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K9 Senior

Oct 17, 2007, 5:46 AM

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Re: [all] Sit Stay Fetch

Welcome to Day 2 of your 6-Day Course. Today we're going to get right to the bottom of one of the most frustrating experiences for any dog owner: a dog that ignores commands. Here's your link:


Are you still paying attention? I assume that you are. But let's assume for a moment that you were not. There might be several reasons for you ignoring me:

1) you might be distracted by something much more urgent or exciting (more exciting than of your SitStayFetch 6 Day Course? you ask... I know, that's simply not possible, but just play along, ok?)

2) you may be convinced that something very unpleasant is about to follow if you obey my request to pay attention. My tone of voice may even sound threatening to you.

3) maybe you paid attention last time, and nothing good came of it. No verbal praise, no rawhide chew, not even a reassuring pat on the head. You really have *no reason* to listen to me this time.

4) or, maybe you just don't understand. In this case, you are not really ignoring me. The decision to ignore - after all - is just that: a DECISION. If you just don't get it in the first place, you can't respond.

You see the point. All of these are reasons that might explain your dog's decision not to obey you, or indeed their inability to do so. If you're ready for more information on the causes of your dog's disobedience and exactly what to do about it, then you're ready for the second installment of your SitStayFetch 6 Day Course, "Why Is My Dog Ignoring Me?"

That link again is:


I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Kind regards,

Daniel Stevens SitStayFetch

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