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Aug 6, 2003, 8:51 PM

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Re: [kathleen.tay] Proposal Schd of Events

Hi Kathleen and rest..

Khoo has given the OK to post this proposal to start organising the schd of events /activities for our PD vacation. We need to formalise certain issues to set the schd.

1. When is the check in time for the Resort? Normally it's 2pm. If so, then we should ensure everyone checks in by 3pm and start the day's activities round 5pm onwards.

2. I suggest everyone makes their own way there and check in by the appointed time. (TBA) Or meet up AFTER the Sg.Besi toll at the appointed time. For all those are confirmed going, they can email KhooBG their mobile contact nos so we contact them if need be.

3. List of activities. Some fun & games, Q&A / Sharing session , night walk? campfire? swiming? Members intro, videos of dog shows or agility trails..

4. Details: Games - Fastest recall, longest stay, find-your-dog-blindfolded, musical chairs. Fastest eating duo, Fancy dress competition - Theme? Most original outfit .. Both doggie and owner have to be matching pairs!

Best trick - Like in dogathon..each entry given 2mins to perform.

Members intro - Since the group is small, everyone must introduce themselves. Can be done indoors or outdoors.

Video watching - I can bring my collection of dog shows / agility trails. Great if the resort can loan us an LCD projector!

Q & A session: Let's share our experiences..Wanna know how to teach the dog to do a roll over? How to pick a healthy puppy? Share-share lah? Campfire/nightwalk by the beach? - depends on the location..

5. Schd of activities.

My proposal:

Aug23 - 2-3pm: Check in time to resort. 3.30-4pm: Member's intro / Briefing on dos and donts within the resort. 4-5pm: Free time to explore 5-7pm: Games! 7-8pm: Clean up time 8-9pm: Dinner! 9-10pm: Video watching/Karoake? 10-11pm: More games? night walk on the beach? Campfire on the beach/resort? or if it's raining..play pictionary! 12am: ZZZZTTT

Aug24: 8-9am: Morning breakfast! 9-11am: Demos/talks/ Q & A 11-12pm: Free time 12-1pm: Lunch 1-2pm: Check out!

It'll be great to hear yr comments... Rdgs Arthur

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