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Dog Kichi

Jan 22, 2005, 6:12 PM

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Re: [carienna] R there any schnauzer breeders in Malaysia with websites?

wow really ah.. i might wan nother pup, see la after my exams end of this month, if nobody still havent buy that buy that pup.. sell 2 me for a really cheap cheap price la or better off let me adopt it la .haha anyway u feeding ur GRs barf diet ah? i wanna know how 2 start on a barf diet for my Gr.. than.. if i feed my GR with Barf diet i need 2 deworm more? i m afraid my gr might kena worms if i feed the fella barf.. i saw a st bernard with worms.. the owner dunwan liau putting it up for adoption 1 year old female..she lost alot of fur..damn poor thing..so now i am, thinking of a barf diet cause my gr dont like dry dog food ..or kibbles (purina,alpho,sweet heart,pedegree) he dunwan 2 eat any of those dry doog food.. so no protein..he likes to eat rices veges carrots pumpkins.. so i crush the dog food into the rice with milk powder n veges.. haiz.. wadda mix n screwed up diett.. (cause i dunwan 2 feed my dog raw meat n chicken bones)

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