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Canine Addict

Jun 8, 2005, 11:09 PM

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Re: [ROSANNAMCCALL] Keeping a Dog at Home

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OK OK so you guys are upset that i posted the wrong doc "source" but and are upset at me!!! Come on!!! even the source is wrong arent' you guys concern that there are such articles in there tht is soooo sooo misconscrued posted on a official website?>??? So what's the point here?? The point is there are such website posting such info to the public!

Well dog lovers! i am really truelyy disappointed !!! This is more of a social that is only talk and a cult of childish ppl that can't focus on real serious issues!

I've seen gang bashing all over the furm and thats all abouts it!

Dog Lovers??? Huh!!!!Wink

We already know that such opinions exist - why do you think there are residents in Shah Alam, Putrajaya and Ampang Jaya being forced to send their beloved pets to PAWS and SPCA? These pet owners don't hold those horrible views but there are people in charge who do who are making things difficult for dog-lovers to have pets in their own homes. We are also aware that these anti-dog actions are being perpetrated unfairly in the name of religion.

We are dog lovers here who are all fighting for respect for our pets and our right to have our pets. When you thought the info was from the Sisters In Islam website, did you write to them and ask them about "posting such info to the public" and see their response? Or did you just jump straight in to tell puppy.com members about it? Why? What "change" did you expect to effect by that? Create something to "talk" about? I don't know about you but I'm not all talk, I do something about it. What about you?

You're worried about what info websites post then go join an internet censorship group - go fight child pornography; websites that give info on how to become anorexic; how to make bombs, heroin, grow marijuana undetected.... the list goes on. Just as that website exists with it's extremist views, so does the "Dogs In Islam" info on puppy.com. Someone out there thinks THAT is extremist.

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated" Mahatma Ghandi.

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