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Jun 30, 2005, 6:11 PM

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Re: [stanleyee] Rottweiler Breed

yes. that true...In the past, My GSD attack a robber before but all he did was hold him down and bite on his neck..but that bite only cause marking..if the robber move, me afraid he die liao..But my friend who have a rottie for life, when his warehouse kena rompak, the robber was badly injured and wounded with bitten mark, not sure what happen to the robber...
As for the bull terrier, pit bull, they have very strong jaw and their jaw is the power in them, once grab, will not let go, further resistant will cause a tear in the flesh
A friend of mine, show me a video how some country use pit bull as fighting bull...once let go, the pit bull attack and grab the nose part of the bull, then the pit bull swing and pull the bull down. Because the bull is suffocated, he drop, even he drop, the pit bull is not letting the bull go until the owner use a stick and walap the dog then only he let go..the scene is so brutal to see...i nearly cry when see that sceneFrown..another friend told me that is how the pit bull got his name.Not sure how true is that..he is the member of pp.com Frown

Cheers ya,

Nicki the Devil live by the reputation of the name

boBby is a craz3 car PassaNger
Fat FaT other case Elegant Car GuEst
What make Me?
A LoYal huMan Driver.... Frown

NoBody is Prefect, Guess What i am Nobody
Nice to meet YOu

(Bobby+Nicky craze JT memBer)

BoBby San DogstEr


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