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Feb 19, 2005, 5:20 AM

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Re: [Gus-Gus] Jungle Terkking Questions

Hi !

Gong Hei Fatt Choy !

Answers .....

1. Distance ..... we got no idea

2. How long..... we go in abt 7.45 am by the time we are out is abt 9.30 - 9.45 am... depending how big the group is we normally take abt 1 hr 30 mins to 2 hrs the max.

3. The trek that we are using is not really steep its suitable for everyone. 1st time i wud say it wud be hard but I can promise that u will enjoy it.

Some of us got hooked after the 1st time and continue to join us week after week. We even had a member's mother joining us previously and she went thru the hardest trek of all yet ... she enjoy it tons.

If you do come and join us.... pls wear something comfy (nothing black as it attracts the mozzy and trap heat) and wear a pair of shoe that you do not mind getting it wet and dirty..

Bring a towel to dry monty after too as there is a stream where we r trekking and the dog will get to enjoy playing in the water way. remember not to bath monty b4 that ya.... or else u will regret it BIG time.

The Jungle trekking activities will be back next weekend. Come on over and join us .... I'll walk with you Wink it has been ages since I went for the trek I'm sure after all the CNY makan most of us is also out of breath like u.Tongue


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