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Mar 13, 2005, 8:28 PM

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hello all,

just a thought. don't you guys think it would be appropriate to know the whole picture of the story first before going off shooting and labelling people as irresponsible pet owners leaving people so dejected? be nice, have some forum etiquette.

if you have read her posts the past few weeks, she has been looking for a puppy to adopt regardless of pure or mixed. she wanted a suitable indoor dog for her condo. eventually she adopted one and was so happy about her new puppy. unfortunately things did not work out too well as the pup was not meant for indoors. complaints were made and she was demanded by authorities to send the dog out from the condo.

if she really is so irresponsible she wouldn't even bother to start a thread urging people to adopt her lovely puppy. especially when there are posters flaming people without even asking the whole story first. she can just throw the puppy anywhere and opt for some so called "pet rescue" (it's supposed to be called pet rescuers, by the way) to pick it up.

she might have made a mistake picking the wrong dog back, she might have made a mistake by not training the puppy early on, but who are u to say that she is not fit to keep a dog. the problem happened because she adopted a mixed dog which comes in a mysterious package - it's hard to determine a mixed pup's temperament and if it's suitable for indoors.. we can do that better with purebreeds. not that i'm saying mixed puppies are not good as purebreds, i would say we can't blame her all for picking the wrong dog to live with in her condo, because it's just hard to choose the right mixed dog when u need to get so specific about the living requirements.

about giving false hope, will there be false hope if she didn't try to give hope to the dog in the first place. not many people will want to give hope to a street dog, they definitely think twice b4 taking in a mixed dog. SPRV should know better, shouldn't they? if it wasn't for her the dog might still be waiting for someone to at least come look at him.

leecy, you're SPRV's leader/founder, imho you should have kept your composure when dealing with situations like this. instead of teasing by attaching robot dog toy pictures asking people to adopt, or dragging people's mom in assumption stories, try educating or try finding this dog a new home and hope for the best. no i'm not asking you to take in the dog, just spread around the word and ask around will do. at least it's helping the situation, not making it worse.

and to all, stop calling yourself pet rescuers here for everyone to admire. while you're still here bragging the true pet rescuers are out there rescuing dogs for real, not expecting any credit for it. rescue storys are always welcomed to share, it's always hearth warming, but please don't brag.

ps : and don't come telling me hunter is anitavincent, anitavincent is hunter type of rubbish. there are too many of such nonsense lately, and it most often involves SPRV. what happened? anyway, i have nothing against SPRV so please don't be offended. i'm just voicing out for someone being sentenced with the label "irresponsible owner" without going through a trial beforehand.

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