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Aug 26, 2003, 1:03 AM

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Re: [xyne] Two Days One Night Vacation in Port Dickson (August 23, 2003)

Hi Amy,

I believe some folks are alreay asking for the next trip already.. Smile Penang or the highlands resorts seemed to be the popular destination this time.

Stay tuned.. and yes, wished you were there to join us. You should have seen little Moca. the 3+ month old Mini Schnauzer puppy.. he made it all the way to the finals of the longest stay contest, and came in 2nd place. Everyone was just absolutely amazed at his concentration towards his kibbles..placed a few feet in front of him. Nothing shook his attention away..we put so many distractions like people and dogs walking in-front, behind, basketball and tennis ball bouncing away.. (gosh, we don't even do this things for the real exam!)

Little Moca in his cute blue puppy dog outfit just sat there and stared at his kibbles..Mouth watering already.. I was prepare to call it a draw between him and Ranger, a black lab. Eventually, when we asked the owner to step backwards into the crowd, then only little Moca broke his stay and came forward to eat the kibble. Everyone clapped and cheered for this little puppy...

Here's a pic of him sleeping the sleep of the innocent..after our makan time.. he's dozed off on the dinner table..

Of course, Ranger the black lab is a professional at this game.. Nothing moves him! Here's the 3 winners of the longest stay game.. L to R..Law with Ranger, Ben with Moca, Patricia with Amber.

Rdgs Arthur

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