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Canine Addict

Apr 6, 2010, 8:04 AM

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Re: [rosscaramell] Getting a pup in the appartment

A dog license is just a license for your particular dog NOT your particular apartment so the landlord has a legitimate right to tell you to get rid of the dog.

Getting a license for your dog just means the city knows you have it & says that it is legal for you to own it. It doesn't null & void the fact that you are breaking your lease contract. When you license your dog, the city doesn't look up your lease to see whether or not you are breaking the condo rules. That's up to you to do. So a city license isn't permission to ignore your lease.

And a lease is also a LEGAL contract, so you can be in legal trouble if you flout the rules & get a dog when you signed an agreement with your landlord saying you wouldn't.

Again, getting a dog against your lease is a very bad idea. You can get evicted and/or charged huge fees. Also, it's extremely unhealthy & very unfair to the dog that you will never be taking it outside because you do not want anybody to find out that you are owning a dog. Sure a small dog could technically get all it's needed exercise inside & even be litter trained but it's not fair to the dog to never get fresh air, it's an animal!

I hoped I helped.

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