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Sep 20, 2006, 1:04 AM

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Re: [ritchie_dog] Bad Services at Pet Wonderland, Ikano


Well wacking the dog in the face will only make it worst as it will struggle more becoz it knows you're trying to hurt him! And next time, it'll not like being groomed & will only be terrified by it whenever it sees you holding the shaver. Well maybe your dogs are calm and so you don't need to wack them or anything like that but I don't know about the other dogs you groom...And the dog I groomed was not suffocating or anything like that, its head can move left or right but not down to sniff or for it to move it all over the plc. And as I said, he can breath and after his grooming, his was happy! He didn't complain or anything like that while I was grooming. Just be patient a little bit & the work can be done better.

Well I don't know about you, you may be an experience groomer & you may know more things than me & what to do, then good for you! I have nothing to complain...For me, that's not my way of doing it...I rather take my time grooming it slowly & making it not feel threatened or scared by it. Just like giving my two dogs a bath. Rather make them happy about it than making it like a punishment. But for that guy in ikano, i don't like him at all. I mean wacking it in front of me & other people who were also watching him, it already gives a bad reputation about him or maybe that plc...The other two groomers that day were fine. But that guy was just in a bad mood that day & took it out on the dog...

If that's your way of doing it too to make the dog quiet down & not struggle all over the plc, then I have no comment! It's up to you...They are not my dogs. I have no right to judge about you plus I can't do anything for them....

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