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Aug 8, 2003, 7:24 AM

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Re: [kathleen.tay] Two Days One Night Vacation in Port Dickson (August 23, 2003 - Tentative Date)

It is good to have several committee to take care of various issues. My suggection is as follow :-

Committee for Games & Talks & Scheduling
  • Arthur
  • Ming Yang
Arthur and Ming Yang to list all items needed for the games and others so that we can estimate the cost of preparation. I guess such cost to be share equally by all.

Mini Puppython
  • Boon
  • CD Moo
  • Steven
  • Gina

Boon to head the committee of mini puppython. This will be a good training ground for him priority to full scale puppython to be held in KL

I myself and Kathleen will look at other issue and more committee will be setup if necessary.

I think it is important that the committee members to reach the resort earlier so that they have an extra of one or two hours to inspect the site and plan accordingly. If Kathleen can prepare several rooms to allow these committee members to check in slightly earlier, it will be great.

The check in time for all is fixed at 1:00pm so that members can check in and relax for a while before continue with puppycom activities.

That much for now.

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