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Canine Addict

Sep 9, 2010, 7:10 AM

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Re: [TOKEN] Disobedient Dog

No off-lead free time until he has 100% recall.

Put him on a long washing line & let it trail & practice everywhere you go, by stepping on the line nearest to you (you now have control) then calling him & reeling him to you, praise, then tell him "free" again. Try to do this without distractions (other dogs about) & get it 100% before trying it with dogs about & don't praise him until you have him IN YOUR HANDS as many people praise their dog while they are still running towards them & they then turn & go the other way as praise to a dog means "exercise finished". So be careful not to tell him that 'come' means half way not all the way back to you.

You are correct about not telling him off when he does come back, the only thing he will know if when he comes to you he gets in trouble so he will take longer to come next time...nor does he know "he slinks towards us, knowing he has done wrong". He slinks back because he sees from your body language & your demeanor you are upset. He doesn't know why & is behaving submissively & slowing down which are dog body language signs for calming you down.

Hope I helped.

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