Perindustrian Bandar Sultan Sulaiman
North Port

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MyAnimalCare Notice Board :

We are rescuing 40 adult dogs tomorrow (Klang Dog Pound) The email that had been circulating reported that there were 40 dogs at the Klang Dog Pound so I had been negotiating for 40 places all week. Now, it turned out that there are close to 100 dogs at the pound. I cannot find places for 100 dogs. Can you help, please? Ask your friends to adopt from the pound.

But we are going ahead with the rescue tomorrow. The place that has agreed to take the dogs have specified a few conditions - the dogs must be healthy and examined by a vet before being brought in.

On our part, we now have managed to get two vets to help us out tomorrow. They will choose 40 dogs for us based on the criterion as per required. It will be very sad for us, because we are unable to help all the dogs, but helping 40 is better than helping none, isn't it?

We are also very grateful to YB Ms Hannah Yeoh (thanks to our friend, Bro Chim, who spoke for us), who helped us get a waiver on the reclaimation fee. But I would have to write an appeal letter and see the officer concerned first thing tomorrow.

We are very grateful to Bro Jeen Lim for letting us use his lorry for half a day tomorrow.

We need to borrow cages - can you help, please?

After rescuing the 12 puppies and settling them at the vet's, we went to three petfood shops in Subang Jaya and managed to purchase a total of 11 cages. This was done at 5pm, and it was just too late to get their suppliers to send new cages.

Amongst us, we can probably come up with about 7 cages.

If anyone can lend us their cages (at least 3 ft long - these are all adult dogs), please bring your cages (with your name and contact no written clearly and tagged to the cages) to the Klang Dog Pound tomorrow morning and leave them with Mr Balu before 8.30am.

Here's the address:
Pusat Kurungan Haiwan
Kawasan Perindustrian Bandar Sultan Sulaiman
North Port

We will be at the pound by 8.30am, pending how long it takes me to get approval for the fee waiver at MPK.

Here's how you can help us:

1. Please lend us your cages, if you can. But remember to tag your names and contact number on it. We have to return your cages to you after the rescue has been done. Best to bring the foldable cages (3 ft long). Don't bring the fanciful ones.

2. We will be supporting the dogs for life in their new home - we need food donations or cash donations for this purpose (long term).

3. We will be bringing a vet to do spaying-neutering for these 40 dogs when they are settled in their new home after a month (January 2010). We need funds for this. We do not want them to breed in their new home. We will be separating the males and females until then, in two separate enclosures.

4. Depending on the health condition of the dogs, they may be vaccinated by the vets before we put them on board the lorry tomorrow (subject to advice of vets tomorrow). If not, they still need this after we settle them in later. We need funds for this, too.

5. We will be running a rehoming/adoption drive for all these 40 dogs after they have settled in their new shelter. We need your help to find them homes. More details later.

6. MDDB also needs funds for the medicals of the 12 puppies rescued today. Eight have been tested positive for Parvo or Distemper - these need to be fostered in isolation. Please help them with funds and fostering.

As of now, we have enough human volunteers for tomorrow's rescue work.

If you can help us with the above, please write to me directly.

Thank you very much in advance.

If you cannot help in the above, then please send us your blessings.

P.S. We apologise for the last minute details, but we could not get any information all weekend, and I had to wait for the consent from the dogs' new home before proceeding to plan for the rescue. And tomorrow is the deadline. Time is not on our side at all.

PLEASE help us...
Posted by chankahyein at 9:01 PM 2 comments Labels: Klang Dog Rescue 12 puppies rescued from Klang Dog Pound today Ever since the Klang Dog Pound issue was made public, we had been working very hard behind the scenes to help the dogs. We heard two big organisations were going to do something, so we were hoping they would.

Being just a small group and not a shelter, our resources are extremely limited. But still, everyone has to help, so this is what we did today, and what we will do tomorrow. Please read on...

We visited the Klang Dog Pound and rescued 12 puppies today. This is all thanks to Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better who told us they would take over the puppies and get them rehomed. We just do the rescue, and they will rehome. Now, that's what I call "Working Together for the Animals".

The day started with us getting absolutely LOST in Klang, looking for the dog pound. We asked for directions to get to the Pusat Kurungan Haiwan and were directed to a Pusat Lembu instead! Gosh! Anyway, we finally reached the place, one hour late. Luckily I had given a whole 1 hour allowance for ourselves.

Then, we met up with En Zakaria, a very kind man who is charge of the matters of the pound, who really has no choice because he is merely doing his duty, as requirement by the administration.

En Zakaria explained that there are public complaints EVERY DAY regarding stray dogs in Klang, and because of this, they are required to go on a catching spree TWICE a day. While we were there, we saw the van bring in six more very healthy looking dogs. There will be another trip later this evening.

We empathise with En Zakaria's predicament. I am sure none of us would want to be in his shoes. He told us how some people abandon their old dogs on the street, thereby contributing to the stray problem in Klang.

We also empathise with the two caretakers at the pound, Mr Balu and Mr Mano. They feel so sorry for the dogs, and yet, there is nothing anyone can do to help them.

If only people would not abandon their dogs...
If only people would actively practise CNRM on the strays...
If only people would be more tolerant of the stray animals and learn to live in harmony with them...

Saying "If only" is just talk....so we must do something about it. On our part, we have already got a panel vet in Klang for CNRM under AnimalCare. We are now finalising the details - will post it up in a few days' time. But we need the people of Klang to participate in our programme. We cannot do this alone.

And today, we rescued 12 puppies from the pound.

It is never about talking, it is always about doing.

I'll let the photos tell the story now...

Newborn puppies, mother is with them. Mr Balu and Mr Mano have put them in a small guardhouse so that they would be safe from the other dogs. They are barely two weeks old. We will be rescuing the whole family either tomorrow or Wednesday.

One of the 12 happy little puppies coming to greet us.

Two puppies playing. Some of the little ones are allowed to roam in the compound.

Here are the really sad ones. This one keeps standing up and looking at me in the eye. I could almost hear her.."Please take me with you." I told her I will, tomorrow. I hope I can keep my promise, if all goes as planned tomorrow.

Please take us home...please.

More dogs.

It breaks your heart...totally.

What about me?

Just then, the MPK van came in, and all the dogs started barking furiously. Mr Balu says the dogs hate that van. I don't blame them.

Here it is....

Six more caught this morning. All looked very healthy to me. Must be newly abandoned or lost. They all looked like pets (or former pets).

We watched them put the six new dogs into the enclosure and our hearts broke into pieces.

MDDB had brought two big packs of food for the dogs, so this puppy is asking for it. He must be extremely hungry. The dogs are only fed discarded bread every day. There is no other food unless good samaritans bring in leftovers for them. Mr Balu and Mr Manu also go to the nearby restaurants and ask for leftovers.

We bought four packs of food too, but decided not to open them until these two packs have been used.

We also brought cooked chicken liver and meat for them. Gosh, what a feast...especially when you have been only eating bread. Mr Balu says some of them simply refuse to eat the bread, because the bread is already spoilt.

Eating kibbles now. Some don't like kibbles very much. But beggars can't be choosers now, can they? Poor things...

En Zakaria has very kindly consented to allow us to rescue 40 of the adults dogs tomorrow. More about this in the next posting...

Will you take me tomorrow, please?

We brought the 12 puppies out in our own private cars, without cages. We had not expected to be able to rescue them, so we came unprepared. It was very easy picking them up since they were still puppies.

Here's two of them, enjoying the air-cont in Mandy's car. When we arrived at the clinic, these two were fast asleep.

I wasn't as lucky. We carried three in our car, and one was quite fierce, so he fought with the other two. I had to stop him, and ended up getting bitten (my thumb is still swollen now!). Then, I had to carry him so that the other two could have some peace. Later, he vomited on me - partially-digested food and two long wriggly worms! Poor thing, he must have been feeling a bit car-sick. And poor me, as well.

MDDB told us to bring them to their vet for a check-up first.

Here are ten of them at the vet's.

Two more in a cage at the back of the clinic.

All finally slept, while waiting for their turn to be checked for Parvo and Distemper. Eight have been tested positive for these diseases, and need to be separated and fostered. Please help MDDB. They need funds, too.


Today, we did the easier part - rescuing the 12 puppies.

Tomorrow is the hard part - rescuing 40 adults. We need specific help. Please read the next posting if you would like to help us.

But here's our appeal to everyone. We now know that the dogs at the pound are only fed bread. Please donate dogfood to the pound. Come with the food and feed the dogs yourself - you will see just how hungry they are. It doesn't cost very much if you cook chicken and rice. You can get this quite cheaply from the market. Kibbles may be more expensive, but convenient and can be kept.

MDDB told us they have lots of donated food, so we brought back our 4 packs and exchanged them for CAGES - for tomorrow's operation. Please read on

K9 Maniac

Dec 15, 2009, 10:04 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MyAnimalCare Notice Board :

It is now 5.42am. Today is going to be a very challenging day. It was more than 3 years ago that I did a similar rescue operation from the Puchong Dog Pound where we took out 45 dogs from Puchong to their new shelter in Desa Petaling (the Ti-Ratana Community Centre). We were also working against time then. We had barely two hours to remove all the dogs before they were euthanised. We also had a family of a mum-dog and her eight puppies, born at the pound. I called her Selphie, and I took her and all the 8 puppies home with me for fostering.

Isn't it so uncanny how the conditions are so similar this time? Today is also the deadline for the Klang dogs, and we also have a mum-dog (with four puppies born at the pound). But we have 109 dogs to rescue, and we can only take out 40 because try as we did, we just could not find anywhere else which would be willing to take in these dogs.

But here's the big difference, this time we have two vets coming to help us check the dogs first. And the biggest difference is that the caretakers at the Klang Dog Pound are caring and sympathetic and they will help us.

But we are also travelling further, all the way out of the state.

Here's our plan for the dogs:

After getting them to the new shelter, we will bring a vet up to treat them, vaccinate and spay-neuter. We need help with funds.

Then, we will put them up for adoption. We need your help to spread the word so that people will come forward to adopt them.

Please help us, to help them.

Wish us luck today, please.

K9 Maniac

Dec 15, 2009, 10:06 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

MyAnimalCare Notice Board :

While we were purchasing cages at the petfood shop yesterday, an elderly gentleman overheard our discussions, and he wanted to chip in to help out in today's rescue operation.

He did not want his name to be published anywhere, and did not reveal his name to us, so we will call him Uncle Heaven. All he said was that he would report to heaven what we are doing today, when he gets there.

Thank you for your kind contribution, Uncle Heaven.

We would also like to record our deepest gratitude and appreciation to Mandy and Lisa for volunteering to help us in this rescue mission, especially during the planning stage for the last one week. Mandy is now our representative for Klang, and she was the one who helped us get a vet onto our panel in Klang. Welcome aboard, Mandy!

K9 Maniac

Dec 15, 2009, 10:08 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

SMS received from MDDB :

Help. V currently hv 12 pups rescued fr d Klang pound. 8 of them tested +ve 4 distemper, parvo or corona. Tey r at a temporary place now as v cannot bring them 2 our 1/2 way home. d 8 pups had a better chance of curvival if tey were individually cared 4. U can put them in an unused bathroom or at d wet kitchen area. V'll provide food, medicine, cage, vitamin& everything else needed.

Pls help save their lives

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