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Old Kaki

Mar 25, 2008, 12:51 AM

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Dogs & Ghosts

Hi there everyone!

I've been wanting to post this topic some time ago but was distracted by something else. Anyway, many chinese believe that dogs have this thing where they can see ghosts. When they howl in the middle of the night, it means they can see something out there.

I'm not sure how true this is but let me tell you the experience my mom & I had about two years back & just recently.

My mom & I are dog enthusiasts & we always bring our three dogs everywhere. Every single piece of land or park or even construction sites that we can find that is not so very far from our place, we will bring our dogs there to play & run around. Our dogs are large & they need lots of exercise plus, we enjoy hanging out with them & just having a great time together. We all are very well bonded.

There's this very very big park here in Puncak Jalil & we used to bring Amber & Faith there everynight without fail. It's only 2 min away from our house. We often just walk there instead of driving. We usually go there around 9 or 10 pm where everybody is back home & the place is totally dark. This park only has one light working & only the top part of the park is lit.

Anyway, one night, we were at the top part of the park & our two dogs (We have not adopted Chloe yet that time) were just playing around, sniffing stuff & so on. My mom & I was just sitting on a stone bench just watching the two. We brought a can of coke to drink & we placed it down on the bench between us. Suddenly, we both heard a loud dog's breath sound like this, "Haa!" behind of us. It was like a dog exhaling. I turned around 1st to see & then just thought, "Neh, it's just one of our dogs." But I was still doubting myself becoz the dogs were in front of us at least 2 meters away when this sound happened just behind of us & it's like, very close & clear.

My mom then turned around too to see but found nothing there. I asked her, "What's that sound?" She replied, " I don't know." She said that I might have pushed the can of coke accidentally & then it made that sound. But I said I didn't. Then we both starred at each other, thinking what the heck was that that made that sound."

Our dogs saw & heard nothing! They still carried on doing their own thing while the episode happened. We both were kinda like freaking out already & my hairs were like standing. Again I turned around & checked but there's no dog anywhere. Sometimes, we see a stray dog roaming around but it's usually in the day. And even if there was a dog behind of us doing the "Haa" sound, it would have been just a foot behind of us. But, nothing there & our dogs saw nothing at all.

Anyway, we went back home. Everything was fine & we didn't go back to the park a few days later. But you wanna know the freakiest thing EVER? We actually brought the ghost or devil back home with us. Yes we did. It went for a car ride with us all the way back home.

A few days later after the episode happened, sdtrange things were happening in the house especially on the roof. Our ceiling is the asbestos type so it's movable. Anyway, everyday day or night, there'll be strange sounds up there. One time when I came back home at night & went upstairs to change my clothes, there were footsteps. And I'm talking about heavy ones. It was like a woman on high heels, walking above me & into my mom's room. Another time was when I was sleeping on my bunk bed in my room. More footsteps happened & then someone hammering on the walls. All night! And then one night something pushed my ceiling opened. I was not the only one hearing all these, my other family members too. I still remember the day after the freaky thing happened at the park, the alarm went off around 4am in the morning. Everybody was a sleep then. My mom got worried & thought someone broke into our house. She check everybody's room & found no one. The next day, we were all thinking what triggered the alarm. Maybe it could be a rat lah but this only happened one time & no more after that. Anyway these strange happenings went on for about a month until it got even worst!

The ghost was not harming any of us at all. It was just living on the roof & disturbing lah. My mother thought it was a dog ghost but I think it was some devil or something! I was very afraid of my home when these things were happening. Anyway, when it got worst, we had no choice but to call a monk from a temple to remove it & bless our whole house. He's our friend actually.

He removed a few pieces of the asbestos roof in all of our rooms including the family room upstairs, opened all the windows wide for a day & then he did his rituals. The next day, everything was over. No more sounds, I was no longer scared of my own home, we were all living in peace again. It has been more than a year now & nothing strange is happening in our home lately. We no longer go back to that park after what happened & anyway, a mosque has been build there already so, not a good idea to go there again.

Now, what about our dogs? They heard NOTHING!!! Throughout the 1 month that these strange occurrence happening in our home, they felt nothing or were just not bothered at all. Faith was sleeping in my mom's room with my mom one night. The footsteps were happening in the middle of the night & Faith was just happily sleeping away while my mom heard it.

Now the recent one which just happened last year. We were practicing some Agility outside our home. Amber was doing some weaving with her home-made agility weaving poles. It was around 11pm at night. It was dark. As Amber was weaving, I looked straight in front of me & saw something white walking across to the other side of the field. I told my mom to look at it & she saw it too BUT Amber saw nothing eventhough she was staring at the same direction we were looking at. I thought it was a man in white t-shirt walking but no, it had no figure. It was like a white cloth floating pass the houses. It moved quite fast & smoothly too...There was no head, no legs. It lasted about 10 seconds before it vanished into the dark. Too bad I didn't capture a video of it or even pictures. Coz I would love to show you guys!

But anyway, these are the two strange supernatural stuff we've seen so far but the dogs saw nothing at all even all three of these episodes. My neighbor dog didn't even see anything too! So hopeless.

So now the question is, can dogs really really really see ghosts? My answer is, NEH!!! Guess what, my cats saw nothing too nor heard anything in our house. And cats are supposed to be the ones who are really good at seeing ghosts. But it was we humans who saw them. My pets are so hopeless...They can never protect us from anything, honestly.

Have any of you experienced these weird phenomenons before & have your pets seen them too? I think this discussion is a lot of fun & very new & I would love to hear from you all & your experiences too.

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