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Dec 2, 2005, 11:24 AM

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Petition: Stop Dogs From Being Separated From Their Owners!

Petition: Stop Dogs From Being Separated From Their Owners!

The Shah Alam City Council has banned several types of dogs from the State, some of which include the Rottweiler, Japanese Tosa, Akita, American Bulldog. Come January 1, 2006 those who fail to find a place for the breed are expected to surrender them to the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) or get rid of the dogs themselves.

Those whose dogs do not fall in this category must adhere to new rulings in order to keep their dogs, amongst these rulings are that they should get the permission of neighbours from houses on the left, right, front and back in order to keep their dog. It looks like even if they get the permission the first time there is no guarantee the dog can stay as this license needs to be renewed every year and who knows, the neighbour may move or change his mind and the poor dog and loving owner are in danger of parting at any given moment. So in order not to be parted they are basically at the mercy of their neighbours.

All this is the result of a dog attack on a nine-year-old boy, Muhammad Hazman Seh Zahidi, in Putrajaya last month.

This is a terrible ruling. Dogs that become vicious, in almost all cases got that way due to abuse by its owner. This is the result of cruel owners. Instead of punishing irresponsible owners the authorities, with their ruling are now punishing the responsible owners and worse the poor dogs!

That is why Remembering Sheena campaign is getting to the root of this problem and fighting to change the laws to punish the real culprits. When we force people to be responsible pet owners we will see loving dogs and the added benefit is that we won't be seeing strays running around without food, drink or shelter.

Let's help everyone see that the root of the problem is the irresponsible owners and how the laws must ensure they treat their pets right. Anyone who is not able to give their pets a loving home and a caring environment has no business keeping pets.

Please help the Shah Alam dog lovers who are devastated at the prospect of parting with their dogs. Please sign the petition by clicking here.

Thank you,

Nick JoshKKarean

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