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Apr 18, 2006, 1:15 AM

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Re: [misosangwoo] Dominant dog suddenly attacking my other dog!

Ahhh ... think you need to appreciate the following:

(a) Not training a dog DOES NOT do the dog any favours. An untrained, unsocialised dog can be difficult to control/handle and runs risk of being abandoned by the family/owner.

(b) Loving a dog, does not mean you do not train the dog.

In fact, if you really love your dog, you must accept the responsibility for training & socialising your dog. Just like good parents accept responsibility for their children's behaviour, a good pet owner must accept the same responsibility. And just like children, puppies & dogs need to learn how to behave within a household.

(c) Do not confuse training with punishment. Most effective methods of training/teaching a dog does not require physical punishment.

I do not know what kind of training books you have but training a dog DOES NOT REQUIRE HITTING THE DOG! ... Hitting the dog does not make for effective or responsible training, and can make a dog behave even more badly.

QUESTION: what's the best thing to stop the dogs from fighting?? ( right now prevention is the cure.. i have to stop situations like jacky running into the hse from happening)

As mentioned above, the best way to stop 2 dogs from fighting is for the owner to exercise firm & reasonable leadership over the dogs.

Try the method I posted above, to get some basic control over the situation.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to offer substantial "solutions" to situations such as yours, over a forum like this, and without more information.


Establishing good & responsible leadership starts with YOU learning about how to train your dog in the proper manner without need to hit your dog. So, please get a good dog training manual. Read the manual carefully & properly.

AND start applying the training techniques to train your dogs.

Please check the website below for suggestions on a good dog training manual. Many of the books listed are available in the bigger bookshops in KL ... eg: MPH at Mid Valley or Kinukoniya at KLCC.


If you know an "experienced" dog owner. And the key word is "experienced" - get the person over to your house to give advice & assist.

Alternatively, you can call PAWS and ask for assistance, and/or enrol your dogs (and yourself) into a dog training course. Check with Admin of Puppy.Com.


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