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K9 Senior

Jul 3, 2007, 8:35 AM

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Re: [kien29] natural herb remedy for canines

well, unless ur Rossi is diagnosed with HD, before that
lets not assume that is having HD.

heard other GR owners said that u should not exercise
ur GR pup that much, make sure he don't fall,
don't feed too much until he grows too fast.

Not sure if those are myth or the truth, so u need to do
more research in HD and GR.

The shops where u buy the can Healthy joint formula,
they should carry the kibble as well, if they don't,
u can ask them y? and ask if they can get for u.
I've seen the kibble in Pet safari, yesterday just drop by. and Rainin cats n' dogs in bangsar n' puchong
i think they have as well.

U can always get a small bag for trial feeding,
make sure its fresh, and the expiry date is there.

last but not least, dun worry too much n' panic,
maybe rossi is just too tired after having fun in his
new pool :)

ive just browsed rossi's blog, u said wait till 6 mths
for x-ray, then the vet is taking him trow for xray?

rossi can do the roast pig position, one of my mutt
loves to do that as well. Not all dogs can do that :)

No Buying! No Selling! No Breeding!

Don't Lost your dogs!!
Please make sure they are safe at home!

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