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Old Kaki

Nov 6, 2007, 10:29 AM

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How to Check If Your Dog Has 'HD' or Not

This is what I learned from the vet last week. How to check if your dog has HD(Hip Dysplasia) or not...There's no need for x-rays first.

All you have to do is feel its hip area. If there's a bone jutting out, then your dog has HD but if it's smooth & nothing is jutting out, then your dog has no HD altho some of your dogs may seem to have it from the way they walk.

I always thought my Golden Amber has it but actually no. She has a very pronounce sway when she walks like a model on the runway but her legs & hips are very strong coz she can do Agility & dance very well with no problem. She can run very fast & can jump too! All we do is just maintain her hips with human glucosamine which we buy from the pharmacy. They are safe, cheaper & higher in mg.

We also bring her for long walks which help to keep her legs strong. Standing on hind legs are discouraged though...Amber got her hip problem when she was four months old. She was our first dog & we didn't really know anything then. She slipped many times when playing on the wet tiled floor & many times she had a bad fall & would slam on the gate. It was our fault so now we know & our whole porch is full of mats.

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