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K9 Maniac

Feb 24, 2009, 11:25 PM

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Extracted from Ruth blog :

UPM or DBKL - Which is more cruel to animals?

It seemed that upm does get dogs from dbkl for them to practise hands-on. Years ago, the student vets used to catch their own strays. This particular vet caught stray cats. Those days, the trainee vets were more responsible. They operated on the animals, then they stitched them up properly, took care of them and made sure that they were fit before releasing them.

Progressively, the trainee vets got more irresponsible. They can easily get animals from the dog pound. They operated on the animals. Then they stitched them back but at times the stitching were not done properly as the trainees couldnít care less. Sometimes, the animalís intestines could be seen dangling outside. Why should they bother as itís easy come, easy go. Then, it was decided that the animals must be euthanised after the trainees had finished with them.

Now, comes the gory bit. On one occasion, a dog that was operated on was not stitched back as it was to be euthanized. The trainee euthanized the dog but did not ensure that the dog had died. The dog was put in the cold room (or something like that) waiting for disposal. The next day, when the staff went to get the carcasses of the animals, what did the staff see? The dead dog was in a posture that showed that it was trying to crawl out with all its entrails hanging out, eyes popped out - frozen - of course. What did the posture of the dog indicate? That it was not dead yet at the time it was put in the cold room. There was a big hue and cry after that incident. It was then decreed that all animals must be euthanized before the trainees operated on them. I just canít begin to imagine the excruciating pain and trauma that the poor dog went through before it died or froze to death. I do hope indeed that death came quick for the poor dog.

Someone asked why is it that upm needs to have the dogs euthanized before being operated or experimented on. She said that upm should instead use these dogs to teach the vets to have the correct attitude towards animals through pre- and postoperative care - to be more humane, caring, to value life and be more responsible towards these abandoned, abused and unwanted lives. High calling indeed!!!

Letís hope upm will have a better screening process when they have new intakes and not take in those who just want the title ĎDrí or just for money, money, money!!!!!

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