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Canine Addict

Dec 29, 2009, 5:27 AM

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Re: [momothechow] Chow bought from leeyapfei (kkdoggie) died of corona & parvo virus :(


"The petshop wasn't in the best hygiene & condition as it had some foul smell and you could tell some of the chow chows were sick. The sick chows weren’t segregated and was mixed together with other chows therefore encouraging the possibility of the sickness/virus spreading."

Here is an analogy for you.

You go into a coffee shop, you can clearly see the cook picking his nose, coughing into the food, there are cockroaches running all over the floor & counters & rat sh*t all over the place & YET you order the food & then you get diarrhea & food poisoning. And now you complain??? Like DUH??????????????

There is a Chinese saying, "Yat fun cheen, yat fun for," meaning, "How much you pay, equals how much you get." Clearly, the price of the Chow Chow equaled the quality you got. Obviously it was NOT vaccinated nor dewormed & I am wondering, whether it has an MKA cert or not. Well, does it?

This petshop WILL continue to flourish & make a LOT of money & get rich & laugh all the way to the bank because of SUCKERS like YOU!!! No point whining & telling the whole world to boycott this person. Intelligent people with active brain cells will KNOW what to buy & what NOT to buy.

I HOPE you have learned something from this STUPID mistake & remember this, a good breeder will NEVER sell their puppies to any Petshops, their dogs will be in TIP-TOP condition, they will only breed & sell GOOD-QUALITY dogs & MONEY is ***NOT*** their 1st priority!

Do your HOMEWORK by researching online on what kind of breeders to go for & what red flags to watch out for. NO good breeders will make & sell over FOURTEEN types of breeds of dogs like that leeyapfei.

If you would like to get a good-quality Chow Chow, I can recommend you a reputable show breeder that I know ONLY if you're REALLY REALLY REALLY interested in purchasing a good quality dog with health guarantees, etc & pay a lot of money for it. If you're not interested in a good-quality dog, go get one from a shelter then.

"Multi BIS (local) GreatGrowkenn Agnes CGC" is ranked #5 (all-breed) in Best Malaysian Bred Dog Of The Year 2010"

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