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Apr 18, 2005, 5:35 PM

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Paws in the Park, Paws for a Cause Day, May 8, 2005

PUPPY.com.my is organizing the Paws in the Park, Paws for a Cause Day on May 8, 2005 at Central Park , Bandar Utama, Kuala Lumpur


Mixed Breed or Pure Breed Dogs, all are welcome to join our games, all for Free

This event present a good chance for your dog to socialize with others. Owners and their dogs can also join in a variety of doggie games ( up to 8 of them) to be organized from the morning till noon time. On top of that we will also have the Police K9 Unit to show their demonstration for us. These will be several Fund Raising sessions throughout the day to raise fund for SPCA and PAWS.

DATE : MAY 8, 2005
TIME : 8:30AM TO 2:30PM

The Paws in the Park, Paws for a Cause Day will be sponsored by Pedigree Food for Dogs

Pedigree Food for Dogs will sponsor a lot of Dog & Human Hampers as prizes for the games.

Pedigree Food for Dogs will also sponsor up to 500 door gifts to visitors who register early for the event. Each door gift will contain :-

  • PEDIGREE Milky Tasty Bone Treat
  • PEDIGREE DentaStix
  • PEDIGREE Rodeo Chicken & Liver
  • PEDIGREE Dog Towel
  • PEDIGREE Writing Notepad

Highlights of Event
  • Demonstration on Crime Control, Crowd Control, Drug Detection and Agility by The Police K9 Unit
  • Fund raising session for SPCA and PAWS
    • Donations can be made directly to Donation Boxes (sealed) to be provided by SPCA and PAWS
    • Donation can be made by cheque made payable to SPCA and PAWS directly and drop into to SPCA and PAWS' donation box on that day.
  • The Responsible Dog Ownership Booth
  • Rescue our best 'Friend' Information Booths by SPCA and PAWS
  • Up to 8 Doggie Games where dogs and their owner can play and enjoy together
    • Best "SHOW/MOVIE THEME" Dress Pair
    • The Fastest Recall
    • Fashion Rally
    • Musical Chair
    • Woof-a-thon Rally
    • Fastest Eating Duo
    • Dog Waggy Tail Contest
    • Dog Walking Contest
  • Door Gifts for the first 500 registered visitors
  • Several booths featuring dog magazines and doggie products with proceedings to go to SPCA and PAWS
  • The VET Corner where qualified VET will be providing free medical check up and advice to dog owners
  • Dog Socializing Sessions
  • Up to 30 Lucky Draws
  • Doggie products and accessories sales booths.
Program of the Day

8.30 am : Registration

9.00 am : Games Starter

9.15 am : Games 1
Best "SHOW/MOVIE THEME" Dress Pair
Each pair of owner n dog is to dress to the theme of a movie or show. Top 3 most 'creative' pair will be the winner of the day. (max 24 participants - 6 in a round, 4 round each round take max 2)

9.40 am : Games 2 & Fund Raising Sessions
Fastest Recall
8 rows, Top 3 fastest owner will win a prize.
(max 48 participants - 8 row X 6 round)

10.00 am : Opening Ceremony by Dato' Dr Hawari Bin Hussein, Director General, Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia

10.10 am : Police K9 Unit Demonstration
- Drug Detection
- Obedience and Agility
- Crowd Control
- Crime Control

10.50 am : Games 3 & Fund Raising Sessions
Fashion Rally
Divided into teams, each team have Large, Medium n Small breed. Each team is suppose to go to the basket select clothes and dress up the dog in minimum 3 piece - hat, socks n top and run to the finish line before the next in line can continue to the basket. In the event there isn't any size, they are allow to use an immunity piece but time will be deducted by 10 seconds. Fastest team with highest score will be winner in the top 3 placing.
(max 12 teams = 36 dogs)

11.20 am : Lucky Draw 1

11.25 am : Games 4
Musical Chair
Chairs being placed, dog walk with owner. Once music stops, owner to Sit Stay the dog and find a chair to sit on. Each group starts with 6 pair. Final top 3 is the winner. 2 groups is to play at the same time - 1 winner each group for final 6.
(max 36 participants - 6 in a group X 6)

11.55 am : Lucky Draw 2

12.00 : Noon Games 5 & Fund raising Sessions
Woof-a-thon Rally
Divided into 3 teams, each teams have 3 dogs that consist of Large, Medium n Small breed. Each Team is to race against another team to be the fastest top 3 winner. Each team member is to pass a rally baton to the next team member once they finish their lap. Each lap will consist of 1 obstacles eg : tires, mini swimming pool & a hurdle jump or broad jump. Teams that cannot manage to do an obstacle will be deducted 15 seconds each. Teams that manage to finish overall obstacles without any retry will get an additional 3 seconds to their last score.
(max 12 teams = 36 dogs)

12.30 pm : Games 6
Fastest Eating Duo
Owner of dog participating in the contest to begin eating with the dog handle by others at 10 feet away. The owner that complete the food provided can then call their dog to them dog can commence eating the dog food provided. Awards will be given to the Top 3 teams that complete the eating in the shortest time.
(max 24 Teams = 24 Humans and Dogs)

12.50 pm : Games 7
Waggy Tail Contest
Dog that can wag none-stop and the longest will be winner of the event. Top 3 winner prizes will be given out.
(max 36 participants - 6 in a group X 6)

1.15 pm : Games 8
Dog Walking Contest
Owner is to walk his/her dog with a tissue leash provided by the Committee and each walk from point A - Point B there will be some distraction lying around the course eg : food, balls, toys to distract the dog's concerntration the fastest 3 dog that manage the walk with the owner will be the winner of the game.
(max 36 participants - 6 in a group X 6)

1.35 pm : Lucky Draw 3

1.40 pm to 2.30 pm Photo taking Session & Dog Socialization & End of event

More information can be found at www.puppy.com.my/park/

Location Map can be found at www.puppy.com.my/park/map.html

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