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K9 Maniac

Feb 20, 2009, 7:31 PM

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Star Friday February 20, 2009

45 felines rescued from apartment

MORE and more people are abandoning their pets because they can no longer afford to keep them.

Due to the slump in the economy, the number of pets being left at animal shelters, like the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Selangor (SPCA), has been increasing.

SPCA assistant manager Jacinta Johnson said since the fuel price increase last June, the number of cats and dogs surrendered at the shelter had been increasing. Saved: The cats and kittens rescued by the SPCA from the apartment.

It was reported that a total of 7,734 animals were surrendered last year, compared with 5,991 in 2007.

“Each month, between 100 and 200 cats are dumped at the shelter, and most of them have to be put down when their health starts deteriorating,” she said.

Apart from cats and dogs, the shelter has also been receiving rabbits and hamsters as they tend to breed rapidly.

Last Friday, the shelter rescued some 45 cats and kittens from an apartment in Ampang. The tenants had vacated the premises and left the cats behind.

When rescue workers entered the apartment, they were shocked and horrified to find the entire apartment covered with faeces and urine. The stench was suffocating.

There were dozens of cats and kittens in the living room, kitchen, wash area and even the air-conditioning area.

“The owners had left the cats behind two months ago with a maid. But the maid ran away about two weeks ago, and the cats were left to fend for themselves,” she said.

It is believed that the owners had let the cats breed out if control and had confined the growing kittens to the wash area.

The 45 cats and kittens were quarantined at the SPCA quarantine area, but, sadly, 20 had to be euthanised as they were very ill.

The rest will be vaccinated and put up for adoption or placed in foster homes, or, as a last resort, euthanised humanely.

Anyone interested in adopting the cats and kittens can call the SPCA at 03-4256 5312 / 4253 5179, or email SPCA at spca@streamyx.com.

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