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Lady Eloise
Dog Kichi

Feb 25, 2007, 6:04 PM

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Re: [Lpupsy] URGENT! My dogs are out of control!

Leadership ---> Exercise---> Discipline----> Affection....


... Affection---> Discipline----> Exercise--->Leadership!

These are the formulas. See the difference. It seems to me your dogs are not well-balanced. You humanize them by showing too much affection than discipline. Now, they are being dominant figure toward you. In dogs world, they only listen to a pack leader which normally the mother! Therefore, you should begin by being a pack leader than a follower to them both. By the way, have you 'neutered; your dog?

Don't worry, you need to make sure these 4 elements met to keep your dogs balance and 'normal' again. Timetable and rules are needed to support those elements above. Without it you will have bigger problems. For example, in order to train your dog staying in harmony- both of them needs to be taken for exercises. Walking is the best exercise for dogs in this world because dog love to smell. Regardless they are small breed or type, dogs love to explore the smell and they want to keep on going and going. The best exercise is walking for 30 minutes at least around the neighborhood. Make sure they walk together on leash. This is important as your dogs seem to have accumulated bad 'energy'. It is called a cabin fever! You need to reduce their energy by walking. Make sure you train them how to walk nicely. Otherwise, they got frustrated and be more aggressive in the house and outside too. You have to correct before its too late! Thats why when your brother yelled, one of your dogs suddenly aggressive. It was a protest!!! We do not want a protest dog, we want calm and submissive dog which listen.

After exercise, then set rules and boundaries. This is the best time to teach commands, tricks and instructions. Dogs wont respect you if their level of energy are still high. There is no point of yelling when they have a lot of energy. Make sure they are tired especially after exercising then they will listen more. There is no excuse of not taking them for a walk everyday. Playing throwing or chasing a ball is NOT the same with walking. Fish supposed to swim, bird supposed to fly and dog supposed to walk!

One more thing, attention and touching are allowed only when they do good things or do listen to you. If you give them attention by stroking them, it is like saying to them..yes you are allowed to be bad. Don't overlook the power of touching. Your dog will misguide into believing that touching is like saying to them- Okay ...you 'allowed' to be bad. Then they will manipulate you. Give them treats every time they listen to you right there. Then you could praise them by touching whatever. If they behaving out of control, don't beat or yell them, say NO instead with your stern voice, then ignore. If the dogs keep on repeating, do it till they stop and get the idea. When they are playing quietly, give them rewards on the spot. Praise them or give them affection! Dogs do not like to be ignored thus they will suck up to you eventually. Don't be scared to say No or Sheeesssh! Make sure you have a lot of treats and create a timetable on when to sleep, when to play, quiet time or set priorities and boundaries according to your needs. Give them something to do like chew bones or Kong to make them busy. They are like kids, they need discipline. Goodluck.

PS: Reward good behavior, ignore bad behavior!!! Frown
Dog behaviorist.

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