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Aug 25, 2003, 10:29 PM

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Re: [kathleen.tay] Two Days One Night Vacation in Port Dickson (August 23, 2003)

Hi everybody!

Whew! That was a nice way to spend a weekend! Smile

To Kathleen and management of the Palm Springs Resort..THANKS for making this vacation trip with our furkids a reality. We hope that this trend will continue and be a win-win situation for all.

To the organising committee..KhooBG, Ming Yang, Boon, CDMoo, Gina, KBS..great work guys. We pulled it off! Yes, some minor hickups here and there (like no hailer!Mad) but based on the feedback so far, it's been pretty positive. The next vacation trip can only be better with the experience gathered from this outing.

I was glad to be able to meet up with the members/friends during this trip. It was a real team effort that made it a pleasant stay for all. And best of all, all the furkids were, more or less, on their best behaviour. The General Manager (Mr.Yam) commented to me that he was surprised that our block was quiet during the night.. guess he was kinda expecting some noise! Smile

For a comprehensive report on our outing, check out the thread under Breed Specific.Toys.pug. last pages by Sally (pinkypoo). Nice work there Sally!

Meanwhile, here's some highlights from the trip..

We booked for 58 rooms. 56 was taken up. That's a 97% turnup rate. Very good!Smile

Minipuppython: Men - David and his dog Kiki / Women - Daphne and her MiniSchnauzer Teddy. Both won a complimentary 3D2N stay in one of the resort chain. Congrats!

Winner of the longest stay: 1st - Law and his black lab Ranger, 2nd-Ben with Moca his 3.5 mths old MiniSchnauzer puppy, and 3rd was Patrica with her ladylike goldie, Amber. Congrats to all, and we were all amazed by the sheer concentration powers displayed by little Moca.. he just sat there, staring at the kibble... One more thing: Black labs are will be disqualified from entering all future longest stay events! Our last winner also was a black lab.. (Just kidding only..Tongue)

Fastest recall: 1st - Dewdropbunny with her poddle Bobby, 2nd, Sam and her Belgian dog, Elgin, 3rd-Serene with her GSD, Jamie. You guys were so fast that we had to resort to viewing the final race on Hunter's (Li Ping) videocam to determine the winner.. Congrats to all the winner and Bobby showed us that size does NOT matter when it comes to speed!Smile (We should award Amber a special prize for the slowest, most ladylike recall! Tongue)

Best Dressed dog: Winner, selected by the audience went to David and his super dog, Kiki! 2nd prize went to Hui Lu with her very cute Min Pin, Sasha, dressed in a tuxedo and cap outfit. 3rd prize went to Linda with Sherry? and her darling angel wings/halo outfit! We had fun watching all the participants.. Nice sporting spirit all!Smile

All 1st prize winners won a complimentary 3D/2N stay at one of the resort chain operated by Tanco. Rest of the prizes were generously donated by the committee members themselves.

On Sunday morning, after the group pic..many drove out to the nearby beach and had a nice swim with their furkids. Unfortunately I coulnt go, so would be great if someone would post some story/pics of this event.

Let me finish with some pics of the highlights...

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