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Aug 28, 2005, 7:32 PM

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Re: [sasa] any1 has breed maltese?or have maltese's breeder details?


I have been asked about "teacup" Maltese more times than I can count. I would like to set the record straight.

There is no such animal!!!!

The term "teacup anything" has become a sales ploy to charge more money. ÖThatís the simple truth. The Maltese is a "toy dog". They are small already. Our American Maltese breed standard states "Seven(7) pounds and under, with four(4) to six(6) pounds preferred". I guarantee that the lower end of the scale Maltese is quite tiny.

There are people who even breed these "tiny" Maltese (which in all rights should be someoneís lap warmer) hoping to produce more tiny Maltese so that they can sell them as "teacup" size and charge lots of money for them. This, in my opinion, as well as many othersí opinions, is unethical and wrong. My heart goes out to the poor little dogs being used in this manner!!!!

On many occasions I have heard of a "teacup Maltese" being eight or nine pounds and even larger, which is above our national weight standard according to the AKC Maltese standard. Just another con using a glitzy sales term to sale a dog. This is sooo sad!

There are so many terms to try to dupe the unsuspecting public into putting out money. Teacup, Micro-Teacup, Micro-Mini, Toy are just a few terms to sell non-standard representatives of the breed to the unsuspecting general public.

There are also all the "poo" dogs....malti-poo, cock-a-poo, the "ese" and "tese" dogs such as the York-tese, etc, and let us not forget any of the other cutesy names, such as "Morkie" and "TeddyBear puppies", that they can come up with to basically sell the unsuspecting public a "mixed" breed dog. I have even heard of some people who actually went so far as to claim to put a "patent" on their cutesy name and build their own make believe registry, as if that is going to make it more than a mixed breed dog. There is a big market going on right now for what some people call "designer" dogs which, again, is nothing more than a mixed breed dog/puppy but with the "designer" tag on them sell for large amounts of money because the general public thinks they are getting something special and rare. Not to be rude, but if you are willing to accept one of these mixed breed dogs as your loving pet why not go to rescue and save a precious life instead of paying these absurd prices for someone's glitzy and cutesy named, new homemade "designer" dog. Please be aware that many of these so called "designer" breeds are being sold for as much and many times more than a reputably bred, purebred dog.

Donít fall prey to a sales ploy!!! Be informed!!!

There is no such thing as a "teacup Maltese"!!

Referrence: www.foxstonemaltese.com/teacupmaltese.htm

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