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Dog Kichi

Jan 24, 2006, 6:37 AM

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Re: [katina] Lab - hair shedding and boarding concerns

hello katina,

My Scout's fur drops a lot too. Probably just as much as your lab. Let me see... how do I define "much" here... lets say when I lightly tug at his fur, I'll probably get 5 to 15 strands off... and it's very prominent all over the house, on my socks, on my pants when he rubs past my leg...

Well, at first I thought it's his baby fur changing to adult fur (if that makes any sense)... but Scout is now 1yr 3mths old... and still shedding a lot Cool.

I found out why and a solution to minimise it...

WHY? It's because of the weather!!! The heat and humidity in M'sia makes Labs shed more than usual. As long as they don't shed in patches or that their skin is healthy, the dog's fine... (you only need to invest in a good vacuum!!). Need to look out for dandruff too...

HOW? Dandruff is easily taken care of with a good shampoo and a good scrub during weekly bath (don't bath them too often, this causes dandruff too). Shedding can be taken care of with Cod Liver Oil supplements in addition to good quality kibbles. It works... Scout was on it for a week, and the results is so prominent. Of course he still sheds, but the amount is soooo much lesser... now when i tug on his fur, only 1 to 2 strands comes out... sometimes none... try it!

from Scout's Mommy

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