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K9 Kaki

Nov 19, 2005, 5:16 AM

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Re: [chrisong] What's the difference? Aussie Terrier vs Aussie Silky Terrier

Hi Chrisong...I saw pics on your silky...they r all beautiful. I own a silky b4.... my first ped dog n I hv to save my weekly allowance like months b4 getting my dog. And the lady was so kind to let me pay slowly....err I was a sec student then. It was also the beginning of enjoying dog show n that time not many ST...this is in 1980. My puppy won 2cc in Jr Champ..err I dont know wat it is now..but she could not qualify further coz she is too small size....like a Yorkie but her parents are imported fr Aust n Aust champion. All her bros n sis are champion too. Her breeder was Rose Wong who also breed Papilion.But its ok I still love her just the same....so she bacame a dog for Children under the category Jr handler. Do they still have all this?
I would love to own a AST again. Right now I have a MS whom someone pass to me whn her daughter got sick. (I do some fostering n rehoming...) Looking at your dog pics bring back good and sad memories about my AST....Faune. I love to watch Faune's hair slowly turn fr black n tan to blue....I love to groom her and I find it very easy. The breeder showed me how to do it and it was very easy to groom an AST. They also dont shed n not smelly. Hmmm..one day I will own one.
Pls continue to post pics of your doggies. I enjoy them.


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