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Apr 19, 2006, 8:22 AM

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Re: [misosangwoo] Dominant dog suddenly attacking my other dog!

Hi ...

Please let me start by saying that it's not my intention to be rude or hurtful ... but I do wish to be straightforward, for the sake of your dogs ... and their welfare.

" ... the book i have is actually "idiots guide to choosing, training and raising a dog" ..!"

I know the book above, it is not bad. But you are right - you may need to get another dog training book. Suggest you get a book that teaches the "praise & reward" method of training. Check out the Amazon website and read the reviews, and try to find the books you select, in a local bookshop. Most of the bigger book shops will even order books for you.

" ... It's really difficult to train Toby, bcos he can be very very stubborn .."

Puppies & dogs are generally not difficult to train. If or when a dog becomes difficult to train or behaves badly, then (from our experience) in 90% of the cases - the problem lies with the owner, NOT the dog.

Honestly - we think it's much more difficult to change a bad/poor owner's mindset than it is to train or teach a dog.

" ... when giving treats, i can't give Toby first and JAcky second, i have to give them both at the same time, cos toby will eat his, then eat jacky's ..sometimes jacky won't even come near me for the treat, bcos he's scared toby will attack him ..."

For your situation - I would strongly suggest that you only train one dog at a time (do not try to train the dogs together) ... For example: Place one dog at the back of the house, and then take the other dog to the front for the house for 30minute training session ... and then rotate the dogs. To begin with you should try and spend that 30minutes with each dog EVERY DAY. Read the training manual and plan out a 3 month training programme ... do the standard ... SIT, STAY & RECALL training.

" ... Jacky is more gentle but also very aggresive towards strangers as well.. i can handle jacky when i bring him to the vet, but not Toby. Jacky is a stray dog that we adopted , but Toby grew up with us since he was a few days old (found him abandoned in a drain, his mom is a stray as well) ..."

You have my respect & gratitute for having given homes to 2 stray dogs ... Smile ... but now you need to learn how to teach your dogs to live well within a human environment.

" ... i don't really beat him, just his his backside with my hand..or from the books advice, rolled up newspaper ..."

Aaah ... if hitting his backside with a rolled up newspaper is not physical punishment - what is?

" ... Jacky actually has a jekyl and hyde syndrom.. very aggressive towards strangers, barks really loud, and i know he might even bite when attacked (even though he's smaller, toby is the one that gets bloody from scratches, but i know he'll never bite me. very good with me and the family. He likes to run away from the hse and go roaming outside, but he'll always come back to the hse ... As for toby, he can be wagging his tail and looks very friendly, but he'll bite and attack strangers who tries to go near him ..."

From your description, there does not seem to be anything overtly wrong with Jacky or Toby. BUT that said, they both need discipline and require a programme of socialisation & training ... to curb their tendency to bite.

Barking at strangers & being fearful of strangers (are not uncommon traits in strays) - they are simply part of a stray's survival instincts. But those instincts can modified and reduced through proper socialisation & training. From what you write, it is likely that your dogs are biting because of "nervousness" rather than outright aggression (which is much much more serious).

You need to learn a little about dog behaviour and dog psychology. *** Again check the Amazon website for books.

" ... and i don't know any other experienced pet owner.. i heard that proffesional trainers punish dogs during training.. is it true? if it is, i can't bear to bring them for that kind of training ..."

Professional and good trainers will not "punish" the dogs training under them. I cannot speak for "bad" trainers.

But I am not suggesting that you send your dogs to a professional trainer. I am suggesting that you take YOURSELF and your dogs to attend dog training classes, where you can learn how to train your dogs. As I understand, Puppy.Com has organised training classes for owners & dogs. Please check with Admin.

I wish you all the best. It is my sincere hope that you start training your dogs before the situation becomes worse, or something unfortunate happens ... You must teach your dogs not to bite.

Cheers Smile

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