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Apr 17, 2006, 10:33 AM

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Re: [surchinmy] Dominant dog suddenly attacking my other dog!

thank u for your reply and advice..

i think i really need to spend time to train toby.. i'm not a good/firm owner.. really love my dogs & don't like to punish them.. but even when i do, they dun seem to listen !

when i first had toby, i bought some dog training books to teach him some commands..but he just doesn't get it!maybe i'm not firm enuff..so for 8 years i just left him like dat,

he's very hostile to strangers so we just tie him up when guests visit.he knows how to "sit" only.. n he's quite a cowardly dog, when i beat him, he'll become timid and inch away from me. he's very scared of thunder..

but ever since jacky came, he gets jealous and dominant..
theres no problem until feeding time..

jacky likes to run into the house.. and he won't go out even tho we beat him.. i'll have to either carry him out, or drag him all the way..he'll plop on the floor and lie there.
the problem is, toby gets jealous when he sees jacky in the hse, he'll be waiting at the door to attack jacky when he gets out.. so i have to tie him up and drag jacky out..
sometimes when my dad beats/scolds him, hewill go out by himself, but he's to go out cos TOby is just there waiting to pounce on him..
how do i solve this problem?!???

Just now, when my sis came back, jacky ran into the hse again.. so i tied toby up and drag jacky out..
toby normally will calm down after a while, then i'll release him..
but as i did, he growled at jacky and they started fighting..
i didn't know what to do to stop them, normally i use water but the car was blocking, so i tried to pull toby away by his collar, but the problem now, jacky wanted to fight back and didn't want to let go! normally he would be the victim and toby the aggresor...
anyway, bad decision by me, as toby turned his head he bit my palm..
i got a puncture wound and blood came spewing out..eventually i managed to tie him and then they stopped..
the wound is not that deep but some flesh came out(omg)
just went to see the doc..

i know toby only bit me cos i tried to break the fight..

what's the best thing to stop the dogs from fighting??
( right now prevention is the cure.. i have to stop situations like jacky running into the hse from happening)

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