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May 8, 2009, 10:45 PM

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Re: [supermutts] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks for highlighting this... I've totally missed out this post... which makes me wonder even more.... what happened between the period of 12th April to 3rd May (referring to TV Smith's report/article)

BTW, as i have said earlier... lets shift all the discussion to the correct thread...

Please try not to post information about the problems at Pulau Ketam here but instead post them under the "Disaster at Pulau Ketam" thread..

A dog is a man's most loyal friend.

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May 8, 2009, 10:52 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post


Donate Online
Please click here to make a donation through our ipay88.com account. Please indicate that the donation is for the Pulau Ketam Project.

Fund Transfers & Cheques

You can bank in the payment to our RHB account (Account No: 2-12273-00021583). Please call or e-mail us at enquiries@spca.org.my to notify us of your bank-in donation and transaction details.

Please make all cheques to the Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (please write Pulau Ketam fund on the reverse), and mail to ;

SPCA Selangor
Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama
68000 Ampang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Enquiries: 603-4256 5312 (8am - 4.30pm), 4253 5312 (10am 6.30pm)

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May 10, 2009, 7:43 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post


SPCA PAYS d INDONESIAN WORKER from floating fish farm nearby to FEED SEVEN (7) BAG DOG FOOD DAILY to d DOGS in d ISLAND of DEATH .

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May 10, 2009, 8:23 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

extract from 'homepat' website :

Re: Regarding the trapped Island doggies news! INSIDE NEWS!!
by friedbeef on Sat May 09, 2009 6:52 pm

Dear Yang -

Definitely agree that SPCA can do better. At the risk of getting flamed on my very first post on this site, let me say a few good things about SPCA.

RE: Fund Allocation

Let's remember that the SPCA is a professionally run organisation with a set of audited annual Statement of Accounts and conducts an AGM each year. The Statement of Accounts is available for inspection upon request, so it is an open book on how they fund their operations. Membership is open to the public, and anyone not satisfied can raise this in proper channels.

RE: Funding and the Kill Policy

I think it's great that you managed to rehome 100 animals with limited resources.
I also think that it's great that Furry Friend Farm can sustain 80 dogs in total with their own limited resources.

You mention that if this HUGE NGO (SPCA) fund had been managed nicely, that they can easily afford a land and raise hundreds of dogs there without killing them. I think you are right. They probably could raise hundreds of dogs.

The fact remains that SPCA has 13,000 NEW animals coming to them annually (This is JUST FOR SELANGOR AND KL), and without a kill policy there is no way they can sustain themselves at this point.

One of the key reasons for this is that SPCA has become a dumping ground for animals.

The typical Malaysian knows SPCA. They do not know FFF.
The typical Malaysian will also NOT sponsor the animal they bring to FFF, but is instead will be content to chuck it to SPCA and feel good about it.
This behavior results in a HUGE influx of strays into SPCA

I'm also pretty certain that once strays are rehomed, FFF are much more likely to be successfully rehomed than an SPCA pet. Reason being, FFF adopters are mainly pet enthusiasts or friends of pet enthusiasts.
SPCA does not have that luxury of that filter, and because they are 'mainstream', many adopters are just parents who want to get a dog for their kid, and in the end many of them bring them back resulting in an unsuccessful rehome.

This pattern of adoption also results in more animals for them to care for.

SPCA also has a 2010 no kill vision which you can read about here www.spca.org.my/nokill.htm
They will probably fail given today's circumstances, but I still give them credit for trying, and trying to address root causes via large scale spaying campaigns which I'm sure everyone on this forum is aware of.

I'm sure SPCA leadership could have appeared more caring and passionate about the animals rather than the money raised. I just wish to highlight that they really need the money here as detailed above.

RE: Free publicity

Seriously, no NGO dictates to a journalist what to write, so if SPCA end up getting free publicity, it is not via some free loading intent. Journalists will cover whatever seems relevant, and because SPCA is so high profile in this area, their opinions on the matter will be sought, and will most likely be published. So they get more publicity, and to that I say good for them.

Anyway, let me just wish FFF all the best - what they are doing is awesome, I will be volunteering there shortly, and SPCA is great because of all the work they have done. In the end we're all here for the same reason - to help animals.

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May 11, 2009, 10:38 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Today SPCA RESCUED ANOTHER 6 DOGS from d ISLAND of DEATH after Camping Overnite There. TOTAL = 8 DOGS

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May 12, 2009, 5:25 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Total no. of dog rescued by SPCA up-to-date = 10

Petster Magazine will be organizing a joint rescue mission with SPCA and other parties to Pulau Ketam, and we'd like to invite our members to participate in the efforts as well.

Below are the details:

Date: May 17th, 2009 (Sunday)

Time: 7am sharp

Location: Petster Magazine's Office (No. 6-1-M, Jalan 14/155B, Aked Esplanad, Taman Bukit Jalil)

Contact Person: William Tan (012-3333626), managing editor of Petster Magazine

Transport: You will need to find your own transport or car pool to Klang, before taking boat over. All transportation costs are to be provided by yourself.

Items: Each person must bring along at least 1 packet of dog food of any size. Please also bring along your own food, drinks and equipment.

Each participant will receive a "The Pulau Ketam Incident Rescue Mission" sponsored by Petster Magazine

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May 12, 2009, 8:26 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Task force for island dogs Systematic plan to rescue strays set up Nevash Nair Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

dogsRESCUE: SPCA workers carrying one of the stray dogs they managed to save at the Selat Kering islanddogsRESCUE: SPCA workers

Special task force has been set up to resolve the issue of stray dogs that were left on uninhabited islands off Pulau Ketam.

After the Ketam dog issue was highlighted by the media, the Klang Municipal Council met with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), animal rights activists, members of the public and elected representatives to discuss immediate action to solve the issue.

The meeting was chaired by councillor Datuk Abdul Ghani Pateh Akhir and involved Kapar MP'S. Manikavasagam and Klang Selat State assemblymen Dr Halimah Ali, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Furry Friends Farm (FFF), Save A Stray (SAS) and the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS).

Also present were animal activists, representatives from the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council and Petaling Jaya Municipal Council.

SAS founder Jacqueline Tsang was vocal during the two-and-a-half hour meeting, calling for immediate action by the council and urging for a joint effort from all relevant parties to help bring an end to the misery of some 1,100 stray dogs on islands near Pulau Ketam.

She also provided guidelines that included the feeding of strays on the island.

All representatives provided their input and PJ councillor Anthony Thanasayan even offered to help the Klang council solve the issue.

There was heated discussion and disagreement over the importance of feeding the strays. Finally, they decided to form a special task force which would include NGOs, members of the public and council representatives to look into the feeding of the strays.

The SPCA was assigned to lead the programme, which would be assisted by other NGOs.

The FFF and the Klang council would work together to trap and catch the stranded dogs.

The third part of the plan was to ensure that all dogs from the island would undergo sterilisation to be carried out by the DVS.

SAS will be in charge of finding new homes for the dogs.

Last week, it was reported that stray dogs were left to fend for themselves on the uninhabited Pulau Selat Kering and had resorted to eating each other to survive.

This was the gruesome finding of the SPCA, animal inspectors and SAS founder Tsang when they visited the island

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May 13, 2009, 12:00 AM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post


Attached image(s)

MPK meeting with animal NGO & animal activist yesterday 2.30pm

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May 14, 2009, 1:24 AM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post


d 3 dogs r thin & traumatised, r being treated at a pvt vet


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May 14, 2009, 5:51 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post


Inspector Cunera settling the exhausted dogs down into their crates

News From SPCA Selangor
For release on Wedne
sday, 13th May 2009

Dear Friends,

Thanks to your faithful support our rescue team now have managed to rescue 13 abandoned dogs from Pulau Selat Kering! Please read our most recent update below (Day 5 of Rescue & Relief), followed by our reports from Day 4, Day 3, and Day 2.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the hundreds of phone calls, text messages, and e-mails expressing your concern and pledging your support for our mission. There is a lot yet to be accomplished, including a long-term solution to the stray dog overpopulation on Pulau Ketam through education and mass sterilization. We hope you will continue to support our work for the animals, well into the future!

Please forgive us for our delayed updates, we are hardly in the office enough to send out our e-news or update the website, but we hope to keep the updates coming regularly this week!

Day 5: Three more dogs saved!
Wednesday, 13th May 2009

5.45 pm:
Our Dream-Team Murugan and Jorg with the assistance of the kelong workers have rescued another 3 dogs today, they are on their journey back to the SPCA Office right now! Today, our Chairperson Christine Chin also joined the team at the island to provide them with moral support and encouragement.

The other nine dogs have been sent to a vet in Ampang for a check-up, treatment and boarding. One dog (Wowow) has a potential adopter, while Piccolo and Piccola have found a foster home - the three dogs will be on their way to their new families after being treated by the vet.

9 dogs have been sent to vet in Ampang for a check-up and treatment

Day 4: Gloomy Monday? No way! 8 dogs rescued today!
Monday, 11th May 2009

We just received inspiring news! Murugan and the workers managed to rescue 6 dogs by lunch-time, using just one dog trap! The dogs couldn't resist the aroma of the fried meat, and one by one they went into the trap to grab a bite! The dogs were carefully transported back to the kelong for safe-keeping. The dogs looked dehydrated, emaciated and exhausted but their traumatic ordeal was over, and they were going back to a better life.

When volunteer Jorg joined Murugan later in the afternoon, they rescued 2 more dogs, making it 8 dogs in just one day. This confirmed that our earlier effort to catch them by hand was not only dangerous for the dogs and the handlers, but also not fruitful. We are glad that we spent the time surveying the island and re-assesing the situation, to come up with a more effective solution.

The 7 dogs were transported back to the SPCA Selangor office in Ampang (one had been handed over to Sabrina of Furry Friends Farm for safekeeping), where the dogs were placed in donated cages, and provided with a good meal and clean water. The dogs will be assessed by a vet as soon as possible, and given the necessary treatment. The whole team - exhausted and stressed from dealing with this situation - is elated, motivated and determined to work even harder to rescue as many dogs as we can quickly!

Our first two rescues Wowow and BooBoo are recovering well, and becoming friendlier by the day!

An exhausted Caramel

Cuddly may have a trans-venereal tumour (TVT), please pray that she will be alright after treatment of the vets

Latte, after a good meal

Beautiful Liberty, with her sad, soulful eyes

Piccolo and Piccola, who initially teased us by peeping from behind the trees when we placed food down on the landing, but never coming close enough for us to catch

Gentle, nervous Serene. She and the other dogs have gone through such an ordeal, but with your help we will help them trust people again

Day 3: Platforms, Fried Meat and The Big Plan
Sunday, 10th May 2009

Murugan and volunteers Jorg and Moses hired a boat and travelled to Pulau Selat Kering at 3pm. They brought along some recycled shelving, wooden planks and rope. The night before, E-ching and Moses had specially prepared fried chicken meat and liver, as well as fried mutton to bait the traps. We had a plan.

After building two platforms among the mangroves where dogs could rest and feed comfortably, Jorg, Murugan and one of the kelong workers ventured in a smaller boat into an inlet during the high-tide. To their shock and delight, they found what looked to be an old, abandoned house 200-300 metres into the mangrove. This provided a platform for the dogs to rest on during high-tide, and they brought back a dog trap and set it up there. One of the workers got so excited when he saw a dog swimming nearby, and he jumped in and tried to catch it. Unfortunately, the dog swam quickly to the land, and ran away.

Loading our dog trap onto the boat, and transporting it to a platform in the mangroves

On the way out to the kelong. Inset: additional dog food and fried meat used to entice the dogs into the dog traps

Murugan stayed overnight to monitor the movement of the dogs and watch the dog trap, while the volunteers returned home. We hope the traps work, we're keeping our fingers crossed!

Day 2: Another Day At The Swamps
Friday, 8th May 2009

Uncle Danny very kindly offered to drive our whole team of volunteers and staff to Pulau Selat Kering today on his boat. After some initial problems with the steering (and our anchor snapping off!), we were off to survey the area again and rescue more dogs.

The team consisted of SPCA Committee member E-Ching, staff Cunera, Murugan, Sugen, Shahrul, Jacinta, and volunteers Lynette, Jorg, and vet Dr Lynette. We had packed food and cannisters of clean water for the dogs, cages, a dog trap, insect repellant, ropes, knives, and rubber boots.

Disembarking from the boat onto the Pulau Selat Kering mangroves was a big challenge, and we swung ourselves off the boat and dropped knee-deep into the mud immediately. Movement was difficult and dangerous, as the mangroves roots kept tripping us, and we kept slipping and sliding deep into the mud. Dr Lynette and E-Ching hacked away at the branches and tried to make 'bridges' so everyone could walk on the branches and avoid getting stuck in the mud.
Making a temporary bridge to prevent volunteers from sliding into the mud while crossing over from the boat
Part of the team set up the dog trap, and laid out batches of food on PVC sheets around the only landing area (where the dogs had been abandoned initially). Some walked 20-30 metres deeper into the mangroves, placing smaller bags of dog food on planks. We could hear dogs, but we couldn't get near them. Kuning (a dog adopted by the kelong workers) appeared, and his antics calmed our nerves, and helped us relax a little even though we were acutely aware that we were in a very risky situation.

Several dogs could be seen peeping from behind the trees, but none ventured any closer to the food. The whole team then got into the boat and moved to the kelong (fish-farm) 15-20 metres away. 7-10 dogs came out to the shoreline, and started drinking the water we have placed and eating the food, looking at us warily from time to time.

Thirsty dog (Liberty) drinking from a container of fresh water we just put down We bumped into Marjorie and Karin from KKB at the kelong, who had hatched the brilliant idea of building a floating platform! They worked quickly to build it with the wood and tools they had brought, and attached food and water bowls to it. The platform will entice dogs onto it to eat, and prevent the food from being washed away during the high-tide.

The trap malfunctioned, and we couldn't catch any dogs. We got into the boat and moved 100-metres down the side of the island, making 3 stops to place food and water. We could hear dogs barking in the distance. Later on, we unloaded 6 bags of food onto the kelong, and paid the kelong workers to feed the dogs until we came again.

The whole team left covered in mud, with cuts and bruises, and with heavy hearts. Over lunch, we brainstormed on how we could carry out our rescue and relief more effectively and quickly.

We concluded that having too many people around frightened the dogs, and slowed down everyones movement. During the next rescue and relief, we hope to build more platforms and use meat to entice the dogs. We also need to have our traps fixed, so they release the trap door easily.

How You Can Help

SPCA are appealing to the public to contribute to their Pulau Ketam fund, to aid the emergency rescue and relief efforts over the next several weeks. Funds will be utilized to hire boats for transportation of the dogs, purchase dog food, medical supplies and cages - as well as a mass sterilization effort and educational campaign for the villagers.

We also appreciate donations in kind 3 x 3 multipurpose cages, dog biscuits and canned food, food and water bowls, towels, water storage containers, and flea/tick spray. All donated items can be sent to the SPCA Animal Shelter in Ampang Jaya.

Donate Online

Please click here to make a donation through our ipay88.com account. Please indicate that the donation is for the Pulau Ketam Project.

Fund Transfers & Cheques

You can bank in the payment to our RHB account (Account No: 2-12273-00021583). Please call or e-mail us at enquiries@spca.org.my to notify us of your bank-in donation and transaction details.

Please make all cheques to the Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (please write Pulau Ketam fund on the reverse), and mail to ;

SPCA Selangor

Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama

68000 Ampang Jaya

Selangor Darul Ehsan

Enquiries: 603-4256 5312 (8am - 4.30pm), 4253 5312 (10am 6.30pm)


If you are an experienced dog-handler, animal rescuer or vet and interested in assisting with the sterilization program or educational campaign for the villagers, or able to foster adult dogs temporarily, please send us an e-mail immediately at enquiries@spca.org.my . There are hundreds of dogs and puppies that need your help, every bit counts!


Background Information

Pulau Ketam consists of two settlements - Pulau Ketam Village and Sungai Lima Village. Both villages claim to have been facing a stray dog crisis for the last several years. Earlier this month, newspapers reported that Pulau Ketam villagers were trapping stray dogs and transporting them to a 3 vacant island in a desperate attempt to reduce the population of dogs. Sungai Lima villagers later started a similar operation.

Pulau Ketam villagers reported that 312 dogs had already been trapped and abandoned on uninhabited Pulau Tengah out of an estimated population of 2000, while Sungai Lima villagers estimated their stray dog population to be around 600.

SPCA Animal Inspectors Cunera and Murugan, and SAS founder Jackie Tsang made a trip to Pulau Ketam two weeks ago. They found that most of the villagers owned dogs themselves, and had no intention of causing harm to the strays on the island. They were frustrated at the stray dog population, which is quickly spiraling out of control the villagers estimate that there are approximately 2000 strays on the island. The villagers said that they did not want the dogs caught and euthanized, and thought that leaving them to survive on another island would be better. The villagers were upset with the reports in the media, which claimed that they had been burning the dogs or abusing them which they denied doing.

The team found that during the day time, there were dozens of stray cats and dogs roaming the island. However, when they surveyed a part of the town from 12.30pm-1.30am, they counted 82 dogs in just a small area. The dogs look generally healthy, with several suffering from minor injuries.

At a meeting with the village leaders, they agreed to support a mass sterilization effort for both stray and pet dogs (and cats).


May 14, 2009, 10:23 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Last night SPCA RESCUE TEAM was denied to overnite in the platform to rescue the dying dogs in P.Selat Kering. Reason being another group paid to kelong Indonesian fisherman to stop SPCA rescue team to rescue the dying dogs.

Furry Friends Farm's Blog / Website clearly states that
"FFF was originaly registered under a private company on 4th Oct 2006 under the ownership of Sabrina." ALL ROB and ROC companies have individuals/corporates as ultimate owner/shareholder and are FOR PROFIT to the individuals/corporates. No matter what they say ultimately the funds they collect belongs to the shareholders to use at their whims. It is illegal for them to receive donations. If the public "donates" to them, these "donations" are considered "Revenue" to these entities and shareholders can buy cars, go on holidays etc etc.... and all donors cannot say "I thought they go to the animals!" In this case if the entities are closed/dismantled all the funds go to the individuals that own the enterprises. Net of its expenses will be subject to tax @ 27% . Does she show how she spends it?

SPCA is a NGO. a NON-PROFIT COMPANY, under the ROS(Registrar of societies )registered organisations are ALL non-profit, charitable orgs with a publicly declared Constituion, governed by credible Committee of between 12-20 Malaysians and PRs, a credible and respected Patron and Trustees to oversee usage of funds and funds are kept and used solely for the mission and objectives as stated in the Constitution. No individual is entitled to use these funds. Annual Audited statements must be submitted together with a list of all Committee members. If the society is closed for whatever reason, all the funds go to the Ministry of Finance.

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May 15, 2009, 12:30 AM

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Re: [eric07] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post


hi, pls concentrate on dogs

News Release fr SPCA : Just In: Three Dogs Rescued on Wednesday! Thu, 14th May 2009, 01:22am These are the three dogs that Murugan and Jorg rescued today! The cream-coloured dog is friendly and affectionate, even though she is suffering from a maggot wound on her back. The black dog is untrusting, understandably so given the hopeless and terrifying situation she just got out of. The brown dog has bruises and small wounds on its frail little body, but is not completely afraid of people. All three dogs ate their meals hungrily, and lapped up the clean water gratefully.

Please keep the dogs on the island (as well as other animals who are suffering worldwide) in your thoughts and prayers. We hope to rescue all the dogs from Pulau Selat Kering as soon as possible.

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May 15, 2009, 6:46 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Star 15 May Fri
Ketam dogs

There must be better ways to solve the issue of stray dogs than dumping them on an island.

TOURIST venues need all the publicity they can get, one would imagine. However, residents of Pulau Ketam must be somewhat peeved at the excessive attention theyve been getting in recent months first, it was the dolls, and then, it was the dogs.

China dolls, though, didnt quite match up to the furore raised worldwide when it was found that islanders were dumping stray dogs by the hundreds in mangrove swamps located on two neighbouring islands.

The islanders, despairing of the stray dog population in their vicinity, reckoned the mutts would find a way to survive on a swampy island, sans food or fresh water.

Some dogs died, others fed on their carcasses and lived; accounts by rescuers also told of mutts gazing forlornly in the direction of Pulau Ketam.

It all made for a very tragic situation, and the question that begs to be asked is this how did we end up with such an uncontrolled population of stray dogs?

Some people are initially thrilled at the idea of having pets but, once the novelty has worn off, abandon them in places far away from home. Now, do this to a cat, and hell find his way home with single-minded precision, over a few weeks or months, and turn up on your doorstep with a dead mouse.

Dogs get distracted easily and are too trusting of humans, so they wander around, waiting for their rightful owners to return and pick them up.

Some find better homes Ive had more than a couple of friends who have taken in friendly strays that obviously used to belong to someone, and were either lost or abandoned. Other unfortunate ones stay strays; and strays beget strays, and over the years, this has just grown and grown.

Dogs get a bad rep here, Im inclined to believe. Complain to the local council about stray mutts and the dog-catchers descend on your neighbourhood, round up every pooch they spy and send them to the pound for that inevitable cruel end.

Tell them about the dozens of cats rummaging through your garbage and leaving it all over the road, messing up your compound and such, and I doubt anything would happen. Then again, cats are just too sly and small to be caught. Lets leave it at that, Im in enough trouble with the cat people already!

Shouldnt we come up with a more humane solution to the issue of stray dogs? Animal shelters already have their hands full with this.

As for Pulau Ketam, it seems to have drawn enough global attention to keep it on the map, although some blogs have been urging tourists to boycott Malaysia because of the stray dog issue. Oh, come on, if all countries with humanitarian problems were to be boycotted by tourists, then nobody would go anywhere!

Maybe with a bigger influx of tourists to the island, we can impose a dog tax on them and use the money for the welfare and maintenance of our furry friends. Along the way, also make efforts to better develop Pulau Ketam.

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May 20, 2009, 1:56 AM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Long-term plan for P.Ketam dogs

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
A LONG-term plan to deal with abandoned dogs on Pulau Ketam was agreed upon by a committee yesterday. The committee included representatives of non-governmental organisations and officers from the Department of Veterinary Services. It was chaired by Pulau Ketam councillor Wong Siah Ping. The meeting started on a sour note, as members expressed dissatisfaction with the presence of an NGO member, not elected last week in an open meeting, in the committee. However, the situation calmed down as Furry Friends Farm said the NGO member was part of its entourage.

Two proposals were discussed yesterday and the committee agreed to use a joint structure plan based on both proposals. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) proposed a census of the dog population, to be carried out under the guidelines of the World Society for the Protection of Animals. Besides this, SPCA will set up a holding area to temporarily accommodate stray dogs that are caught. Save a Stray Bhd, on the other hand, proposed that dogs on the island be vaccinated and neutered before being sent to the mainland. Also, both NGOs were firm on their stand, that they would only help the fishermen of Pulau Ketam if all dogs, including the ones with owners, were neutered.SPCA chairman Christine Chin said: "We found that most of the stray dogs have long fur, similar to the ones that have owners.

Therefore, we are adamant that all dogs on the island should be spayed."SAS founder Jacqueline Tsang echoed Chin's comments and added: "We will also start educating the residents of Pulau Ketam on this matter. First, we will give out informational brochures before having a dialogue session with them." In total, 31 dogs have been rescued ever since hundreds of dogs were abandoned on an uninhabited island near Pulau Ketam. Last week, an open door meeting was called and a committee was formed to tackle the issue. This was followed by a visit by the Department of Veterinary director-general Datuk Dr Aziz Jamluddin to the island last Saturday. He was deeply saddened after seeing the conditions of the dogs.

DVS, SPCA & SAS Rescue Mission in P.Ketam on 16 May 2009 Sat:

  • GiEjחQ珀ƐHB iFFj
3 of 5

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May 20, 2009, 6:19 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

We keep going back regularly, there are still innocent dogs waiting to be rescued

News From SPCA Selangor
For release on Tues
day, 19th May 2009

Dear Friends,

A quick update on our Rescue & Relief work at Pulau Selat Kering, as well as our long-term plans to address the dog overpopulation crisis in Pulau Ketam. You will also be happy to know that all the dogs have been given a thorough check-up by a private vet, and 8 are back at the SPCA Office recuperating while 4 others are being treated at the vet!

To all the various companies, religious groups and individuals who have supported this mission and offered to assist with fundraising, you are truly angels. Despite the helplessness of our situation sometimes and challenges thrown our way, we are very encouraged by your un-wavering support and well-wishes reminding all the staff and volunteers that we are not alone in our mission for the animals. Thank you for the phone calls, e-mails, text messages, and personal visits - your moral support, donations of food and other much-needed items and funding for this project is really, really appreciated and remembered.

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May 20, 2009, 6:35 PM

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

News From SPCA Selangor
For release on Tues
day, 19th May 2009

For quick updates, visit Marketing & Communications staff Jacintas twitter here, to track updates on the Pulau Selat Kering rescue and Pulau Ketam project >>

Update on our rescued dogs!

Wowow, BooBoo, Caramel, Latte, Liberty, Piccolo & Piccola, Serene (Re-named now as Meta, Mudita, Khema, Dinna, Visakha, Flora, Mulan & Liberty)
8 dogs have been given a clean bill of health from the vet! After passing their blood tests with flying colours, the eight lucky canines have been vaccinated and micro-chipped and are now back at the SPCA Selangor Inspectorate & Marcomm office recuperating and resting. Volunteers and staff make sure they are fed well and cleaned twice daily, and look in on them constantly they are putting on weight, and slowly allowing us to touch and pet them! Many thanks to a generous and caring association, who have come forward and sponsored the treatment of these 8 dogs!

Cuddly, Karuna, Karishma & Daya
4 dogs are still being treated and boarded at the vet. Cuddly is being treated for a trans-venereal tumor (TVT), while the Karuna (cream coloured) is being treated for an infected maggot wound. Daya (black & tan) is suffering from bad diarrhea, while Karishma is being monitored and treated, as blood tests showed that she may be suffering from kidney or liver problems. Animal lover Jessie Yee and her compassionate family and friends have since offered to sponsor the treatment of these 4 dogs, we thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts! We have given them the privilege of naming the 3 dogs rescued most recently, and they have given them beautiful Sanskrit names; Karuna means love and compassion, Karishma means miracle, and Daya means true mercy and compassion. Buddhism promotes forgiveness, not revenge. We want the dogs to forgive the villagers for abandoning them, and dogs being such beautiful creatures we are sure they already have, says Jessie.

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post


Pulau Ketam Working Committee Meeting
18th May 2009

SPCA, FFF, SAS, Dept of Veterinary Services and MPK had a meeting yesterday to discuss progress and plans for the rescue and relief operations for the abandoned dogs in Pulau Selat Kering, as well as long-term plans for Pulau Ketams stray dog crisis. Among the key points discussed by the Committee for the rescue & relief operations;

a) SPCA rescue team to continue feeding, trapping, treatment and sheltering of Pulau Selat Kering dogs

b) Majlis Perbandaran Klang to liaise with the owner of the fish-farm and explore option of 'renting' the platform as a base for rescue & relief options, to allow equal access for rescue teams from all organisations involved

c) Rescue groups to shift focus to different parts of the island, where more dog colonies may be

d) MPK to assist in securing more dog traps from other municipal councils if possible

e) MPK to liaise with fish-farm owner to request to pay workers a fixed, monthly allowance to assist both rescue teams in catching dogs, instead of rescue teams paying workers per dog caught as it may lead to abuse e.g. workers may bring in more stray dogs and leave them at the island, or workers refusing to allow SPCA to take the dogs back because they are paid more by other animal rescue groups Among key points discussed for long-term sterlization and education efforts on Pulau Ketam (the source of the stray dogs) that will take place within the next 3 months;
  • A dog population census/survey needs to be carried out (according to guidelines provided by the World Society For the Protection of Animals WSPA) to obtain a more accurate figure for the population (currently estimated at 1,500-2,000 dogs)
  • An area of approximately 2000 square feet needs to be located on Pulau Ketam and allocated by the Land Office for a temporary neutering clinic (collaborative effort between DVS, SPCA & SAS), as well as a holding & post-operation facility.
  • Sterilization will target pet dogs first, then community dogs and strays
  • Community dogs and strays will be vaccinated, treated and neutered before being returned to their original location or moved back to the mainland for rehoming (collaborative effort between animal welfare groups)
  • Prior to the sterilization campaign, Mr Tee (MPK Councillor) will arrange for an educational talk for the residents, to highlight the importance of neutering to curb the number of dogs on the island, as well as dispel any myths or misconceptions they have about neutering

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Day 8: The Work Continues, Despite Challenges

Sunday, 17th May 2009

Inspector Murugan, and volunteers Jorg and Moses continued with rescue efforts from morning to late evening. Being prohibited from using the floating fish-farm earlier, MPK had since stepped in and requested the fish-farm owner to allow the SPCA team to use it as a base for rescue operations today, and it was granted happily. However, to avoid any conflict with another animal rescue group who are using the fish-farm, we will be working out of our rented boat and a platform that Marjorie and Karin have helped build. SPCA Selangor is utilizing donated funds to cover Marjorie and Karins transport and purchase of materials to build two more floating platforms for us that will be used as feeding/watering stations for the island dogs. Many thanks to the ever-helpful duo for their hard work and big hearts!

One lucky dog had been caught by the fish-farm workers using our dog trap, and collected by Furry Friends Farm volunteers.
More drums donated by SAS to build the floating platform
Murugan testing the strength of our new feeding station in the mangrove Jorg and Murugan managed to set up their 8' x 8' platform in the mangrove above the tide waters, where dogs can rest, eat, and drink comfortably. An ladder was also built, for easy access.

Late evening, placing food and water near the Indonesian workers deeper inside the mangrove The team also found an area deeper inside where several Indonesian workers reside, where they reported more dogs had been seen a few days earlier. They jumped into our boat, and took us around the area to try and locate where the dogs have moved to. As it was getting late, we decided to place food and water on their platform, and return on Tuesday to see if the dogs has come around.

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Day 7: Dept Of Vet Services & MPK, SPCA & SAS Rescue Mission In PSK & PK Saturday, 16th May 2009 Christine Chin, Jorg, Dato Dr Aziz & Jacqueline Tsang
The Director-General of the Dept Of Veterinary Services (DVS) Dr Dato Dr Abd Aziz Bin Jamaluddin, Senior Officials from Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) and SPCA Chairman Christine Chin headed their respective teams today into Pulau Selat Kering and Pulau Ketam, accompanied by Save A Stray (SAS) founder Jacqueline Tsang and members of the media. The purpose of this monumental meeting was for the DVS and MPK officials to get a first-hand experience of the prevailing terrain and plight of the abandoned dogs. The entourage went into the mangroves to view the dog-traps set by SPCA and the feeding stations, and later took a boat ride to Pulau Ketam itself.

Much to our delight, two brown dogs had been caught in our traps the previous night, and the workers had removed them and passed them to volunteers from Furry Friends Farm.

DVS, MPK, SAS, SPCA, Media & animal rescuers

DVS and MPK were keen on exploring the mangrove further, to view the traps we had laid out, and get a first-hand explanation of the rescue work from Murugan and Jorg DVS, SPCA and SAS discussed strategies for rescue and relief efforts for the abandoned dogs, as well as long-term plans to alleviate the dog overpopulation crisis unfolding at Pulau Ketam. A discussion wad held with Mr Loo, the head of the Stray Dog-Catching Committee (who had caught the dogs and sent them to the uninhabited island), who will be offering their cooperation and support for sterilization, education and rehoming/relocation efforts. The stray dog population had exploded into over 1000 dogs, hungry and more aggressive by the day. Mr Loo was happy that the coalition will assist in trap-neuter-release/ translocation/ rehoming of the many strays and community dogs that hid under raised platforms, and in the dense woods behind the town coming out at night to forage for food.

The coalition also discussed the possible site for a holding area for stray dogs caught, and the resources required to maintain this. The strays will be transported to the mainland and will be temporarily housed for several days, and will be given a check-up and treatment by vets. Subsequently, they will be transferred to various farms and private sanctuaries in Tmn Melawati, Raub, Bentong, and Nilai to be cared for as well as foster homes. Together with help from an ad agency, SPCA hopes to run a re-homing campaign for these dogs, who really deserve a second chance at life.

DVS and SPCA Selangor will pool resources to set up a temporary Klinik Kembiri at Pulau Ketam to be headed by SPCA-DBKL's Klinik Kembiri ex-chief Veterinary Surgeon Dr Norsuhanna Mohktar. The set-up cost of this high-volume, highly-subsidised, spay/neuter center will be borne by SPCA, and will neuter owned dogs and selected community dogs to prevent uncontrolled breeding.

Dato Dr Aziz also addressed the garbage heaps on Pulau Ketam that has been the food source for all the strays. Effective control of garbage will definitely control the stray population, and routine, hygenic feeding by the villagers in selected spots could instead by initiated.

As they were leaving, they saw a small black puppy stumble and fall into the sea under a jetty. They ran to his rescue, and Christine (SPCA Chairperson) decided to give the little lad a home. His name is Lucky Lemak, and he will be the mascot of the Pulau Ketam project!

SPCA has also been liaising with Dr Natasha Lee from the World Society For The Protection Of Animals (WSPA), who have advised us to conduct a dog population census to determine a more accurate figure. WSPA is interested in assisting with the long-term project for Pulau Ketam, and may send a representative soon to assess the situation further.

SPCA and SAS hopes to start building the holding area as soon as possible, with DVS committing as a meaningful and effective partner in this coalition.

(Note : For Day 7, SPCA was requested to not carry out rescue efforts, as FFF had organized a rescue effort together with MPK dog-catchers).

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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Day 6 : The One That Got Away

Thursday, 14th May 2009

Uncle Danny watching for signs of life in the mangrove, while NTV7 reporter Selina examines the map of the various islands

Uncle Danny took our team again to Pulau Selat Kering, where there were many more dogs waiting to be rescued. The crew from NTV7 was there to film the operation, and Jacinta was there to photograph Jorg and Murugan at work.

As we approached the landing on Pulau Selat Kering, we saw 4-5 dogs on the edge of the island, wandering among the mangrove trees and looking at us. Two dogs were sitting on the floating feeding/watering/ resting station built by Marjorie and Karin. The dogs looked thin, but much better than we had seen the last time possibly due to the fact that they now had access to dog food and clean water everyday. As we got closer, the dogs retreated quickly deeper into the mangroves.

A white dog was sitting in a cage on the fish-farm when we arrived, but the fish-farm workers refused to let us take her home as they were waiting for Furry Friends Farm to pay them and take the dog.

After baiting the 2 traps with fried meat, we backed away from the island and waited patiently. While waiting, we sailed towards the left and right of the landing, looking for signs of more dogs. Towards the right, we heard more dogs, but towards the left we couldnt see or hear any signs of dogs.
Kuning watches as we try to transfer his friend into another cage The one who got away (but was trapped and removed by Indonesian workers at night, thankfully!)

Twenty minutes later, we came back to find Kuning guarding another small brown dog that was in our dog trap! Kuning seemed rather pleased with himself, and was treated to a mutton bone for a good job done! Jorg and Murugan quickly landed on the island to transfer the dog into a holding cage. After successfully transferring the little dog, they started carrying the cage into the boat. It all happened in a flash the little dog suddenly panicked and struggled, forcing the cage door to open in one corner! The dog jumped and landed in the mangrove, and ran off. We felt deflated. So close, and yet so far! (We later found out that the team from FFF managed to trap her the following day, so all is good!)

The owner of the nearby kelong (fish-farm) had a sudden change of heart, and did not allow the SPCA team to use the kelong for rescue activities (while we have been told that a third-party is responsible for this, we are taking it as a challenge that needs to be overcome, and have asked the MPK & DVS to intervene).

Unloading plywood into the mangrove was no easy feat

Jorg and Murugan worked hard under the blazing sun in the mangrove

Painting the platform so its not easily damaged by sea water Not ones to be discouraged or distracted from their dedicated rescue efforts, Murugan and Jorg went on to unload the plywood and tools they had brought to build another floating platform, that can be used to hold rescued dogs, food, water and other supplies for the rescue & relief mission. As they couldnt work on the fish-farm, they were forced to work in the mangrove, toiling for 2 hours to put the platform together. After painting the surface to prevent damage to it from the sea water, the platform was left overnight to dry.

We did not manage to remove any more dogs today, unfortunately. However, we are optimistic that we will save more in the following days. In the meantime, we still place our traps there and continue to bait them with meat each visit, and we are happy that the dogs that get caught are removed by the Indonesian fish-farm workers and passed to volunteers from Furry Friends Farm - as long as these dogs are saved, our mission is going very well.

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Re: [eric07] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post


I know you are a big fan of SPCA (I am too), but hiding behind an alias and attacking FFF is not cool. You are a member since Nov 6, 2007. Since then has only posted 3 times with the same message attacking FFF, what is your motive?

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Re: [nphew] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Hmm..there muz be something hiding behind..do u read the chinese paper?FFF is a non-killing pet shelter..they even mentioned that if nobody adopt those doggies..they will still live there instead of being put to sleep..from this..I guess FFF is better?


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Re: [luv_leehom517] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Yeah, their no kill policy is a plus point. But still it is not helping with the growing numbers of stray. As for SPCA, some people seems to think that if they bring stray puppies to SPCA, they are doing a good deed, not knowing that most of them will be put to sleep, don't they have a right to live too. Someone talked about the TNR (Trap, Neuter and Release). If there is an organization that does that, I will be the first to volunteer.


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Re: [melmel] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

Thank you so much for all the efforts you guys have been sincerely contributed. You all are the real saviors!!! Thumbs up for all of you

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Re: [nikemax] DBKL DOG POUND CRUELTY [In reply to] Can't Post

m glad @ d effort putting by SPCA on P.Ketam stray control mission. SPCA receives 600 animals every mth, spays 350 animals every mth , inspects 70 cruelty cases every mth , rehomes countless animals, conducts home visit after rehoming besides holding many educational talks on pet ownership responsibility .


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