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Oct 11, 2003, 5:23 AM

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Re: [boon] germanshepherd

hi Boon,


Quote :
"u mean SV & WUSV is something like FCI & AKC and other affiliate ? "
Not really ! , it is more like WUSV was set up as an organisation for GSD club around the world who wants to be affliated wt SV, and if I'm not mistaken WUSV is headed by SV as well.

"*** VA is the title for the dog or ?
Sieger = VA 1 , the no.1 male dog of the annual SV
Sieger Show , (female = Siegerin) *** Seiger Show is a sport like SchH, tracking and some otehr protection work, herding or Dog show ? ""
The VA & Sieger title is only for the show dog awarded in the annual Sieger Show. In some countries like Germany US & Italy 's Sieger show ,
In the Sieger show, each dog conformation is closely checked after which they have a short protection work routine to test the dog's nerve. This is followed by a look at the few leading dogs progeny group to see how good each dog produce ! After which the leading dogs are led thru the field to see their movements (trotting). The No. VA dogs each yr is not fixed, for instance this yr there is 11 VA dogs & 10 VA bitch. { VA 1 = Sieger , Siegerin }

Just wanna stressed the VA dogs of recent yrs (last 20-30 yrs) is chosen more for their conformation, plush coat, rather than their working drv & hardness which is required in the field of work such as police/military/even large flock herding dogs.

Since VA dogs r chosen to be leading dogs by SV, they also served as SV blueprint for the breed development direction. That is the reason why the character of of GSD deteriorate over the last 20-30 yrs b'coz when U breed "not so hard dogs" to "not so hard dogs" , U will get dogs who r "not so hard", "soft" or even "shy" dogs (also refer as fear biters).Unimpressed

Hopefully now SV has a new president (who has some working background) things will improve. Anyway just have to wait & see ! Wink

Quote :
"*** What is breed survey class ? "
It is also refer as Koer, in which registered GSD in SV Studbooks is brought in front of the Kormeister to be evaluate both for his physical structure (conformation), & temperament. To qualify for breed survey, the dog must have a min of ScH 1 title & a show rating of 'G' (Good) & also passed his AD (20 km endurance run) as well an "a' stamp for his hip certification.

During the breed survey , the GSD is given an overall evaluation & critique. The complete detail of the dog structure is written down such weight, withers height, chest depth & circumference as well as the dog coat colour. This is followed by the description of the animal movement. Then we have the portion of survey dealing wt the dogs temperament & characteristic, where the judge will chk for the dog's nerve, confidence (expression) , alertness, courage & also for gun-steadyness.

KKL 1 - highest qualification of dogs which meet the standard for both structure & character, & r recommend for breeding.

KKL 2 - dogs wt some minor defects in either
a.) structure
b.) temperament - not sufficient courage or
fighting drv
c.) slightly oversize or undersize
d.) missing 1 or 2 teeth

They r cases here dogs r allowed to be re-survey if they failed or KKL2 (to upgrade to KKL 1) but must have the consent of the same 'Kormeister" .

For your info most workingline dogs will just get KKL2
not because of temperament but b'coz of just slight structure deviation from the showline standard. As the temperament test is quite ritual & not that stressful, so most top showline dogs who r not shy will be able to pass.
& get KKl 1

"FH = Fahrtenhund , Tracking Title (FH 1,2 ,3) *** Tracking and SchH not the same ? I though SchH inclusive tracking also"
Well some ppl prefer to do just tracking for sport so this is for them , but in any case FH 3 is a far more advanced (harder) tracking trial than ScH or even the AKC's TDX title.

Jeez....I hope that should be able to clear some ur confusion...! Wink

Hey guys, PSD & Azman, where r U ? ? ?Shocked
Gotta help me out here la...! ! got very sore fingers alredi.....Tongue

BTW...Boon, U owe me one bowl of Penang Laksa, at least ! Tongue

"Show me your dog and I'll tell you what manner of man you are."
(GSD Founder - Capt Max V Stephanitz)

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