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K9 Senior

Jul 1, 2007, 11:58 PM

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Re: [kien29] natural herb remedy for canines

yes finish up d nutro, and i've just been to sea park pets,

they have a box full of sample pack California Nat Herring
& potato, i check the dates, good until next march/april
so should be fresh. the packs are packed by the
manufacture, it has labels etc, not packed by the petshop.

so in the mean time while waiting for nutro to finish
u can hop by to sea park and ask them for the samples.
get a few like 3 packs or more, cos its kinda small.

they have novacote, its in liquid form(oil) not capsule.
its almost odourless, just oil smell.
and u need to just feed a lil, (check the instructions).
so shouldn't be a problem for rossi.
500ml list price is RM120!! should be able to get discount. there are smaller bottles.
i duno y it is so blardy exp, but i read/heard a lot of
good comment about it.
i feed my mutts velcote as well but switch to Calinat
coat supp, cos velcote is just too exp.
Dun get the calinat oil frm sea park, they have a lot
of bottle but all near expired.

i checked other coat supplements in petcenter ikano.
some even have by products, duno y they wana put
those inside.

sea park carries avoderm now, they said the distributor
(frm sg) slash the price few months ago.
i bought 2kg of L&R Oven Baked for RM 26 for
trial feeding.

if u hv decided on cali nat, or other food, get it frm
sea park, i believe their price will be a few RM cheaper.
they have Nutro as well.

Canidae LnR u bought 15kg again? wht is the expiry date?
normally the biggest bag i buy is 6kg only, cos big
bags tend to sit for al ong time in the shop,
and u will need a long time to finish it.
i store all the dog food in air and light tight containers.

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