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K9 Senior

Oct 17, 2007, 5:45 AM

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Re: [all] Sit Stay Fetch

at the site, you are asked to sign up for free 6 days course, so here it is.

Dog Obedience Training with SitStayFetch:
Solving Your Dog's Behavior Problems, the Right Way


On behalf of myself and the team at Kingdom of Pets, I'd like to welcome you to the SitStayFetch 6-Day Course, and also commend you on your decision to find out how our flagship product, the SitStayFetch dog obedience training program, can improve your relationship with your dog.

We are proud to be market leaders in downloadable dog care and training products, and fully recognize that this is an honor we owe to our loyal customers.

Putting this course together was easy. I've basically assembled a "Greatest Hits" list of dog obedience problems based on questions sent in to me by Members of the Kingdom of Pets community, which includes everyone who has purchased SitStayFetch or one of our many other dog training books or DVDs. Each member receives a full email consultation with their purchase of SitStayFetch, and drawing on this material seemed like the obvious way to show you what we're all about and what we do.

So the purpose of this course is to introduce you to SitStayFetch, but at the same time get right to bottom of some of the most persistent problems that are robbing so many dog owners of the true enjoyment of dog ownership.

I've started with a crash lesson on dealing with a dog that jumps up. I'll focus on a dog that jumps up on people in particular, but jumping up on other dogs, on furniture, or even on the kitchen counter is all part of this obedience issue. You'll get there with this link, which will take you directly to part one of your SitStayFetch 6-Day Course:


Some of these problems - ignoring commands, pulling on the leash, jumping up on people, manic barking - are by no means the most difficult ones to remedy. But they are still some of the most common that I address. By far.

And let me say that I too feel the frustration that dog owners feel when confronting these persistent and often embarrassing problems. After all, you have to deal with one dog that ignores commands - I've got to deal with dozen and dozens, week in and out!

As all professional dog trainers should recognize (but don't necessarily), there's a lot more to dog obedience training than "damage control." Sure, you want to break those bad doggy habits, you want to make sure everyone knows that you're the boss, you want to keep your house and your lawn and your possessions intact, and so on...

But the *real* benefit of an extraordinarily obedient dog goes beyond all that. The real benefit of not having to deal with obedience issues is the fact that you (and your dog) can put all of your energy into making your relationship a fulfilling one. When things go right, you know, as I know, your life will be all the richer for the experience. And you can't emphasize that enough.

Don't worry, I won't get all personal and sentimental on you about the joys of dog ownership. There's nothing worse than listening to someone else talk about how great their dog is, so I'm not going to do it... I'm not going to sit here and tell you that my new black and white border collie cross, Darwin, just had his one year birthday this week and spent the afternoon trying - adorably - to pounce on crickets in our driveway... No, I won't do that.

Instead, I'm going to get right into the meat of the matter: essential tips and techniques to put an end to your dog obedience troubles.

You'll find that link again, at:


What better way to introduce you to what we do than just start doing it, right? So let's get started.

Kind regards,

Daniel Stevens

No Buying! No Selling! No Breeding!

Don't Lost your dogs!!
Please make sure they are safe at home!

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